IT Cosmetics vs Bare Minerals: Which Is Better?

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If you love makeup but have been looking for cleaner and more “better for you” options, you may have heard the buzz surrounding mineral makeup wear. There are two brands known for dishing up excellent quality mineral makeup known as BareMinerals and IT Cosmetics. But which of the two is best for you? In this article, we will compare IT Cosmetics vs Bare Minerals to give you an overview of each brand so that you can make the best decision for you.

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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, Medium (W) - Color Correcting Cream, Full-Coverage Foundation, Anti-Aging Serum & SPF 50+ Sunscreen - Natural Finish - 1.08 fl oz

IT Cosmetics vs Bare Minerals

Which brand is cruelty free?

Both brands are cruelty-free. IT Cosmetics and BareMinerals have never tested on animals, and tools and brushes are never made with animal hair. Neither brand plans to change this stance in the future. 

Which is more ethical?

Both brands are ethically sourced, as far as we can tell. You can read their claims on their respective sites, in IT Cosmetics’ FAQs and BareMinerals’ page.

Which uses better ingredients?

BareMinerals is often referred to as the mother of mineral makeup. However, IT cosmetics are hot on their heels in terms of great ingredients. 

BareMinerals is quite transparent about what is not in their products, and this is refreshing to see. Check out the ingredients that are not included in their products on their website.

IT Cosmetics doesn’t make as many claims as does BareMinerals, but having taken a look at the ingredients list on some of IT Cosmetics products, they may have BareMinerals beat in terms of added good for you ingredients. Additions like collagen peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, grapeseed oil and so much more lead us to believe that IT Cosmetics could do wonders for your skin. See IT Cosmetic’s commonly asked questions for more information about ingredients. 

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, Medium (W) - Color Correcting Cream, Full-Coverage Foundation, Anti-Aging Serum & SPF 50+ Sunscreen - Natural Finish - 1.08 fl oz

Which brand is more affordable?

The brand that is most affordable will depend on the product being sold. However, both brands seem to run around the same price, with IT Cosmetics running a few dollars more at times. 

Which brand is more widely/easily available?

Both BareMinerals and IT Cosmetics are readily available and can be found in stores like Ulta and online.

However, Bare Minerals can also be found in some grocery stores, such as in some Giant Eagle locations for example, and for this reason, we’re going to say that BareMinerals is the easiest to get your hands on.

Which is better for oily skin?

The winner for oily skin is BareMinerals. In many cases, BareMinerals is targeted towards those with normal to oily skin because of its matte finish, as in the case of the Bare Minerals Loose Powder.

Having said that, there are many products that BareMinerals offer that work well for dry skin as well. IT Cosmetics is geared towards dry and mature skin, thus it will have more hydration in its makeup products which may or may not compliment oily skin types.

Which is better for mature skin?

IT Cosmetics was specially designed to compliment aging skin with hydration and fine line blurring abilities. Thus, IT Cosmetics, like the IT Cosmetics CC cream, is the perfect choice for those looking for anti-aging products or looking to hydrate and conceal mature skin.

bareMinerals Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation Click Lock Go Sifter, Fairly Medium 8 Gram / 0.28 Ounce

It Cosmetics CC Cream vs Bare Minerals CC Cream

Both IT Cosmetics and BareMinerals are “clean” brands. They are “color-correctors” that minimize the appearance of an uneven skin tone. They give a fresh and well-balanced base for makeup that looks like your skin, but better.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream: Thicker, more coverage, good for you ingredients like grapeseed oil, grapefruit, Cassia oil and so much more. SPF 50, anti-aging, dark spot corrector, peptides, collagen, vitamins and antioxidants

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue: Silkier, less coverage, glides on smoothly, SPF 30, extremely hydrating, more product in tube. More affordable than IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

Which is better for what?

If you have dry skin, then BareMinerals Complexion Rescue will be your best choice. This cc cream packs hydration in terms of it being a gel, and many love its moisturizing qualities.

On the other hand, IT Cosmetics does a much better job of covering imperfections, and has much more ingredients in it that aim towards nurturing your skin.

Which is the ultimate winner?

Because of the rave reviews, nourishing ingredients and great coverage provided by IT CC Cream, we are going to defer to it on this one.

