Does the RCMA Powder Have Flashback?

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Ah, flashback. How we do dread thee! But yet, there’s hope. RCMA No Color Powder has made a real splash in the makeup industry and has even become a popular grab for professional makeup artists. Not only does this powder blur, smooth and provide shine control but it also leaves no behind no white residue despite its chalk-white appearance. But does the RCMA powder have flashback? We’ll answer that and more in today’s post.

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RCMA No-Color Powder, 3oz.

Does the Rcma Powder Have Flashback?

On Pale Skin

Think a chalky white powder is easier to get away with on pale skin than any other skin tone? Well, you may be right, but flashback isn’t partial. Indeed, a pale skinned person can suffer from flashback in photos, leaving them mortified and on the hunt for powders that will keep flashback from ever happening again.

So, does RCMA powder have flashback on pale skin? No, it doesn’t appear to. According to Yana Irbe, who, admittedly, isn’t as pale skinned as many of us, there aren’t any flashback issues to be concerned about for pale skinned people when using the RCMA powder.

On Brown Skin

If you’ve got tan, medium, olive toned or brown skin, you may be more concerned with flashback and looking “ghostly” than the next gal. We get it. So, how does RCMA hold up?

Once again, RCMA powder comes through as many with brown skin tones, like popular Yourtuber Youkeyy state that RCMA is virtually undetectable when it comes to flashback… even when taking pictures in the dark.

On Dark Skin

Let’s face it. If you’ve got darker skin, you probably still may not be convinced that RCMA powder is the best fit for you, especially given its chalky white appearance. We hear you!

But honestly, RCMA No Color Powder lives up to its name and will NOT give flashback or show up as ghostly white as it appears in the bottle. For a good testimonial from a darker skinned reviewers check out Belle Cachi’s RCMA first impression video.

Powders Without Flashback

Can’t get your hands on RCMA No Color Powder or looking to try something different? Check out the following powders that are also said to have no flashback:

Ben Nye Banana Powder

True to banana powder style, this setting powder does away with the white cast by providing a subtle and complimentary yellow hue that works to correct and compliment nearly any skin tone.

Face Makeup Luxury Banana Powder Ben Nye 3 oz/85 gm
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Black Opal True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder

This lightweight and oil-absorbing powder not only sets makeup firmly in place but also contains enough color to keep flashback at bay. An added bonus? This Black Opal setting powder is hypoallergenic and is paraben and cruelty-free.

Black Opal 0.7 Ounce True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder Deep
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NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting Powder

Buyers love this popular and lightweight setting powder as they confirm that, despite its ghost-like appearance, it does not give off a white cast. Many also love that this powder is affordable and non-cakey so it is the perfect grab to go over your makeup for a night out on the town.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Can't Stop Won't Stop Loose Setting Powder - Light
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Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

This matte finish powder is well worth the splurge that won’t leave you embarrassed after reviewing photos. It comes in many color ranges, including medium and deep shades, so it is perfect for those with warmer skin tones looking to avoid flashback.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder , Color: Translucent, Full Size-1Oz /29g
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Tips to Prevent Flashback

Looking for quick and easy ways to avoid that dreaded white cast in photos? Opt for a few of these tips and tricks the next time you get ready for a photo-op:

  • Wear the Right Makeup: Particularly when it comes to foundations and concealers, you’ll want to make sure that you get fitted with the right hue to begin with in order to avoid a white cast in photos. Also, be sure to be extra careful with concealers, as it is typically recommended that you buy your concealer in a lighter color than your skin tone. Remember that a concealer that is too light may show up in photos, making unflattering still shots of you nearly inevitable.
  • Skip the SPF at Night: Generally speaking, SPF is less needed at night, so be sure to skip products that contain them if you expect to have your picture taken on a night out. Many photos containing flashback are brought about by products that contain SPF so avoiding this ingredient at night is a must if you wish to side-step a white cast in photos.
  • Watch the Formula: Some formulas of makeup are more prone to giving flashback than others. To be safe, we’d recommend sticking to a matte formula if you are looking to avoid flashback.
  • Tone Down the Highlighter: Last but not least, you’ll want to go easy on the highlighter if you want to avoid a white cast. We’re not saying you’ll need to avoid it completely, but you may want to think about applying it lightly and choosing muted colors to be on the safe side.
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Can't Stop Won't Stop Loose Setting Powder - Light


Is RCMA powder good for baking?

Yes, RCMA powder is great for baking! And, despite having silica in it, it won’t leave behind any white cast once your baking is complete.

Is RCMA a setting powder?

Yes, RCMA is a translucent no color setting powder. It blends, blurs and smooths without any left behind white residue or flashback.

Does the RCMA Powder Have Flashback? No It Doesn’t!

To go back to the initial question, no, RCMA No Color Powder does not have flashback. And thankfully, this applies to any and all skin tones! In addition to RCMA, there are plenty of other powders that provide no flashback. So you can get back to confidently smiling in your photos without fearing the embarrassment of that dreaded white cast.

Happy posing!

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