Which Ben Nye Powder is Best for Deeper Skin Tones?

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For over 50 years, Ben Nye has used film industry experience to develop the finest products for our lovely ladies with deeper skin tones. Which Ben Nye powder is best for dark skin tones, though? Read on to find out.

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Ben Nye produces a wide range of makeup and cosmetic products, all made at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles. Ben Nye products, such as the Topaz Face Powder and Banana Powder, are among their most popular and recommended.

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Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder

However, as we all know, choosing the perfect powder depends on your specific skin tone.Test and try as much as possible. Without trial and error and a little advice along the way, finding the most suitable powders for your skin can be even more difficult.

Best Ben Nye Setting Powder for Dark Skin

Applying setting powder is an important part of fixing your makeup. It will give you a matte finish, reduce the appearance of pores, and ensure that your makeup stays on for longer.

Here, we have chosen the four best-suited formulas for darker skins. Each is chosen for a specific range of shades:

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Ben Nye Powder For Dark Skin: Topaz

Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder Shaker Bottle - 3oz Large Size
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The Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder is a finely milled powder that can add a touch of warm undertone. This ranges from a golden glow to a bronze sheen.

It is ideal for darker-toned skin, providing a perfect complexion that looks completely natural.

It is translucent with a silky finish and is perfect as a setting powder for crème make-up and foundations.

Also, it can add a long-lasting matte finish that works exceptionally well as a highlighter or for contouring any part of the face.

It also works brilliantly to help set under-eye concealers, and it is ideal for evening out chalky and cakey areas. This powder also helps your makeup last longer without blotching or blotting when applied.

Topaz powder is specially formulated and developed to absorb excess oil. It reduces shine, making it perfect for bright nights out or for use in front of camera flashes.

It will also reduce the appearance of pores and unwanted textures by visibly softening these details.

This is an ideal setting powder for ladies attempting to improve oily skin, reduce texture details, and smooth out the appearance of blotchy makeup.

Best Ben Nye Powder for Dark Skin: Luxury Banana Powder

Ben Nye Luxury Powders - Banana 1.5oz
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As an alternative to Ben Nye’s Topaz setting powder, you can try their ever-popular Luxury Banana Powder.

It is ideal for darker skin and was promoted by Kim Kardashian.

Available in four different color tones, it is suitable for a wide range of skin tones. It is incredibly valued for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, as well as absorb the excess oils on your skin.

It will reduce the white cast often seen in photos and will drastically remove redness and pink undertones for a flawless look. This powder is also very effective at eliminating the appearance of blue under-eye circles, giving your face a rejuvenated lift in mere seconds.

It creates a superior matte finish, making even the smoothest skin seem evenly vibrant and soft.

The available tones range in yellows and golds to add a touch of warmth to the darkest skins. It can also add a lovely vibrancy and even complexion to tan or brown-skinned beauties.

Best Ben Nye Setting Powder For Dark Skin: Chestnut

Ben Nye Chestnut Translucent Face Powder 3oz by Ben nye
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Our next option, the Ben Nye Chestnut Powder, is a setting powder that is specially formulated for women with dark, chocolate tones.

The Ben Nye Chestnut Powder is a finely milled, ultra-translucent formula that fixes makeup securely for all-day wear.

It also works efficiently with crème makeup. Imparting a wonderful finish with a soft-focus effect, it is a setting powder for darker skin tones in search of an airbrushed, matte look.

The formula does not produce chalkiness, and it does not make the skin look dry or patchy.

It will eliminate any excess oiliness and drastically reduce shine to give you a gorgeous look.

Ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores, it will give darker faces an even complexion. It can also be used to reduce the unwanted appearance of under-eye discoloration or skin creases.

Plus, it can be applied variably as a contouring powder or as a highlighter.

Best Ben Nye Loose Powder For Dark Skin: Coco Tan

BEN NYE Coco TAN Translucent Face Powder 1.5 Oz.
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The Ben Nye Coco Tan setting powder is ideal for those ladies who have medium to light tan tones.

It is formulated to work with crème makeup and foundations to help keep it on throughout the day and prevent flaking or chalking.

This powder is available in a wide range of shades ideal for tan to dark.

It will reduce fine lines, pores, and any other imperfections and discolorations. It also prevents perspiration, further reducing any unwanted shine.

This powder gives a soft matte finish, and the special formula helps control oiliness.

Ben Nye Shades For Dark Skin

Overall, the best-suited choice for the most average dark skin tones would be the Ben Nye Topaz Powder.

However, it is always best to choose what suits your own skin color.

So for more options, here are other Ben Nye shades for darker skin:

Ben Nye Setting Powder Shades:

What is the Best Setting Powder for Dark Skin?

When it comes to choosing a setting powder to use, it will all depend on the shade of your skin tone.

While one powder is suitable for a friend, it may not be as good for you.

When choosing the perfect setting powder for darker skin, choose as close to your natural tone as possible.

How do You Use Setting Powder on Dark Skin?

  • Once you’ve applied foundation and concealer, lightly apply setting powder (preferably translucent setting powder) with a brush.
  • Spread it evenly, or use it as needed to highlight or contour your look.
  • Never apply it with your fingers, as this will not produce the effect you want.
  • Follow up by using blotting paper to blot off excess powder for perfect results.
Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder - Light, 0.35 oz.

Is Banana Powder Good for Dark Skin?

Yes, banana powder can be used on darker skin. However, for the darkest tones, moderate application of the powder is recommended. Those with a slightly more tan skin tone would be more suited for banana setting powder.

Is Translucent Powder Good for Dark Skin?

Yes, those with deeper skin tones can use translucent powder.

However, since most translucent powders can leave an unwanted layer of white, it is recommended to apply it in moderation.

There are also translucent powders, such as the ones in this post, that have a darker pigment. Therefore these will work better for darker skin shades.

Do you love Ben Nye? What’s your verdict on which Ben Nye powder is best for dark skin?

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