Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape

Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape
January 15, 2018 Ellis James
The first step to finding the perfect new haircut is to decide what face shape you have. Knowing if that perfect new cut you saw on your favourite movie star is going to suit you is an important, but easy step if you know which one of the six face shapes you have. The best way to find out what face shape you have is to tie your hair back and face a mirror.

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Oval faces tend to be widest at the forehead and the face length is wider than the width. These ladies are actually fairly lucky, as must haircuts suit this face shape and it’s considered the easiest face shape to have. Oval faces are all about symmetry, so you don’t need to choose a hairstyle to balance out or correct any features. As oval faces can seem a little longer, perhaps the only thing to consider is whether to add more height or not (e.g. with donut buns or a teased up-do), as this could make your face seem even longer. Famous female with oval faces include Gemma Arterton, Agyness Deyn, Natalie Imbruglia, Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller and Eva Longoria.


Round faces tend to have rounded cheeks and the length and width of the face are the same. The best hairstyles for round faces are those that elongate the face. As a general guide, bobs or one length cuts tend not to work as well with this face shape. Structure and definition through either layers or color, or both combined, look great. Long hair with layers also works well, as does a deep side parting. Up-dos with loose tendrils can look lovely on this face shape. Famous faces include Lily Cole, Elizabeth Olsen, Kelly Osbourne, Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis.


Square faces have strong jaw lines and a square chin, with foreheads around the same size. It’s best to avoid cuts that end on the jawline, thus emphasizing it, and go for feathery and softer styles. A longer style with chin length layers is a winner and wispy fringes really suit this face shape too. Celebrities rocking a squarer face shape include Minnie Driver, Billie Piper, Jennifer Aniston and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.



Oblong faces are similar to oval, but they are longer and thinner. If you want to have long hair, it’s best to have layers cut in that fall close to your cheekbones and chin. Wavy hair also looks great, as it breaks up and softens the face. Well-known females with oblong faces are Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Swank, Liv Tyler, Jade Jagger and Lisa Snowdon.


Heart faces have wider foreheads and cheekbones, with a narrow jawline and chin. The idea is to create balance and introduce features around the cheekbones; long side fringes look great, as do full fringes if other hair is layered at cheekbone level. Curls and waves around the face is another way to introduce balance between the top and bottom half of the face. Lovely ladies with heart shaped faces include Sophie Dahl, Victoria Beckham, Thandie Newton, Kate Hudson and Kirsten Dunst.


Diamond faces are widest at the cheekbones and have narrow foreheads and jawlines; it’s also quite a rare face shape! The chin is pointy, but the hairline isn’t as wide as a heart shape. To balance this face shape, choose hairstyles that create the illusion of a broader forehead and jawline. Pulling your hair behind your ears to show off those stunning cheekbones is a great move, as is a deep side parting, lots of layers or a fringe that stops around the centre of the forehead. Heavy or very straight fringes don’t tend to flatter this face shape as much, and middle partings are perhaps not as flattering either. Celebrities with diamond face shapes include Freida Pinto, Halle Berry, Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens and Selma Blair.

Whatever your face shape, there’s usually a way to adapt your favorite hairstyle to suit you and a good hairdresser will be able to help you find a way of making your favorite look work for you.

What’s your face shape?

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