How to Help Your Man Add a Little Fashion and Style to His Look

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Sure, you love your man, and that love has nothing to do with his fashion sense and looks. You love who he is as a person, how you feel when you’re with him, and what he adds to your life. But with all that said, what if you’re a little less than impressed with his ‘look’. Maybe your guy isn’t exactly fashionable and stylish, and even when he tries, he just consistently misses the mark. Then again, perhaps he’s stuck in a rut and just needs a little help getting out of it.

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If you want to help your man add some fashion and style into his look, help him to feel confident, and look his absolute best, here are some tips you can use. These will help him to go about an incredible makeover that he not only feels comfortable with, but absolutely loves the results.

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Time to Trim Those Locks

A great place to start is with a simple haircut. Even if your man’s hair isn’t long or over-grown, a cut that gives him an actual style will make all the difference in the world. It can highlight his great facial features, make him feel more confident, be easier to style, and just have him looking more fresh and modern.

If he happens to have facial hair, the same can be said about it. Have a professional barber give him a shave with a defined shape so that he gets an idea of what he wants to try to achieve at home.

Assess His Wardrobe

The next step is to assess his wardrobe. This should come before purchasing any new items. Often, it’s not a matter of needing a whole new wardrobe, rather it is about how you pair items together. Of course, there are bound to be some pieces that also should be thrown or given away.

Adding style with your guy

A good approach to take is to make three piles as the two of you sort through all the items. There should be a keep, throw away, and give away pile so that you can organise everything. Once you go through every piece and you see what’s left in the keep pile, it will give him an idea of what he’s missing in terms of basics and what he needs to focus on replacing.

Stick to Basic Pieces When Re-Building a Wardrobe

Now that he’s ready for new clothes, as suggested, it’s best to stick to the basics at first. He wants to be sure he has enough work appropriate clothing, weekend wear, and going out options. A well-rounded wardrobe is one that can take you through all situations and occasions you may find yourself in.

A common trick that women who are rebuilding their wardrobe often use is to pick a color palette they feel comfortable with and purchase pieces within that palette. This makes it really easy to mix and match all the pieces and create dozens of outfits out of a few basics. Your significant other can take that same advice. Have him pick a color palette or two that he likes and feels confident in, and then work on building pieces that fit in that palette.

Nothing Says Luxury and Style Like a High-End Watch

While women can wear all kinds of different jewellery pieces to accessorise, guys don’t have anywhere near as many options to choose from. So, if they are looking to set a stylish and luxurious statement, nothing beats a high-end watch. Typically, when you think of high-end designer watches, one of the first to come to mind tends to be Rolex. It’s timeless and classic, and most definitely makes a statement.

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Don’t Forget About Footwear

While a lot of focus is often given to the clothes someone is wearing, it’s your footwear that can truly anchor the outfit and bring it all together. For example, if your man only has a couple pairs of worn out trainers, that’s simply not going to add to any look. Again, you need to think in terms of occasions and events. Ideally, he should aim for a pair of work shoes, casual shoes, and then his going out shoes.

Help Him Increase His Style Sense and Confidence

By using each of these tips, you’re going to be helping your significant other really tap into their full potential in terms of fashion and style, and helping him to feel that much more confident in himself.

Of course, once you’re done with his ‘upstyling’ it might be time for a gift for your guy to say thanks for being a willing participant in the ordeal. He’ll thank you for it in the long run, but a thank you gift for your man might just ease him into his new style.

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