How to Outglam Everyone at Your 4th July Party

How to Outglam Everyone at Your 4th July Party
July 2, 2018 Ellis James
July 4th is a great excuse to throw a summer party. Bring on the drinks, the fireworks and, most importantly, the glam. If you’re throwing your own party this Independence Day, it’s a great excuse to refresh your wardrobe with summery vibes. Step away from the generic American flag T-shirt and take a look at our tips for how to outglam everyone this 4th of July.

Go Subtle with the Stars

Star print clothes are back in – in a big way. You don’t need to opt for the predictable stars & stripes bikini to breathe the fun and energy of the 4th July into your look. Stand out from the crowd with a playful star print wrap  dress or make your guests envious by setting up a star light projector in your house.


Wearable Stripes

No need to get tacky and overly patriotic with the stripes. Instead, choose striped skirts and blouses that you would wear at any time of year – not just on the 4th July.


Get the Nails to Match

A great way to embody a theme such as the 4th July, without overdoing it, is by adding subtle accents to your look. Choose red, white and blue nails to celebrate the occasion.

You’ll likely have these nail colors in your makeup bag anyway!


Go All-American

The 4th July is all about American independence; you don’t need to stick to the traditional red, white and blue to celebrate that.

Opt for authentic all-American brands like Frank Clegge and Grown & Sewn, and celebrate what it is to be American on this special day.

Embrace the Kitsch

Let’s face it, the 4th July is a kitsch affair. Brightly colored cakes and fireworks; it’s often celebrated as if it’s a souped-up kid’s birthday party from 1973 – and that’s what makes it so great! No need to make it into an overly pretentious affair. Instead, enjoy it for what it is and embrace the kitsch.

Whether this means doing your makeup like Priscilla Presley or bringing out those slightly impractical wedges, it’s never glam to take yourself too seriously.

Have Fun!

There’s nothing more glam than being utterly confident and in your element. No matter what your fashion choices, there’s nothing more stylish that being comfortable in your own skin. Invite only your closest friends to the party, have fun and celebrate all that it means to be American this 4th of July.

Happy 4th of July!

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