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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him
November 26, 2018 Ellis James

Listen carefully enough and you might just hear the tinkle of sleigh bells carrying on the wind. It’s that time of year again with Christmas right around the corner, and along with the chestnuts roasting over open fires and the twinkly appeal of tinsel, there’s also the burden of making sure you get the right present for your loved ones. Take a load off your mind by crossing your significant other off that list with one of these innovative and inspiring gift ideas for him.

Intoxicating Ideas

Is your other half partial to a tipple every now and again? Rather than simply splashing out on his favorite flavor of alcohol, why not go for something completely different? For beer fans, you could treat him to a BottleLoft, which hangs beer bottles from the roof of your fridge. For home brewing enthusiasts, this pressurized craft beer growler could be the ideal aid to their operations. Men who are fond of something a little stronger, a personalized hip flask is a perennial favorite.

Attention Sports Fans!

If your man likes nothing better than a round of golf, these special spectacles will help him find the ball in long grass or foliage. For when it’s cold outside, this mobile golf simulator brings all the fun of the sport indoors. For fans of other sports, a ticket to see his favorite team in action or the latest piece of official merchandise will always go down a treat. Fitness buffs would no doubt appreciate a gizmo or gadget geared towards helping them beat their personal best.

Unforgettable Experiences

Some people appreciate memories more than material objects. If your boyfriend or husband happens to be one of those, check out the huge range of experience packages on offer at Groupon. From haunted house tours to Formula 1 car racing and virtual reality games, there’s sure to be something to cater to the tastes of your significant other.

Grooming Gifts

A present which encourages your man to take care of his appearance is really a gift for both of you! For facial hair aficionados, a beard hair grooming kit or beard oil sampler could be the perfect option. While those who prefer a cleaner cut aesthetic might appreciate a luxury shaving set. Of course, aftershaves and colognes are always a foolproof fallback guaranteed to win your partner’s approval.

Boys’ Toys

Many men simply can’t resist the allure of the latest technological contraption to hit the market, so you should be on to a winner if you get hold of the newest tablet, smartphone or laptop. For more original ideas, treat him to this spy pen (which doubles up as a USB stick) or a new wireless speaker system. Another cool thing he might love is a remote control drone for some amazing exploration.

Magical Christmas Moments

What’s the best present you’ve ever given? Share your inspiration with the Ellis James Family in the comments section below!

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