Can You Shave After a Spray Tan: Will Shaving Affect My Spray Tan?

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If you forgot to shave before spray tan, you may be asking, “can you shave after a spray tan?” This is a question many individuals have, so you’re not definitely not alone. Today, we’re going to help you answer the questions you have about shaving before and after spray tans, so be sure to keep reading.

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Can You Shave After A Spray Tan:  Will Shaving Affect My Spray Tan?

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Can You Shave Your Legs After a Spray Tan?

Yes, you can shave your legs after getting a spray tan. However, there are some factors to consider and tips that can help you make sure that shaving doesn’t ruin your new spray tan.

We’ll take a look at how long you should wait to shave after getting a spray tan and some tips to help you when shaving to help you learn more about the question, “what happens if I shave after fake tan?”

How Soon After a Spray Tan Can You Shave?

How long after a spray tan can you shave is a question that is asked by many individuals. So many of us love our legs to feel silky smooth and want to shave right away.

However, you’ll want to wait before shaving to make sure you don’t remove too much of the spray tan as you shave. It is best to wait a full 24 hours before shaving. But if you have an urgent need to shave for something and can’t wait 24 hours, try to wait at least 8 hours to avoid removing too much tanner.

Tips for Shaving After a Spray Tan

In addition to waiting at least 24 hours to shave, there are other tips that can help you minimize the amount of tanner that comes off of your legs. These include:

  • Press lightly when you shave:  When you shave, avoid pressing too hard. This will help prevent too much of the tanner from coming off.
  • Use a new, sharp razor blade:  Changing your razor blade to a new and sharp one will prevent an older and dozer blade from dragging over your skin and removing more of your tan.
  • Avoid using shaving cream:  Shaving creams are formulated with alcohol and other ingredients that can remove the color from your legs. Instead of using shaving cream after getting a spray tan, opt for a body wash (oil-free).
  • Don’t shave too often:  Avoid the urge to shave every day. The longer you can go between shaves, the longer the color from your spray tan is likely to last.
can you shave after a spray tan

Can You Shave Before a Spray Tan?

The ideal time to shave before getting a spray tan is the night before your scheduled appointment. Shaving at this time will leave your skin smooth, while also making sure there is time for any irritation from shaving to go away before the appointment.

If you’ve been wondering, “can I shave an hour before a spray tan,” it really won’t be a good idea to do so. Shaving right before your appointment can result in strawberry legs, or black dots along your legs because the pores haven’t closed from shaving.

can you shave after a spray tan

Will Shaving Affect My Spray Tan?

Can I get a spray tan if I’m hairy is another common question. Yes, you can still get a spray tan if you’re hair.

Similarly, if you’ve been asking, “should I shave my chest before a spray tan,” or “do I need to shave my arms for a spray tan,” doing so isn’t necessary. It is more of a matter of preference.

However, if you do decide to shave any part of your body before getting a spray tan, be sure to do it the night before your appointment, not the day of.

Take Care When Shaving After a Spray Tan: It Should All Be OK

If you’ve recently gotten a spray tan, you’ll still be able to shave. However, you’ll want to wait 24 hours before shaving to avoid lightening the color too much. Also, following some of the other tips shared above, such as using a sharp, new razor, pressing lightly on your skin, and not shaving too frequently, can help you enjoy the best results from your spray tan, while still having silky, smooth, and hair-free legs.

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What will happens if I shave before a spray tan?

You should shave before getting a spray tan, but not immediately before. The best time to shave is the night before you have a spray tan appointment scheduled.

Can you shave your legs after a spray tan?

Yes, you can shave your legs after getting a spray tan, but you should wait at least 24 hours to do so.

How long after getting a spray tan can you shave your legs?

It is best if you can wait at least 24 hours after getting a spray tan to shave your legs. If you won’t be able to wait that long, try to wait a minimum of 8 hours before shaving.

How many days after a spray tan can you shave?

Can you shave 24 hours after a spray tan? Can you shave the day after a spray tan? What about, can you shave 2 days after a spray tan? These are all questions that may be swirling around in your head if you recently got a spray tan. The answer is that you can shave after a spray tan, but you’ll want to wait a minimum of 8 hours (but 24 would be better) after getting the tan to let it set in some to avoid washing too much of the color off.

Does shaving remove self tanner?

Shaving can remove some self tanner because it exfoliates the skin. However, there are ways to minimize how much tanner is removed, such as waiting 24 hours before shaving, using a new razor, avoiding the use of shaving foam or oil, and only pressing lightly with the razor as you shave.

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