Eye Catching Embroidery: Spring 2018 Trend

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My Favorite Spring 2018 Trend

I am so excited about Spring 2018 trends. One of the ones I especially love is eye-catching embroidery! It is not very often that we see the same designs on every type of clothing item for the season, including shoes and accessories… There is no doubt this year that embroidery is everywhere and on just about everything! It is also very fitting that most of it is floral since that is a big trend this year as well.

Eye-Catching Embroidery: Spring 2018 Trend Ellis James Designs Blog

What Exactly is Embroidery?

It was very interesting to me that when I told my husband I was going to write this article, he asked me “What exactly is embroidery?”  That made me think that not everyone knows what embroidery actually means. It is the art of decorating fabric or another material with a needle and thread or yarn. Years ago this was all done by hand. Now, since we live in an advanced and modern world this can also be done by machines. This modernized process makes production faster and gives the ability to create more elaborate designs at a lower cost. Some people even add beading, sequins and pearls to their embroidered designs.

Simplest Embroidery Pieces

The simplest embroidery pieces to add into your wardrobe are a blouse or a t-shirt. These pieces will give you the most versatility in creating multiple outfits. There a two great ways to create these outfits. You can make a fun and festive outfit with lots of embroidery or keep it casual and simple with just a splash of it. They both can have their place in our wardrobes depending on our lifestyle.

Fabrics: Cotton

The majority of the clothing found with embroidery sewn on it will be cotton. I have a feeling it’s because cotton is tightly woven and does not fall apart as easily as other fabrics. This is going to make the majority of the products available with embroidery on them a little more casual. I love this because I think embroidery can jazz up a boring blouse or t-shirt and make it look really expensive!

Embroidery: Festive Style

The festive outfit example is a pretty light blue and white striped blouse with embroidery down one sleeve and on the tip of the shoulder on the other. I like interesting pieces and this one stole my heart! Not only was it embroidered but it was also asymmetrical! I chose to wear it with mineral blue colored jeans, fun wedges, and white tassel earrings to keep with the festiveness of the blouse. Of course you can’t forget to add a cute Ellis James Designs Wristlet Glam Bag to carry your credit card, ID and lipstick! This will be a great outfit to wear to brunch with your girlfriends or dinner with your significant other!

Eye-Catching Embroidery: Spring 2018 Trend Ellis James Designs Blog

Embroidery: Casual Look

For a more casual everyday look I chose to style a cute t-shirt. There is something about the way embroidery appears on fabrics that makes it so attractive. It even brings some life into a simple white t-shirt! To style this t-shirt I chose to put it with white jeans, a  denim jacket and a cute navy slip on sneaker. If I wanted to wear blue jeans instead of white I would layer a colored denim jacket over it instead of the real blue denim. You can also wear the white tassel earrings or change it up with different colored earrings.

Either of these embroidered pieces will also look great paired with different colored denim, crops, skirts and shorts. Since your options seem endless I would say these are two great versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe for Spring. It doesn’t matter if it’s these exact pieces or similar ones, try to choose something that will go with your current wardrobe.

I hope this has inspired you to add some pretty embroidered pieces to your Spring 2018 outfits. If you would rather have a dress, jeans, shoes or a handbag with embroidery on it that is great too! There are more than enough options out there for you to choose!

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  1. I love embroidery! It can to used to enhance some pieces in your wardrobe. This is a great write up and I like the way that you explained it. Great Post!

  2. I love the denim wear especially with the combination of white. I love these types of stuff.

  3. I’ve always been a fan of embroidery! There’s the cutest white maxi dress with colorful embroidery from ChicWish that I plan on ordering this week! Great post!

    Candy Rachelle

  4. What a great article! Thank you for sharing Jamie. I’m also excited about the trends this Spring and embroidery being one of them. I have a few pieces that I’m looking forward to wearing and sharing. Who dosnt love beautifully hand crafted clothes?

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