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The 12 Essential Makeup Brushes You Should Have

The 12 Essential Makeup Brushes You Should Have
December 3, 2018 Ellis James

More numerous than fine dining cutlery and more complicated than a Rubik’s cube, makeup brushes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. It can be confusing enough just to know which one you should use for which purpose, but hopefully this handy guide can help shine some light on the matter.

1. Angled Brush

The angled edge of this brush makes it perfect for precision work, especially around the eyes. Use it to fill in sparse brows or draw wings from your eyeliner (although an eyeliner brush is preferable for this latter job).

2. Blender Brush

Blender brushes are perfect for evening out harsh lines and combining multiple shades of eye shadow together in one. Its soft and fluffy bristles are ideal when a delicate touch is needed.

3. Bronzer Brush

With its big round head and soft, fine bristles, a bronzer brush allows you to easily achieve an even distribution over the entire surface of application. Ideal for imitating the sun-kissed chic of post-holiday tan.

4. Concealer Brush

Concealer brushes do exactly what the name suggests – they conceal unwanted spots and other blemishes. Their fine tip allows you pinpoint precision, while their rounded edges lets you get into nooks and crannies around the eyes and nose.

5. Contour Brush

With slightly stiffer bristles and a more angled tip than other brushes, contour brushes are specifically designed to help you sculpt and shape the contours of your face. As such, they’re nigh-on irreplaceable when it comes to tackling this kind of makeup application, even if many people do try to substitute with an inferior alternative.

6. Eyeliner Brush

With a tip that’s nearly as fine as a needlepoint, eyeliner brushes are perfect for creating intricate works of art around the eyes. Don’t try to replicate those impressive winged eyeliners you’ve seen on social media with anything else!

7. Eye Shadow Brush

Regardless of whether you prefer a cream or a powder eye shadow, you’ll need a good brush to ensure you pick up a sufficient amount of the product and minimize any spillage between the tub and your face.

8. Foundation Brush

Designed to facilitate the easy and even application of a base foundation layer to your face, a top-quality foundation brush should let you work the product into your skin and achieve the most natural aesthetic possible. Start from the center of your face and work outwards to avoid nasty blotches or lines at the edges.

9. Highlighter Brush

The bristles on a highlight fan brush are more sparsely distributed to allow you to pick up a smaller amount of product, thus resulting in a subtler application to pick out cheekbones or other facial features. It’s best to tread lightly when dipping in to the product to avoid over application.

10. Mascara Brush

All mascaras come equipped with a brush, but to achieve real precision, it’s a good idea to invest in a purpose-built mascara brush capable of curling, defining, lengthening and volumizing your lashes as the situation warrants.

11. Powder Brush

A good powder brush will have soft, long and fluffy bristles that work to diffuse loose powder fragments from the surface of your skin, without upsetting any of the base foundation or other makeup already on it.

12. Smudger Brush

A smudger brush is the supreme choice when you want to give your eyes a smoky and sexy appeal. Lightly drawing the brush across eyelashes which have already been lined will gently disturb the product, resulting in an irresistibly sultry look.

Organize Your Accessories

With so many makeup brushes to keep track of, it can be difficult to know where to put them all… and to remember where they’ve gone the next time you come to use them. Avoid the ordeal by keeping your makeup accessories organized with one of our large cosmetic bags, specifically designed to make sure your powders, blushers and brushes don’t escape on you. What are you waiting for? Check out our range here.

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