How to Clean Magnetic Lashes – Do It Properly, Make Them Last Longer!

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While magnetic lashes offer several benefits over glue-on lashes, you’ll still need to learn the proper way to keep your lashes clean. Continue reading to learn how to clean magnetic lashes.

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How To Clean Magnetic Lashes – Do It Properly, Make Them Last Longer!

Why Is it Important to Clean Magnetic Lashes?

If you’ve ever applied false lashes, then you already know what a pain it can be dealing with the glue, getting the lashes placed correctly, and removing the glue at the end of the day.

Magnetic lashes can help you enhance your appearance without the need for glue. Magnetic lashes feature a magnetic band that adheres to a special magnetic eyeliner, eliminating the need to deal with glue. Other types of magnetic lashes cling to a magnetic strip lash that you place along the natural lash line on your eye.

As with other types of fake lashes, it is important to keep your magnetic lashes clean.

Dirty lashes won’t adhere as well to the magnetic eyeliner. Any debris along the magnetic band will weaken the bond and make it more likely for the lashes to fall off more easily.

If you don’t clean false eyelashes, bacteria may grow. Reapplying these lashes will increase the chances of getting a bacterial infection, like pink eye or a stye, in your eye.

How to Clean Magnetic Lashes: Two Methods to Try

So, now you have properly removed the magnetic lashes from your eyes and used makeup remover to take off the magnetic eyeliner. Now, it is time to clean the magnetic lashes.

As shared above, this step is essential and should not be skipped. Each time you wear your magnetic lashes, it is important to take a few additional minutes to properly clean them. You don’t want to end up with an eye infection or dirty lashes that don’t look right or don’t stay on correctly.

Continue reading to learn how to clean Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes and other magnetic lash brands. We’ll share two different cleaning methods that you can try.

Standard Cleaning Method for Magnetic Lashes

The first cleaning method is the standard cleaning method. This can help you learn how to clean Arishine Magnetic Lashes and lashes from other companies using just a few simple cleaning ingredients.

Here are the different tools and cleaning ingredients you’ll need for this method:

Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before handling magnetic lashes or other types of false eyelashes.

Skipping this step can transfer oils, bacteria, and other debris from your hands to the lashes. This can make it more likely for you to get an eye infection the next time you wear the lashes.

Clean the Lashes

Now, you’re ready to clean your lashes.

You’ll want to remove any of the magnetic eyeliner residue from the lashes. To do this, start by dipping the cotton round into the oil-free eye makeup remover. Using gentle pressure, rub the cotton round back and forth over the lashes.

If you want to know how to clean magnetic lashes without makeup remover, you can also use micellar water.

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Clean the Magnetic Strips

Once the lashes themselves are clean, turn your attention to the magnetic strips.

Whenever you’re working with the magnetic strips, it is important to work gently. Otherwise, you risk scratching the strips and making them less effective for the next time you try to apply your lashes.

To remove the eyeliner from the strips, dip the tip of a cotton swab into the isopropyl alcohol. Gently rub the alcohol-dipped swab along the magnetic strips to remove any lingering eyeliner.

It’s important not to use oil-based cleanser (like for eyelash extension cleansers), or else your magnetic lashes might fall apart.

Dry the Lashes

Use the tweezers to place the magnetic lashes onto a clean and dry towel or tissue. Let them air dry; do not try to rub them dry with the towel or tissue.

Bathrooms can be very humid. It is best to let your lashes air dry in an environment with lower humidity, such as the bedroom.

How To Clean Magnetic Lashes – Do It Properly, Make Them Last Longer!

Double Cleaning Method for Magnetic Lashes

Whether you’re looking for how to clean Moxie Magnetic Lashes or those from another brand, you may also want to try this double cleaning method. 

Here are the tools and cleaning ingredients you’ll need to clean your lashes with the double cleaning method:

Wash Your Hands

Again, you’ll want to start with clean hands before handling your eyelashes to prevent introducing new bacteria or debris on them.

Clean the Lashes

The next step in this method is to clean your lashes. So, do you clean magnetic lashes (Glamnetic, anyone)?

