Valentine’s Day Outfits

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Whatever your age and whether you’re just dating, partnered off or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day can be a big date night. Getting your outfit just right can need a little bit of forethought and planning.

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Where to?

So the first thing to think about is where is your date taking you or where are you taking them? Also, is it a daytime get together or an evening out? Knowing all this upfront helps you choose your look. But don’t worry, if your date wants to keep it a surprise that’s fine too, but get them to give a little bit of a hint to help you select your wardrobe appropriately. You don’t want to be in your best four inch Christian Louboutin’s when you rock up to an alfresco picnic or at a local animal attraction. Equally, you’ll probably want to turn up the style and dial the glamour up if fine dining is on the menu.

Valentine's Day Outfits - Ellis James Designs Blog

A Red for Everyone

If you want to fully embrace your Valentine’s Day look, there are plenty of red outfits out there in every shade possible – bright, muted and warm, cool. If you know what color tones suit you, there is absolutely a red to suit everyone. You also don’t have to stick to a dress – although that is still a stunning option – there are also tulle skirts and trousers suits galore to choose from. If you want a more subtle Valentine’s Day look, try opting for a black skirt or trousers and a red top, or even a pattern with touches of red. Other color options are pale, bright or dusky pink, or colors like burgundy or wine. Black also never goes out of style!

Vamp It Up

Next, decide just how sexy you want to go? If it’s time and venue appropriate, why not vamp it up a bit. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day! If your date is definitely worth it, you might want to go all out and treat them to you all dressed up and glamorous. Maybe even treat yourself and get your hair blown out and your makeup applied professionally. But remember, sometimes less is more. Pick one area of your body you want to show off and keep them guessing about the rest.

A Pop of Red Anywhere, Anytime

There are still lots of options with daytime events. Will you be outdoors and is the weather likely to be a bit cooler? Do you need something snuggly and warm to wear? Reach for beautiful cashmere’s and angoras that are soft to the touch (and hopefully moth free!). Perhaps pop a bright red hat onto your head or slip on some heart shaped earrings.

There are loads of cute looks out there in the shops – think heart print sweaters, red jewelry to brighten up your look and a bold red lip.

Here is an article to help you take care of your cashmere sweaters.

Even if your date night is on the couch after the little ones have gone to sleep, you can still get out a bottle of fizz, change out of the sweat pants if you like and have a lovely little cuddle in front of a movie.

What are some of your fave looks for Valentine’s?

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