Best Lipsense Colors for Blondes

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We are all about the lipstain life this year! Lipsense lip stains are smear-proof, kiss-proof, primer-free, and last for up to 18 hours, giving you a fresh pout all day long. If you don’t know about the latest lip trend, check out our post on Lipsense for a great overview. For today we’ll be checking out the best LipSense colors for blondes, so read on!

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Best LipSense Shades for Blondes

Below are our top picks for a starter LipSense lip palette for every skin tone and shade of blonde.

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We’ll be talking about these shades in detail below.

Best LipSense Shades for Blondes: The Colors

Warm Blondes

Nudes and Neutrals

Nude Honey

The Nude Honey shade of LipSense is a warm nude that beautifully complements a neutral makeup look without blending into the background.

Pretty Pink

Fire Opal

This pale pink makes a gorgeous statement for blondes with warmer skin and hair.

LipSense Liquid Lip Color, Fire Opal, 0.25 fl oz / 7.4 ml
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Sexy Red

Fly Girl

The vivid, retro red of Fly Girl is a great way to make a statement that lasts all day.

Lipsense by SeneGence Fly Girl
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Wild Card


The warm, orange-red of persimmon is perfect for fall fashions, and looks gorgeous with warm, honey colors.

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Cool Blondes

Nudes and Neutrals

Pink Champagne

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Pink Champagne is an incredibly popular Lipsense shade, with a delicate, natural pink color that flatters almost everyone.

Pretty Pink

Aussie Rose

This gentle pink is long lasting and pretty, and can go anywhere in style.

Sexy Red

Fire n Ice

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Depending on your natural lip tone, Fire n Ice may come across as a bright red with pink overtones. It’s a beautiful statement color that makes cool skin tones pop.

Wild Card

Purple Reign

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This is a beautiful pink-ish purple for stand-out lips that just won’t quit.

Neutral Blondes

Nudes and Neutrals

First Love

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First Love is a true neutral nude color that goes beautifully with all your daytime, natural makeup looks.

Pretty Pink

Nude Pink

Not to be confused with “Nude,” Nude Pink is a delicate, pared-down pink that looks so sweet and natural, it’s often out of stock and hard to find.

Sexy Red


LipSense by SeneGence (Bella)
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Bella is a gorgeous deep pink with a neutral undertone. The swatches on this one are deceptive; look for images where people are wearing the stain to get a better sense of how dramatic the shade is. Bella is another one of Lipsense’s most popular shades.

Wild Card

Mulled Wine

LipSense by SeneGence (Mulled Wine)
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This shade is a deep wine that is perfect for fall and winter, or evening looks all year long.

LipSense Essentials

If you are just getting started with LipSense, here are a couple more things you may want to add to your toolkit.

Ooops! Lip Color Remover

Ooops! Lip Color Remover by LipSense
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While we love the fact that these lip stains last and last, we may not ALWAYS want them to last that long. With this lip color remover formulated specifically for LipSense, you can instantly lift your lip color without drying or damaging your lips. It can work to correct mistakes right away, or to remove your lip stain after several hours of wear.

LipSense Glossy Gloss

LipSense by SeneGence Gloss (Glossy)
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While the LipSense color lasts forever, the gloss wears off more quickly. With this gloss, you can refresh your finish without disturbing your color, or wear it alone as a moisturizing lip gloss for healthy hydration. You can also get this gloss in matte finish.

New to LipSense?

Read on for tips, including how to find your own shade if you aren’t a blonde.

How to Get Started with LipSense

For those just getting started with Lipsense, the full catalog of over 80 shades can be a bit overwhelming. Not every shade will suit every person.

So, here is a quick guide to getting started.

LipSense by SeneGence (Bella)

Know Your Skin’s Undertone

We all know our skin tones, the shades ranging from pale to light that are our dominant skin color.

But we all also have an undertone, the skin color quality that helps makeup complement our skin and achieve a true match.

Undertones can be warm, cool, or neutral, and it’s important to know what yours are. For a quick way to tell what your undertones are, look at your wrists.

If your veins at your wrists are blue or purple, you have a cool undertone.

If the veins are more of a green color, you have a warm undertone.

And ff the shades are mixed from blue to green, you have a neutral undertone.

For some more great tips on how to find your undertone, check out this article from Cosmo.

Complement Your Blonde

Just like skin tones, blonde hair can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

You could have the warm, honey blonde of Blake Lively, the icy blondes favored by Margot Robbie, or the neutral, ash-blonde typically worn by Julianne Hough.

Once you figure out what shade of blonde hair you have, you’re one step closer to getting the right lip color!

Choose Your Finish

LipSense stains typically come with frost, matte, or shimmer finishes.

While it’s a common makeup rule that matte lipsticks should be avoided by more mature women since they are drying, and therefore can cause more lines to appear on the lips, that rule isn’t set in stone. You can choose the finish you like best.

Just remember that, no matter what your age, a lip stain looks best on healthy lips. Exfoliate your lips regularly, and use a great moisturizer or lip balm between stains.

Don’t be Shy

Because these are stains, they blend with your own skin tones, so every shade looks slightly different on every individual.

Don’t try to match your lip color: Try to augment it.

The best Lipsense colors for beginners are one or two shades darker than your natural lip color, and you can get bolder out from there.

Does it make (Lip)Sense?

Lip stains are a great way to finish your look with a waterproof lip color that lasts all day without touchups, through meals and kisses and everything else you put your lips through. These LipSense colors are a beautiful way to complement blondes of all types and tones, and the full LipsSense catalog has even more fun shades to explore.

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Do you have a favorite LipSense color? What’s your pick for best LipSense color for blondes?

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