M.A.C. Face and Body Dupe Options: Best M.A.C. Foundation Alternatives

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If you’re like many, you love M.A.C. makeup but sometimes, it feels good to save a buck or two. We get it. That’s why we believe you’ll love our M.A.C. Face and Body dupe options that give you the same look and feel without the hefty price tag or cruelty to animals. So, let’s take a look at what’s out there.

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MAC Face and Body Foundation N2 - 50 ml / 1.7 oz

MAC Face and Body Dupe

M.A.C. Face and Body is a popular liquid foundation makeup sold by the M.A.C. beauty brand. It comes in a bottle that fits in your hand and has a pointed applicator tip that allows you to control how much foundation you dispense at once without needing a traditional pump.

The M.A.C. Face and Body foundation is perfect for evening the skin tone and creating a flawless look from head-to-toe. As the name would suggest, it can be used on various parts of the body where you want imperfections concealed, and not just your face. This works because the foundation practically looks like second skin and is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about it sliding off when you sweat or swim… assuming you’ve set your foundation properly.

Along with being waterproof, M.A.C. Face and Body is long-wearing and can perform for up to 8 hours, which for most, is a full workday. Those who use M.A.C. Face and Body love its sheer and natural coverage and love its moisturizing properties that render a soft satin final finish.

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Drugstore MAC Face and Body Dupes

Here are a few dupes you may be able to snag at drugstore prices that are comparable to M.A.C. Face and Body.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup, Natural Beige, 1 fl; oz; Oil-Free Foundation
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About This Foundation

Maybelline FitMe Foundation is a well-loved and ever-popular makeup selection for women who love liquid foundation. It describes itself as being medium coverage and offers over 40 shades so you can be sure to find the perfect match for your skin tone. It comes in two varieties, both dewy and matte, with matte being the original version of the formula.

Why It’s a Good MAC Face and Body Dupe

So, what makes this foundation such a good drugstore dupe for the M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation? As shocking to believe as it may be, Maybelline FitMe foundation is said to provide much better coverage than M.A.C. Face and Body while yielding virtually the same finish. This is assuming that you choose the Matte and Poreless variety over the Dewy version of the FitMe foundation. This dupe find is exciting because at this drugstore price point you are paying virtually 3-4 times less than you’d pay for M.A.C. Face and Body, depending on where you shop.

And yes, you can easily find this foundation lining store shelves, so no special trip to the mall or angst -filled online foundation shopping is needed if you opt for this popular dupe.

MaxFactor Miracle Touch Second Skin

Max Factor Miracle Touch Second Skin, Light, 30 ml
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About This Foundation

MaxFactor Miracle Touch Second Skin is a marvel in its own right. This foundation comes in a tube with an affixed foundation pump, and claims to stimulate cell turnover with every application. This foundation is meant to go on lightly to provide a sheer and natural-looking finish that is great for undetectable coverage and a “your skin but better” healthy glow.

Why It’s a Good MAC Face and Body Dupe

The MaxFactor hybrid foundation is a great alternative to M.A.C. Face and Body foundation because it provides sheer coverage and a natural, second skin finish similar to that of M.A.C. Many who have used it refer to it as being more of a tinted moisturizer than anything and claim that it leaves the face slightly sticky after application. Be sure to use a good setting powder to set this foundation and you’ll have a beautiful, lightweight and natural looking dupe for the M.A.C. Face and Body foundation at virtual half the cost!

Missha M Perfect BB Cream

MISSHA M PERFECT COVER BB CREAM #27 SPF 42 PA+++ 50ml-Lightweight, Multi-Function, High Coverage Makeup to help infuse moisture for firmer-looking skin with reduction in appearance of fine lines
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About This Foundation

The Missha M Perfect BB Cream is designed to provide full coverage to ladies that need it most and is infused with emollients and added hyaluronic acid and ceramides to add softness and help balance out the skin. Moveover, this ultimate drugstore dupe has rosemary extract and chamomile added for additional calming effects that are perfect for those with troublesome skin.

Why It’s a Good MAC Face and Body Dupe

Like M.A.C. Face and Body, this foundation provides a light and natural finish. Unlike M.A.C., however, the Missha BB Cream foundation comes with a pump, provides full coverage and is infused with several good-for-you ingredients that will work to nourish your skin as you wear it. And for the inexpensive drugstore price point, some may claim this option to be better than M.A.C. Face and Body!

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Cruelty Free MAC Face and Body Dupes

Like so many other products sold in the U.S., M.A.C. claims to be free of animal testing but still sells its products in China where animal testing is mainstream and often required. As such, M.A.C. cannot be considered a truly cruelty free company. But never fear… you still have options. Check out a couple of our cruelty free alternatives for M.A.C. Face and Body below.

Cruelty Free and Vegan Dupe: The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation

Full Coverage Foundation - 2.0P Light Medium by The Ordinary for Women - 1 oz Foundation
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About This Foundation

The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation is hailed as providing the full coverage foundation look while maintaining a natural and healthy looking finish. Those that have used the fountain claim that it never settles into lines or looks cakey, which is perfect for those with aging or maturing skin that still needs full coverage foundation performance.

Why It’s a Good MAC Face and Body Dupe

The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation is packaged and designed quite similarly to M.A.C. Face and Body and works to even out your complexion, much like M.A.C. Face and Body. The only downside is that it isn’t marketed as being waterproof like the former. However, this foundation is cruelty free AND vegan which are major bonuses in our book!

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint LIGHT 1 fl oz/30 ml
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About This Foundation

The priciest of all, the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint is perfect for those simply looking for a bridge between bare skin and a made up face. This tint is described as being lightweight, breathable and created with glycerin to help moisturize and replenish dry skin, all while reducing the look of pores. This foundation is also vegan and cruelty free!

Why It’s a Good MAC Face and Body Dupe

Similar to M.A.C. Face and Body, this The Ordinary foundation provides sheer coverage that is designed to even out the skin tone and provide a natural looking finish. It is a little pricier than M.A.C. by most estimations, but its cruelty free and vegan status may make it that much more worth the buy.

Foundation Tips

Chances are, if you’re looking for a foundation that performs similarly to M.A.C. Face and Body, you are looking for a foundation with sheer to medium coverage and a natural finish. Here are a few tips to help you work with the foundation you already have without having to spend extra time and money trying to perfect a natural and undetectable makeup look:

  • Add Foundation to Moisturizer: One surefire way to tone down your makeup a bit while still managing to balance your skin tone is to add a drop or two of your foundation to your favorite moisturizer before applying it to your skin. This will create a tinted moisturizer that you can use to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and supple while also providing a sheer and beautiful base on your face. Have oily skin? Mix your foundation with water or smooth your foundation over a damp face. You’ll have a smoother, less cakey version of your normal makeup look that we’re pretty sure you’ll love.
  • Use Sparingly: Another tip is to use your current foundation only in the spots you actually need it if you are looking to tone your makeup down a bit. This works best with foundations that closely match your skin tone…otherwise, you’ll risk looking patchy. In most cases, though, this method works surprisingly well and is especially useful in the summer.
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M.A.C. Face and Body Dupe Alternatives Are Out There

To conclude, there are plenty of M.A.C. Face and Body dupes that are out there. While some provide the sheer and matte coverage that most M.A.C. Face and Body lovers crave, there are some that provide the natural look and feel while also offering full coverage.

Want the full scoop on M.A.C. Face and Body? Check out this M.A.C. Face and Body foundation full description to find out more about this popular foundation.

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