Well, you’ll want to start by putting the lashes into the clean, small container. Pour in some oil-free makeup remover. It is important to add enough makeup remover to fully cover the lashes, to ensure that all of the dirt and debris is removed.

Leave the lashes to sit in the makeup remover for five minutes. However, don’t leave them in longer than this, as the makeup remover could damage the lashes if they are left too long.

After 5 minutes, carefully remove the lashes using the tweezers and place them on a clean tissue.

Remove Magnetic Eyeliner Residue from Lashes

Now it is time to learn how to clean magnetic eyeliner off lashes. Sometimes soaking the lashes in the makeup remover, as directed above, will take off all of the eyeliner. Other times, there may still be some residual eyeliner left to remove.

Carefully hold the eyelashes and look for any eyeliner residue along the magnetic band. Use the tweezers to pick off any residue from the magnets, being very careful not to damage the lashes.

Double Clean the Lashes

Here is where the “double clean” portion of this method comes into play.

Now, we’re going to clean the lashes one last time to make sure they are fully clean and that there is no residue or debris that could get into your eyes or interfere with the magnetic bond next time you wear them.

Start by cleaning out the small container you used for the first step. Once clean and dry, add some makeup remover to the container.

Then, dip the lashes into the makeup remover and slide them gently from left to right. Hold the lashes using the tweezers to avoid getting any of the oils or debris from your skin on them. Repeat these steps for both sides of each lash.

Dry the Lashes

Once the double clean process is complete, use the tweezers to place the lashes onto a tissue. Leave them in a non-humid space (somewhere other than the bathroom is best), and let them air dry.

After they’ve had a chance to air dry, use the eyelash comb to bring back their shape.

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How to Clean and Curl Magnetic Lashes

If you want to know how to clean Eylure Magnetic Lashes and then curl them, start by choosing one of the methods outlined above to clean the lashes.

To curl your magnetic lashes, first curl your natural lashes using a heated eyelash curler. Then apply the magnetic lashes, working carefully to ensure they are placed right along the lash line.

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Once your magnetic lashes are in place, reheat the lash curler and use it to curl the magnetic lashes along with your natural lashes. Hold the curl in place for 15-20 seconds, and take care to avoid pulsing the curler.

Be warned, though, as Allure shares, curling false eyelashes can make them look more unnatural. If not done correctly, the lashes will look like they have a weird bend in them, which can completely throw off your entire look.

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Always Store Magnetic Lashes Properly

Now that you know how to clean Lola Magnetic Lashes and various other brands, it will also be important to make sure that you properly store your lashes. If your lashes aren’t stored properly, they may get lost or become dirty again.

Wait for your lashes to dry fully before putting them away. Once dried, place them in their original box to help them keep their shape. If you don’t have the original box, you can purchase an eyelash storage case.

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You’ll also want to be purposeful about where you store your eyelashes. While the bathroom may seem like the most logical and convenient place to store them, it is typically not the best option. Bathrooms often have high humidity levels. Moisture isn’t good for the lashes.

So, rather than the bathroom, consider an alternative location in your home, such as your bedroom or an office. 

In addition to choosing a room that isn’t very humid, you also want to pick a spot in that room that is away from  direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may cause the eyelash color to change, which you certainly don’t want. When possible, pick a cool and dark place, such as the inside of a drawer.

How to Properly Remove Magnetic Lashes

Before we get into how to clean Ardell Magnetic Lashes and lashes from other brands, let’s discuss how to remove your magnetic lashes first.

While magnetic lashes are easier to remove than glue-on versions, you still want to take your time to remove them properly. 

Resist the urge to simply pull them off of your eyes. This can damage your lashes and decrease their usable lifespan. 

Rather, when removing magnetic lashes, you want to gently pull starting at the outer edge of the eye. Pull the lash down at an angle, towards your mouth.

This helps ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed with the micromagnets and allows you to individually break each magnetic bond—one at a time.

Before you start pulling on your lashes, remember to wash your hands. You don’t want to introduce new bacteria onto your lashes or into your eyes.

