Urban Decay Basics 1 vs 2 – Which Palette Is Better?

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If you’re anything like us, you probably love anything Urban Decay, and especially their Naked eyeshadow palette series. But what about Urban Decay Basics? Are they any good? And how does Urban Decay Basics 1 vs 2 compare? We will explore that and more in today’s post.

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Urban Decay Basics 1 vs 2

First and foremost, we’d like to start off by saying the Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 and Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 are pretty similar. They both come in compact cases that are perfect for travel and both contain shades that are generally neutral.

Having said that, there are many aspects in which Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 and UD 2 differ. So, let’s get into the specs.


When it comes to color, both palettes may seem similar at first blush. But the truth is that the palettes are quite different and each may show differently based on varying skin and undertones.

Naked 1 Basics: Venus (shimmer), Foxy (matte), W.O.S. (matte), Naked 2 (matte), Faint (matte), Crave (matte)

The Naked 1 Basics palette is great because the colors can complement virtually any skin tone when applied correctly. The palette features an almost white highlight that is perfect for illuminating a certain area of the eye. Moreover, the Naked 1 Basics palette contains a very dark (almost black) color that can be used for lining the eye or for creating a sultry and smoky look.

And because of its versatility, the colors in this palette make it suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear.

Naked 2 Basics: Skimp (matte), Stark (matte), Frisk (matte), Cover (matte), Primal (matte), Undone (matte)

Naked 2 Basics palette is often described as Naked Basics 1‘s cooled-toned sibling.

Indeed, Naked 2 Basics is very similar, but softer, than Basics 1. In addition to being a softer version of the original, Naked Basics 2 is also more suitable for cool toned gals.

In fact, some of the lighter, softer colors featured in Naked Basics 2 aren’t likely to show up on medium toned skin hues, which is a real bummer. Nevertheless, fair skinned ladies are likely to benefit most from the taupe and ashen colors featured in the Naked 2 Basics palette.


Which has a better formula?

When it comes to formulas, both the Naked Basics 1 and Naked Basics 2 are comparable. Both are slightly powdery, with minimal fallout (although you do need to watch for a little fallout with darker colors). When applying, just be sure to tap the excess eyeshadow off of your brush. This allows for better control where the shadow lands.

Both are easily blended into the lid and pigment is outstanding in both Naked Basics 1 and Naked Basics 2 formulas.


Which is more wearable?

When comparing Naked Basics 1 to Naked Basics 2, it really will depend on your style, skin-tone and level of drama you wish to create as to which color palette is wearable for you.

Unlike Urban Decay’s more pigmented palettes, both Naked Basics 1 and 2 provide users with neutral tones that can be used for daily wear.

Having said that, for some, the Naked Basics 2 palette will be the obvious most wearable choice because it doesn’t contain any colors that are too bold, and thus, is easy to wear on a day to day basis. But because the colors are so light, some skin tones, including medium skin tones, may find it difficult to use the lighter colors as they may not show up on their skin.

Thus, Naked Basics 1 would appear to be more wearable and universally flattering, as users can take advantage of the palette’s given highlight color as well as the palette’s black color to be used to create a smokey eye or to outline the eye no matter what skin tone they are.

Value for Your Money

Which is more worth it?

Again, when it comes to Urban Decay Basics 1 vs 2, the worth of each will depend on the person using it. Our opinion? If you’ve got cool tones and pale skin, you may find it worth it to buy the Naked 2 palette as it is most likely to compliment your skin.

On the flip side, the Naked Basics 1 palette is the jack of all trades, as it looks great on virtually any skin tone and has the option of a deep almost black color to line the eyes along with a highlight color making the palette useful for almost any occasion.

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Which Palette Is Better for What Purpose?

As previously mentioned, the Naked Basics 1 and Naked Basics 2 are very similar, yet not the same.

If you are warmer toned, have deeper skin or are looking for versatility when using a palette, then we’d recommend you reach for the Naked Basics 1. Not only does it contain a wider range of colors (from light to very dark) but it also features a highlight (Venus) that can be used to draw attention to the eyes in a subtly shimmery way. Crave can then be used to add drama to the eye for a perfect day-to-night transition which further adds to Naked 1 Basics palette overall appeal.

Still, cooler-toned and fairer-skinned ladies will likely flock to Naked Basics 2 as it offers the perfect combination of taupe-based colors for day-to-day wear. It, too, features a darker color (Undone), though it isn’t nearly as dark as Crave.

And while Naked 1 offers a color that can be easily used as a highlighter, Naked 2 doesn’t have a distinct color that fits that bill. Overall, any look you create with the Naked 2 will turn out to be a softer version of what you could create with Naked Basics 1.

Thus, it all depends on the look you are going for!

Urban Decay Basics 1 vs 2: Which Is Best For You?

Still can’t decide whether Naked Basics 1 or 2 is best for you? We hear you. If you still can’t tell which might best compliment your skin tone, then we’d recommend grabbing them both. Both feature high quality, soft and workable formulas with enough variability in color selection that make owning them both feasible. However, if you’d still rather opt for buying only one, we’d recommend starting out with Naked Basics 1 and branching out from there, as it is the most universally flattering of the two.

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