The Power of Makeup – Contouring Tips

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With the correct application and a little bit of contouring magic, you can use make-up to take pounds off of your face or make a rounder face shape look much slimmer. It’s actually relatively easy and there are many multi-purpose products out there to choose from.

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Makeup Tips To Slim Your Face

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Prime Your Canvas

Begin with a really good base using whatever you would normally use, such as primer, foundation, concealer and finishing powder.

Now you’ve got your blank canvas, you can start from there and cheat your way to stunning chiselled cheekbones. You can even begin your contour with foundation, by using two different shades that match your skin color.

Shine Bright

Start with a little highlighting so that the light bounces of your skin in all the right places.

Helping your skin have a natural glow can give your face a little extra radiance.

Highlighter comes in cream, powder and stick form and it’s one of the most popular type of products on the market at the moment.

Focus your highlighter on the places where sunlight would naturally kiss – the tops of your cheekbones sweeping up towards your temples, a little between your eyebrows, on your brow bone and a touch on your cupid’s bow. Start gently and build up highlighter on your face, as it’s much easier to add more than remove product that you’ve already applied.

You can also opt for a foundation that gives you a glow, like this one by Nars.

Shady Business

Next, it’s time to create the depth and shade your face.

To contour, grab a trusted bronzer, an angular brush if you have one, and suck your cheeks in! Load product onto your brush, give it a tap to shake off any excess powder, and then stroke your darker color along the underside of your cheekbones. Be careful you don’t go too low or you’ll just end up with very bronzed cheeks which will cancel out the contouring effect.

Finally, run your brush along your jawline, hairline and either side of your nose (if you’d like to slim the appearance of your nose).

Always Peachy

Even when contouring, you still need to apply a touch of blusher. A soft touch of pink or peach works a treat. Give yourself a little smile in the mirror, and then add a small touch of color at the highest point of your cheeks. Finito!

Swirl Away

The last step of contouring is to make it look as natural and as subtle as possible; you don’t want to give the magic away.

Grab a large blending brush and gently swirl your look together in circular motions.

The Feline Flick

Other great tricks are to draw attention away from your face shape, and feline flicks are a really fantastic way to do this.

For ease, go for a black liner if you’re new to this method as it’s definitely the easiest to use and takes the least amount of practice.

Check out our recommendations for best eyelinerfor oily lids.

Eyebrow Arch

The final tip is emphasizing your eyebrows, as patchy or thin brows will make your face look rounder. Again there are just a million products on the market to help you do this, but it’s best to apply product onto brows that have already been shaped by plucking or waxing. An eyebrow arch helps to lift your whole face, draw people’s eyes upward and frame your face beautifully.

The power of makeup is just amazing; give it a try and see if you like the results!

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