Complete the Look: Styling Sunglasses Perfectly Year Round

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Though sunglasses may have begun as a way to keep our sensitive eyes safe from the harsh rays of the sun, they have evolved into much more. Your sunglasses are not just protective; they can be an extension of your style, the cherry on top that pulls an outfit all together.

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Because many people still consider sunglasses a functional accessory, they fail to maximise their styling potential all year. If you start to broaden your fashion horizons and think of sunglasses as a critical element in any look you put together, you’ll find it easy to style sunglasses well all year round.

Here are some tips to get you started!

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Styling Sunglasses Year Round

Choose pairs of sunglasses with these tips, and you’ll hold onto them for many years, not just for the whole year!

Here are some top tips:

1. Choose Good Quality Sunglasses

One of the most essential tips regarding styling anything, be it sunglasses, clothing, or shoes, is to choose quality over quantity.

If you buy a few pairs of womens designer sunglasses rather than a whole stack from a cheap stall on a street corner, they’ll last for years.

Designer sunglasses are made using high-quality materials, and they’re made by professionals who carefully consider the sun protection factor of the lenses, the colour of the frames and the lenses, how they complement each other, and the product’s durability. Choosing designer sunglasses also means that you’ll be selecting your shades from a range of on-trend or classic shapes.

2. Find The Right Shape for Your Face

There are several “find your perfect sunglasses shape” tests and quizzes available online or in your favourite magazine. These can help you find the right lens and frame shape for your face.

If you know which shapes work best with your face shape, you’ll always know which pair of sunglasses you should grab when you’re having a bit of retail therapy in your favourite shop.

3. Select Neutral Hues

If you don’t like simple colours like black, white, and beige, that is perfectly okay – select sunglasses in colours neutral to your wardrobe.

If you have a lot of greens, choose shades of green or brown. If you wear a lot of warm colours, choose a nice red or pastel yellow pair. Assess your wardrobe and choose sunglasses in colours that will go with over 70% of what you wear in the winter and the summertime. If you get this balance right, your sunglasses will work all year round rather than just for one season.

Choosing outlandish sunglasses (think Marty from the Pink Ladies and her pink, diamante cat-eye shades), you’ll have loads of fun styling them. But they probably won’t work with many looks unless you have a very eclectic style.

Complete The Look: Styling Sunglasses Perfectly Year Round

4. Plan Ahead

If you’re very particular about the outfits you put together, it might be a good idea to try on different looks when you purchase a new pair of sunglasses.

Every woman has done it (or still does it to this day): you come home from shopping with your new items and have a mini fashion show in your bedroom.

Try on the pair of sunglasses you bought with a range of different looks so that you know what your options are when choosing an outfit for an event or an outing.

5. Let The Sunglasses Be The Star

If you want your designer sunglasses to stand out when you style them with an outfit, let the sunglasses be the centrepiece.

Style your entire outfit around the sunglasses rather than the other way around. Create your look based on what the shades are giving.

Are they Y2K chic? Great; style them with low-cut jeans and a slinky halter top. Are they classic, dark-lensed aviators? Perfect; style them with a loose, white tee and a classic moto jacket worn open for a relaxed outfit with just a hint of rock ‘n roll. For example, a pair of delicate cat-eye sunglasses can be the basis for a fifties-esque look complete with rolled fringe, pencil skirt, and red lips.

Let your sunglasses be the inspiration for and the star of any look you create.

6. Choose A Way To Wear Them

Yes, we know you wear sunglasses on your face. We mean that you need to choose a way to wear them when they aren’t on your face, actively shading your eyes.

Will you put them on your head? Will you stick the arm onto your collar and let them hang on your shirt? Will you have a sunglasses strap to hang them around your neck? This will play into how your outfit looks when fully styled, so think about it before you leave the house.

Putting shades on your neck or wearing it with a strap may not be an option when you’re all layered up in winter, so bear that in mind.

Complete The Look: Styling Sunglasses Perfectly Year Round

It’s easy to style your sunglasses year-round. Our tips will keep your mind open to all the possibilities, so you’ll never be caught with a stale look, be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter.