Fashion Tips

  • Adding style with your guy

    How to Help Your Man Add a Little Fashion and Style to His Look

    Styling Your Other Half Sure, you love your man, and that love has nothing to do with his fashion sense…

  • how to dress more expensive

    How to Upgrade Your Style to Look Expensive

    Our style says a lot about our personality, profession, and age. Having a good style that complements your body, figure and face can make you more approachable and successful in life. However, finding the clothing, accessories and footwear that best suit you requires time and research, especially if you want to dress in the latest trends and high-end fashion items.

  • athletic wear for active women

    Athletic Wear for Active Woman – from Head to Toe

    Athleisure is a growing fashion trend that gives active women the best of both worlds. Now, instead of having to plan multiple outfits for one day, you can comfortably wear athletic gear all the time.

    To make this look work and to be as functional as possible, you’ll want high-quality gear that you can wear in and out of the gym. Here are the top athletic wear options for active women— from head to toe.

  • Designer Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

    Designer Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

    The streetwear scene continues to dominate fashion, merging casual and athletic wear with haute couture in innovative collaborations. Despite the overall decline of retail shopping, these brands are thriving, driven by fresh looks, celebrity style, and social media. Here are the hottest designer brands you’ve never heard of.

  • What Your Clothes Say About You

    What Your Clothes Say About You

    In earlier civilizations, the key purpose of clothing was to protect us from harsh weather conditions, but today, clothes have developed from merely being a practical asset to becoming an economic and social indicator that affects both our self-image and the way other people perceive us.

  • How To Dress Correctly For Every Occasion

    How To Dress Correctly For Every Occasion

    Fashion and style is among the largest industries in the world. It’s ever changing hues and patterns never fail to keep us glued to the latest trends. But what high runway fashion tends to overlook is that there are very few occasions, if any, to wear these gowns. In fact, the most overlooked aspect of fashion is appropriate dress.

  • Holiday Party Outfits for Christmas & New Years Eve

    The holiday season is upon us, and with it the wave of parties and events will soon be in full swing. The weather might be cooler, but there’s no need to hide behind hundreds of layers! Check out these beautiful and timeless outfit ideas to wear to each type of holiday party that you could be attending this Christmas & New Years Eve.

  • Hot New Fall/Winter ‘18 Trends to Invest In

    With a new season comes exciting new trends, products and creative flare. As the colder weather approaches, many of us are feeling ready to replace summer dresses and sandals with cosy knits, wool coats and ankle boots. The Fall/Winter ‘18 catwalk shows were awash with a variety of new trends, including striking colors, prints, cuts and finishes. With so many trends to choose from, working out which are worth investing in is key to creating a hard working winter wardrobe. Read on to discover our top fall/winter ‘18 trends and our recommended key pieces to invest in…

  • 10 High Street Pieces For This Winter

    The cooler winter months are here, and that means knitwear, layering and ankle boots are back. We love summer, but you really can’t beat a cozy evening in. These days, high street stores don’t miss a beat and always have their finger on the pulse of what’s current in the fashion world. The best stores offer wonderfully authentic catwalk-inspired looks – without the hefty price tags. Stay ahead of the game and freshen up your wardrobe with these 10 pieces. You can pick each of them up on the high street to make sure you’re on trend when winter comes around.

  • My Current Handbag Collection - Ellis James Designs Blog

    My Current Handbag Collection

    One of my favorite accessories is handbags, But believe it or not, I only have three! I am honestly very picky when it comes to handbags and really try to find ones that will match any outfit and will work for any season.