However, the Bareminerals Complexion Rescue is still a wonderful option, especially for those looking for a lightwear and sheer coverage cc cream or for those who have oily skin.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, Medium (W) - Color Correcting Cream, Full-Coverage Foundation, Anti-Aging Serum & SPF 50+ Sunscreen - Natural Finish - 1.08 fl oz

IT Cosmetics Powder Foundation vs BareMinerals Powder Foundation

IT Cosmetics and BareMinerals are neck-and-neck when it comes to their powder foundation. Similar to the cc cream comparison, both have pros and cons when it comes to application.

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation: Anti-aging properties, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, has nourishing “good for you” ingredients including collagen, Vitamin A, C and E and is full coverage.

BareMinerals Powder Foundation: A “clean” mineral makeup, glides on smooth, lasts up to 12 hours, matte finish, medium coverage

Which is better for what purpose?

Based on reviews, it seems that BareMinerals is preferred by some users due to its color selection, matte finish and smooth appearance. Those with oily skin will especially benefit from Bare Minerals Powder Foundation.

Having said that, for those with dry skin or wishing to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation is likely the best bet for you.

Which is the ultimate winner?

Because these two foundations appeal to different skin types, determining a “winner” is hard.

However, because IT Cosmetics is technically for both dry and oily skin types versus BareMinerals which is only marketed for those with Oily to Normal skin, we are going to defer to IT Cosmetics on this one, once again.

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination, Medium Tan (W) - Full-Coverage, Anti-Aging Powder Foundation - Blurs Pores, Wrinkles & Imperfections - 0.3 oz Compact

About IT Cosmetics

Are IT Cosmetics Mineral based? Is IT Cosmetics mineral makeup?

IT Cosmetics is a mineral -based makeup company created by Jamie Kern Lima. Jamie was a TV news anchor who had blemishes and imperfections on her face. She felt they were difficult to cover without applying layer upon layer of makeup, and eventually, looking cakey.

In an effort to banish the unavailability of good products for problem skin, Jamie partnered with an expert team of plastic surgeons to create makeup that not only looks good on the skin, but hydrates it, nourishes it and hides the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

About BareMinerals

Is Bare Minerals a good product?

BareMinerals has been around for years, and has become a household name. Known as “the mother of mineral makeup”, there is a reason that BareMinerals has become the recipient of so many awards in its time.

BareMinerals makeup line was created in 1995. It’s formulated without parabens, fillers and other icky ingredients to yield a non-comedogenic makeup that would be ideal for those who suffer with acne, eczema, rosacea and otherwise sensitive skin.

Is Bare Minerals the same as Bare Escentuals?

Yes, Bare Minerals and Bare Escentuals are the same brand. Bare Minerals is the company name, however, Bare Escentuals is the name under which many of the products come. It is part of the BareMinerals line. Contrary to belief, Bare Escentuals is NOT a knock-off of BareMinerals. They are one in the same.

What makes Bare Minerals different?

Bare Minerals is formulated without a slew of harmful ingredients often found in typical foundations and powders. Moreover, BareMinerals is mineral makeup, meaning it is formulated from pressed minerals without added oil or wax.

BareMinerals is known as the originator of the concept of mineral makeup. Although there are many mineral makeup lines around today that can compete. Nevertheless, BareMinerals remains a tried and true brand that many prefer, even over some of the more contemporary mineral makeup brands sold today.

Is BareMinerals really all natural?

Is BareMinerals 100 natural?

It can be, but it depends on the specific BareMinerals product. One of the key issues with BareMinerals is that they use bismuth oxychloride, which can cause skin irritation in some people.

While bismuth is naturally occurring, the bismuth oxychloride isn’t, which can be problematic for some people.

Also, natural ingredients, such as mica and talc, aren’t always truly good for the skin, even if they are naturally derived. These things must be kept in mind when purchasing any kind of mineral makeup, whether it be Bare Minerals, IT Cosmetics or another brand.

IT Cosmetics vs Bare Minerals: Both Have Their Perks

When it comes to comparing IT Cosmetics vs Bare Minerals, these two awesome mineral makeup brands, things can get a little dicey. It will ultimately depend on preference.

For some, the full coverage, anti-aging qualities and usage for all skin types will make IT Cosmetics the winner in mineral makeup.

Having said that, many who have tried BareMinerals and try to make the switch to IT Cosmetics often come back to BareMinerals. They say that BareMinerals has more shades, has smoother application and looks better on their skin, in general.

Whatever the case, both cosmetic brands are worth trying out. Especially given that mineral makeup tends to be better for your skin than traditional leading makeup lines available today.

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