Make Your Work Wardrobe Work For You

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Work wardrobes for women are so diverse these days. Some organisations are hugely corporate, some very relaxed. Expectations and the status quo can vary from industry to industry, city to city and even just one company to the next.

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On the whole, working wardrobes do seem a little more casual than a decade ago. However, there will always be exceptions to the rule.

Generally, the following are often the staples of any good working wardrobe.

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Black Trousers

Make sure you own at least one pair of black trousers that you love and feel really comfortable in. A pair that you can dress down, dress up and coordinate with different accessories, shoes and tops. Choose a pair that are easy to wash and take care of, but are still smart and look the part. For a smarter look you can throw on a pair of stylish boots and a jacket, but for a more casual look, a jumper in the colder months might be perfect.


Unless you never need to dress up for your job, at least one jacket that goes with lots of different blouses and tops, and can also be added over the top of dresses, is indispensable.

It’s a good idea to choose something that matches multiple bottoms in your wardrobe – something neutral like black, beige, navy blue, pale blue etc.

If you can, it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality piece that will last you for years.


A smart pair or two of dark colored or neutral boots that never let you down and don’t hurt your feet after an hour are also a must.

Choose a style and fabric that doesn’t wear quickly and that don’t need cleaning every other day; it’s just more practical and easier.

Knee high boots are another staple for the colder months, especially if you have to go out and about with your work or your journey to and from the office takes you outside for any length of time.


A pair of shoes that go with lots of outfits is also another good idea.

Bright shoes can add a pop of interest and color to otherwise plain clothing, but make sure you have a ‘go-to’ standard colored everyday pair in your collection first before you splash out on extras.


Next on your list should be a couple of blouses and tops that go with the different separates you own.

Mix it up with a few plain colored garments and a couple with patterns and designs.


Necklaces and other jewelry can change the look of an outfit instantly.

Chunky metal designs and beads that add color are perfect to spruce up your ensemble, as well as patterned scarves in prints you love can make a real difference.


A skirt that’s a real staple in your working wardrobe is definitely pretty handy. Ribbed jersey skirts are so comfy and fashionable right now and are available in lots of different colors. Pencil skirts are also total classics that aren’t going to go out of fashion in a hurry.


Wrap dresses suit so many body shapes and sizes, no matter your age and style, and shift dresses are hugely practical and stylish for work. A couple of dresses that you feel comfortable in and can be dressed up and down are pretty useful too.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to blend. As long as you don’t break company rules and create the right impression for your role, you should be free to express yourself and bring some individuality into the work place!

What do you wear when you go to the office?

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