Best Tea Tree Oil Brands for Acne

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If you’ve come upon this post, chances are you have issues with acne-prone skin. While not deadly, this condition can be quite irritating and annoying to cope with. That is why investing in proper skincare products can go a long way toward a fast and healthy solution.

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Looking at the market, there are many different creams and lotions that claim to treat acne. It seems that most of the good ones have one thing in common, and that is tea tree oil. It is an essential oil that is derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant most common in Australia.

From what we know, it activates the white blood cells and is thus a great agent in fighting damaging external factors. Additionally, it is efficient in destroying and preventing fungal and bacterial infections. How do you know if tea tree oil is pure? You can check the ingredients section, as most market-sold products feature 50% diluted tea tree oil.

After introducing this powerful compound, it is now time to move ahead and discuss how it may help you in fighting off this annoying skin condition. Also, we will answer the question of what is the best pure tea tree oil for acne.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get right to it!

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Can tea tree oil get rid of acne?

Tea tree oil is quite efficient in fighting germs and fungi. Not only that, but it is used in treating acne and acne scars. While benzoyl peroxide is the most common solution for this skin condition, tea tree oil is natural and is thus a better choice.

According to the structure of tea tree oil and based on studies, we can see that a mild 5% diluted oil was able to reduce the severity of acne by 6 times while decreasing the number of lesions by 5 times.

These results are quite impressive considering that it is an affordable and harmless treatment. Not only that, but tea tree oil contributes to better oxygen flow, which will rejuvenate your skin.

Using a diluted tea tree oil, along with sunscreen protection formulated for acne, seems like the perfect combination to fight off lesions during the summer months.

Now that we’ve discussed the possible benefits, we’ll move on to our recommendations for the best tea tree oil brand for acne!

TOP 3 Best Tea Tree Oil Brands for Acne

Considering how popular this compound is, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are numerous brands on the competitive market.

Still, it’s important to note that not each brand is able to live up to the high expectations and provide you with pure tea tree oil.

Our pick: NOW Foods 100% Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Now Foods 4 oz EssOil
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Our personal favorite is the NOW Foods brand that specializes in manufacturing essential oils and beauty products. This brand also makes supplements that will support your healthy lifestyle.

Looking at their different products, we can see that they didn’t intend to stand out as a brand that makes products with medicinal properties. However, that is exactly what happened.

The reason is the quality of their essential oils is so good that it would be a waste to use them for anything but aromatherapy.

The best thing about this product is that it is derived from the native Australian tea tree plant. Additionally, it is not diluted with water or any other agent. That is why, unlike some other products, this one is highlighted by a mild scent.

Also, it is quite efficient when it comes to fighting an array of conditions. Coming in a bottle of 4 ounces, it will last you for weeks. This oil will provide you with optimal results as long as you apply it the right way.

We recommend mixing it with lemon or ginger to increase the benefits. Apart from the acne-fighting property, it will remove and prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

Additionally, you can combine it with an enzyme mask for acne if you want to get the rejuvenating effect, as well.

This is all to say that the NOW Foods 100% Tea Tree Oil is the best pure tea tree oil for acne!

Apply it every day in order to get the desired results.


Eve Hansen Organic Tea Tree Oil

Eve Hansen Organic Tea Tree Oil (2oz) | Highest Quality Melaleuca Alternifolia | Pure Tea Tree Oil for Skin, Scalp, Nail Health, Aromatherapy | Acne Treatment, Lice Treatment and Skin Tag Remover
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How do you know if tea tree oil is pure? It is tested multiple times by the manufacturer and made according to industry standards; thus, you can be quite sure of its quality.

While coming from a different brand and on the pricier side, this product is equally as potent and powerful as the NOW Foods product.

It is not only good for fighting off acne and scars but for promoting scalp health and rejuvenating skin and hair in general.

We suggest you read this article to find out more about the benefits of pure tea tree oil.


Ola Prima Tea Tree Oil

Ola Prima 4oz - Premium Quality Tea Tree Essential Oil (4 Ounce Bottle) Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Oil
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While not 100% pure, this product is perfect for aromatherapies and diffusers. Yes, the aforementioned two brands offer better quality products.

However, for the given price, you will still enjoy the many benefits of this natural tea tree oil.

The best thing about this brand is that it is highlighted by a therapeutic guide that will give you instructions on how to get the most out of it.


Best Tea Tree Oil Brand for Acne: Final Thoughts

We hope we were able to provide information on what tea tree oil is and how it can help you fight acne.

There is a good reason why most popular brands are using this compound in their formula.

Apart from its main property, it will contribute to overall skin and scalp health and fight off/prevent fungal infections. Bearing this in mind, if you have been battling with acne lesions for who knows how long, you are on the right path.

Whether you buy a bottle of the best tea tree oil brand for acne (NOW foods) or one of the alternatives, rest assured that it is worth it!

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Do you have a favorite tea tree oil product for treating acne?

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