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How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

Once you’ve removed the magnetic lashes from your eyes, you’ll also want to remove the magnetic eyeliner. Fortunately, this step is not very difficult. You’ll want to follow similar steps to what you’d do to remove any other type of eyeliner from your eyes.

Begin by soaking a cotton ball in makeup remover and wiping it against the eyeliner. Many magnetic eyeliners are waterproof, so you may need to use a bit more elbow grease to remove them from your eye. Rolling the cotton ball along the eyeliner can sometimes be more effective.

Tips for Wearing Magnetic Lashes

Hopefully the tips shared above will help you keep your lashes clean.

Here are a few other tips to help you with wearing and applying magnetic lashes:

  • Always apply the rest of your makeup first. If you put your lashes on first, they could mess with the rest of your makeup and require more touch ups.
  • You’ll still want to use some mascara on your real lashes. Because only the outside corners of your lashes will be covered by the magnetic lashes, don’t forget to apply a little mascara to the inside corners of your natural lashes before putting on the magnetic lashes. Otherwise, you may look a little off-balance once the magnetic lashes are on.
  • Do not apply mascara over magnetic lashes. While you’ll want the mascara on the inside corners of your real lashes, you should not try to apply it over the magnetic lashes. Applying mascara over magnetic lashes can decrease their lifespan.
  • If you want to use eyeliner, avoid liquid eyeliners. Magnetic lashes may get stuck to liquid eyeliner. In addition to being uncomfortable, this could shorten the useful life of the lashes and cause damage. Instead of a liquid liner, opt for a pencil eyeliner
  • Similarly, you’ll want to stay away from other liquid makeup products. Just as the lashes may stick to the liquid eyeliner, they could also stick to liquid foundations. When wearing magnetic lashes, it is best to stay away from any liquid-based makeup products.
  • Apply more than one layer of magnetic eyeliner before putting on your lashes. In most cases, just one layer of the magnetic eyeliner won’t be enough to ensure a secure bond between the lashes. Aim to apply at least two, if not three, layers for a better bond.
  • Wait until the magnetic eyeliner dries before starting to apply the magnetic lashes. If you work too quickly and the eyeliner isn’t dry, the lashes may fall off.
  • Avoid touching your magnetic lashes with dirty hands. Before handling your lashes, always wash your hands using warm water and soap, then dry them with a clean towel. This will help prevent you from introducing new bacteria onto your lashes that could cause an eye infection.
  • Do not apply magnetic lashes until the rest of your eye makeup is dry. We know that sometimes you can be in a hurry, but you don’t want to rush so much that you try to put your magnetic lashes on before the rest of your eye makeup is dry. This can cause the makeup to smudge or can cause makeup to get stuck in the lashes.
  • Take time to practice. If you’ve never used magnetic lashes, give yourself some grace and time to practice. Don’t plan on applying magnetic lashes for the first time for a special event; practice a few times first on days where you don’t have anywhere important to be.
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Cleaning Magnetic Lashes: Closing Words

Keeping your magnetic lashes clean is essential. It will help ensure a strong bond between the lashes and the magnetic eyeliner and will decrease your chances of developing an infection in your eyes.

Now that you’ve read through our tips for cleaning your lashes properly, do you feel prepared to do so?

Learning how to clean Kiss Magnetic Lashes and other brands isn’t difficult, but, it certainly isn’t a step you’ll want to skip!

For putting on falsies without glue, head over onto our blog!


Are magnetic lashes reusable?

Yes, magnetic lashes are reusable. If you take proper care of your lashes and clean them after each use, they may last for up to 50 uses. 

Can you sleep in magnetic lashes?

Sleeping in magnetic lashes is not recommended. Leaving them on when you sleep could cause damage to the lashes, introduce new debris into your eyes, or cause other problems. The best choice is to always remove and clean your magnetic lashes before going to bed. Then, you can reapply them the following morning, if desired.

Do you have to use magnetic eyeliner with magnetic lashes?

Yes, without magnetic eyeliner, magnetic lashes will not work. The magnetic strip on the lashes is attracted to the magnets in the eyeliner. If you use regular eyeliner, it will not have magnetic properties. This means that the magnetic strip on the lashes will not be attracted to it, and the lashes will not stay in place.

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