How to Apply Body Powder Without Making a Mess

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There are many tools and products that you can use in your everyday beauty routine. One of them is body powder. This cosmetic aide has been used for centuries both as a means of freshening up and a medicinal tool. In this post we’ll walk you through how to apply baby powder without making a mess. After all, who wants their outfit ruined by specks of powder, right?

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How Do You Use Body Powder?

Can you use body powder in your hair? Can you use body powder as a deodorant?

These are all good questions when considering using body powder. There are actually quite a few reasons and ways you can use body powder.

The most popular and common use is the absorption of sweat and moisture. Body powder is regularly used in deodorants and can be used in and of itself for the same basic purpose. Apply in areas where you sweat regularly and watch them stay dry and smelling nice.

Powder for the body also helps with chafing. If you’re feeling itchy due to the clothes or shoes you’re wearing, using body powder helps protect your skin.

Body powder can also help with acne. Acne is caused by an excess of oil, and the substance helps with moisture (like powder foundations for oily skin, for example). Powder is also antibacterial as it can fight off the bacteria that, along with oil, causes acne breakouts.

Powder also helps keep your feet and shoes dry and relatively smell free. It can be used as a fragrance and is also very effective as a dry shampoo.

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What Types of Body Powder Available?

The traditional body powder everyone is familiar with is the talc variety. But after some cautionary recommendations from government agencies (There are some concerns when it comes to talc or talcum powder, which is a key component in body powder so make sure to research the facts to remain safe), many manufacturers began looking for alternative powders.

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This led to new body powders being made with arrowroot, rice, baking soda, corn starch, and some clays. These give the same effect of absorbing odor and moisture and so mixing them with fragrance can improve the formula. All that being said, no matter what powder the product is made with, the application can be very messy.

So how do you apply body powder without making a mess? There are tips and tricks you can use that will allow you to benefit from using the powder.

That is what we will be discussing in this article.

How to Apply Body Powder Without a Mess

Baby powder is made of fine particles and is easily distributed with a simple gust of wind.

That doesn’t mean that with a little care and the right tools, you won’t be able to apply it neatly.

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What Tools Do You Need?

Like powder foundation, the application of baby powder can be made using traditional cosmetic tools. Things like cotton balls, powder brushes, or puffs are perfect for application.

Each will have their pluses and minuses and are suitable to be chosen by the individual’s preference.

How to Apply Powder On Yourself and Others

Where you are using the body powder may determine the application process. In general, though, you should start by sprinkling the powder onto your hands. Then, using your chosen tool, apply the powder to the area you are looking to apply it.

Unless we are talking about your feet, in which case, sprinkling a little in your socks before you put them on as well as in your shoe is the best way to use body powder. For your back or body, one of the best tools to use is a cosmetic puff.

Now let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that may help you keep the mess down to a minimum as well as get the most from your body powder.

Tips and Tricks for Mess-Free Body Powder Application

Apply After a Bath/Shower

Like with lotion, the best time to apply your body powder is after you have taken your shower.

Make sure to dry off thoroughly so that it doesn’t just soak up the moisture.

Sprinkle Into Hand, Then Apply

In order to keep from a wide spray of powder, you should sprinkle the powder in your hand or a small canister.

This will decrease the chance of making a mess as well as preventing you from wasting powder.

Don’t Mix with Moisturizer

Moisturizer is, obviously, to moisturize your skin, so therefore using body powder after a moisturizer will not work very well.

There’s a high possibility that you’ll create a paste-like mess. While powder and liquid together is possible, body powder and body moisturizer (such as lotion) may not achieve what you want.

Use in a Ventilated Room

In order to keep from experiencing breathing problems, you will want to use a well-ventilated room for application. You want to try as hard as you can not to inhale the powder. Another good rule of thumb is to keep it away from your eyes or any open wounds.

These are just some of the tips and tricks you can use for application and keep from creating that mess you dread so much. But what do you do if you do happen to make that mess?

What to Do When You Make a Mess

If you do make a mess, don’t stress out, as cleaning up is not as hard as you may think. You can use a vacuum to suck up the excess powder. Whatever is left, you can then take a damp cloth and wipe the area down.

Once that is done, take a clean, dry towel and run it over the area to pick up any excess water and leftover residue.

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Powder it up!

When it comes down to choosing the tools and methods that we think are the best, there is only one answer. We like the puff for the tool. It carries a good amount of powder and disseminates it evenly.

For the method, the best and most effective way to apply body powder is to sprinkle some into your hand or on a pad and then apply with the puff from there. Another method we like is to do the application in the shower; that way you can rinse the residue down the drain when done.

Body powder can be a great addition to any routine. You can use powder to help you manage your sweat and moisture, as well as your smell.

How do you apply body powder without the mess?

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