Bare Minerals Original vs Matte: Which One is the Better Foundation for You?

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Wondering which Bare Minerals foundation is best? Bare Minerals is known for their mineral-based, clean foundations that also offer SPF protection. But with two options, Bare Minerals Original Foundation, and Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, you may not know which is the right choice for you and your skin. We’ve put together a review of Bare Minerals original vs matte to help you learn the difference between matte and original Bare Minerals so you can choose the right one to give you that flawless look you’re after.

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bareMinerals Original Foundation, Medium Beige, 0.28 Ounce

Bare Minerals Original vs Matte

Is Bare Minerals Matte better than original?  This is definitely a popular question.  The answer, however, is not necessarily cut and dry.

The right Bare Minerals foundation for you can vary based on your skin type, coverage needs, and other factors.  Continue reading, and we’ll explore the differences between Bare Minerals Original and Bare Minerals Matte Foundation.

Difference Between Matte and Original Bare Minerals

Before we explore the differences between original and matte Bare Minerals Foundations, let discuss some of their similarities.  Both foundations are made using clean mineral ingredients.  No talc, binders, or fillers are added to the foundations, so you can feel confident about what you’re putting on your face.

Both foundations also offer mineral-based SPF 15 protection from the sun.  The minerals (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide) block the UV rays and prevent them from being absorbed into the sun.

Bare Minerals Original and Bare Minerals Matte foundations are both loose powders that are designed to be easy to apply and blend into your skin for the perfect look.  Each option comes in 30 different shades for a variety of skin tones ranging from Fair 01 to Deepest Deep 30.  They offer buildable coverage, so you can customize your look with sheer to full coverage options.

Now, for some Bare Minerals Matte Foundation vs Original Foundation differences.  The primary difference between these two foundations is that matte foundation is designed for individuals with oily or combination skin while the original foundation is designed for users with normal or dry skin.  So, the answer to the question, “is Bare Minerals Matte better than Original,” is that it can depend on your skin type.

Another difference is that the matte formula includes two additional mineral ingredients, Silica/Calcium Silicate & Lauroyl Lysine, that work to keep oils on the skin controlled and provide a matte finish.

bareMinerals MATTE SPF 15 Foundation with Click, Lock, Go Sifter - Medium Beige

Bare Minerals Matte vs Original: Acne

If you have acne prone skin, the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation is likely the best choice for you.  Individuals with acne typically have oilier skin, and Bare Minerals Matte is specifically formulated for oily skin.  The Silica/Calcium Silicate & Lauroyl Lysine minerals found in its formula work to keep the oils on the skin more controlled.

Bare Minerals Matte vs Original Foundation Review

Bare Minerals Matte and Bare Minerals Original Foundation are both very highly reviewed by users.  Overwhelmingly, individuals are pleased with the coverage each foundation offers and love knowing that they are using clean and safe ingredients on their face.

Individuals who use the Original Foundation love how lightweight and comfortable the foundation feels on their face.  Bare Minerals Original reviews also point to a lot of individuals who love the subtle glow it gives to their skin.  However, some people with more sensitive skin have shared that the Bismuth Oxychloride in the original formula makes their skin itch (this is the same mineral that gives the foundation its glow).

Users of the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation are very impressed with how well it covers up their larger pores.  They also like that it helps keep their oily skin under control.  A few users, especially those with normal skin, said that they find the foundation to be a bit too chalky.

Bare Minerals Original

Bare Minerals Original Foundation is designed to provide buildable coverage to let users customize their look.  Apply a light layer of foundation for sheer coverage, or build upon that base for a full-coverage look.  This foundation also offers a lightweight and comfortable feel and can even improve the skin’s health and appearance over time.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation comes in 30 different shades to help individuals of nearly all skin tones find the right shade for their face.

This foundation is the definition of natural; it is made using only five mineral ingredients.  The loose, power foundation is also free of questionable additives like talc, fillers, or binders.

Two of the minerals in the foundation’s ingredient list are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  These minerals allow the foundation to offer SPF 15 protection and work to protect the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays without the chemicals found in many other sunscreens.

The original foundation is also easy to apply.  Bare Minerals recommends using the “swirl, tap, buff” method to apply the foundation and achieve even and seamless coverage with your face.

Is Bare Minerals Original good for oily skin?  Some users with oily skin have shared that they like Bare Minerals Original.  However, it is designed for use with normal skin. So the Bare Minerals Matte may be the better choice if you have oily skin.

Bare Minerals Matte

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation is very similar to the Original Foundation, but it is specifically designed for use with oily skin.  It includes two ingredients not found in the original formula that help the foundation keep oils under control and minimize shine with a matte finish.  If you’ve been asking, “Is Bare Minerals Matte good for acne,” then, yes, this is the best foundation for you if you have acne-prone, oily, or combination skin.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation how to apply: Bare Minerals recommends using their Beautiful Finish Brush, or another foundation brush to apply the Bare Minerals Matte.  Start by swirling a little foundation into the brush and gently tapping it to remove excess powder.  Then, use a circular motion to buff the foundation onto your skin.  You can repeat this step as necessary depending on whether you prefer sheer or full coverage.

Bare Minerals Matte reviews from users are very positive.  Individuals have shared that the powder is very mattifying to reduce shine.  They like the coverage it provides and how it makes their skin look.  Many users also shared that they loved the different shades that were available. They were able to easily find the perfect shade for their skin color.

Bareminerals Face Brush Beautiful Finish Brush, 0.3 Ounce

Which Bare Minerals foundation is best?

So, now the big question:  Bare Minerals Original or Matte?  There really isn’t one right answer to this question as the right formula for you will depend on your skin type.

In general, if you have normal or dry skin, Bare Minerals Original Foundation should be best for you, and if you have oily or combination skin, Bare Minerals Matte Foundation should be best for you.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some individuals with oily skin actually prefer the original foundation. Those with normal or dry skin sometimes reach for the matte foundation.  Some users shared that they found the original foundation to be the best choice for their skin during the summer months when they have a bit of a tan. Meanwhile the matte foundation was the right choice for the winter months when they didn’t have a tan.

Bare Minerals FAQs

Is Bare Minerals actually natural?

Yes, Bare Minerals foundation is made using natural mineral ingredients.  All of their products are made without any parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil, coal tar, propylene glycol, microbead, triclosan, triclocarban, or chemical sunscreens.  Additionally, many products in their line, including the original and matte foundations, are vegan.

A number of products in their line are also EWG-verified as being free of any potentially dangerous chemicals.  However, there are a few items that rank a bit higher on the EWG scale, which may be more concerning.  You can always consult with the EWG ratings before making a purchase if you have any concerns about a specific product.

Is Bare Minerals a good brand?

Bare Minerals is a good brand.  They use safe mineral ingredients to make their foundations and other products.  The bareMinerals brand was first started in 1995, years before natural makeup products were in the demand they are today.  Yet, they had the goal to offer safe and pure formulas that would deliver the results their customers desired.  Their products are cruelty-free and many are vegan as well.  Bare Minerals wants their users to feel complete confidence about the safety of the products they put on their skin.

Is Bare Minerals toxic?

No, Bare Minerals products are not toxic.  All of their makeup and skincare products are non-toxic and safe to use on the skin.

Bare Minerals Original vs Matte: Time to Choose

Once you’ve made the decision between powder vs liquid foundation, your next big decision is whether Bare Minerals Original vs Matte Foundation is best for you.  Hopefully our Bare Minerals Matte vs Original Foundation review above has helped you decide which foundation is the right choice for your skin.

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