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Easter Holiday Makeup

Easter Holiday Makeup
March 26, 2018 Ellis James

There’s freshness in the air, wildflowers in the fields and candy in the shops. Easter marks the beginning of spring and new life, so why not see the new season in style? However you choose to celebrate Easter, it’s a great time of year to inject some freshness into your life – and your look. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite makeup ideas for you to try this Easter holiday.

Pinks & Pastels

As the sparkle and smoky eye fades into winter, it’s time to breathe some freshness into your makeup look. The perfect makeup look for spring is the pink and pastels look. Add a touch of rose blush to your cheek, a nude gloss to your lips and a shimmering peachy eye shadow for a fiercely feminine yet soft look.

Colors of Spring

This is the time of year when color starts to seep back into the natural world. Mirror the natural cycle of the earth by incorporating the colors of spring into your makeup look. Primrose yellow, pale lavender and lime green, when used in moderation, can really lift your face into the new season.

Focus on Your Skin

Some makeup looks may not feel appropriate for Easter Sunday. Instead of focusing on color, why not bring out the beauty in your natural skin. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, apply some subtle blush and a light highlighter for a perfectly fresh, dewy and natural look this spring.

Easter Egg Chic

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your makeup this Easter. Bring out the vibrant eye shadow and the cotton candy flavored lipstick. Remember when you were a kid hunting for Easter eggs? Embrace the fun and sweetness of being a child again with a bold makeup look.

Easter is a wonderful time of year, enjoyed by millions around the world. Whether you celebrate it in line with religion, or simply enjoy it in a cultural sense, what could be more positive and refreshing than a celebration of new life. However you choose to celebrate this Easter, be yourself, and do it in style.

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