Eyebrows Grow Downward: What Should I Do?

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Are you annoyed by your downward-growing eyebrows?  Have you been searching for solutions to help improve their look and shape or even change the direction that your hairs grow?  Downward growing eyebrows can be frustrating, but they’re certainly not the end of the world.  If your eyebrows grow downward, hopefully some of the tips and tricks we’ve put together will help you style them and achieve the finished look that you’re after.

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Why do my eyebrows go down?

Just like the other hairs on the body, eyebrow hair may grow in different directions.  While many people do have eyebrows that grow upwards, there are also a lot of other individuals in your shoes who have eyebrows that grow downwards.

Downward-growing eyebrow hair is particularly common with individuals of Asian descent, but they are certainly not the only group who may have eyebrow hairs that grow in this direction.

Eyebrows Grow Downward

If your eyebrows grow downward and you are unhappy with their overall look, there are a few things you can do to try to change that.

Keep reading, and we’ll outline some tips to help you achieve the brows you desire.

What should I do?

What should you do if your eyebrows grow downward?

One important tip to remember is to always brush your eyebrows in the direction they naturally grow before trimming or tweezing them.  This will prevent bare spots from forming in the middle of your brows, which will be a whole other issue to deal with.

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After you’ve trimmed or tweezed your eyebrows, use a brow gel or mousse to shape them to achieve your desired look.  Using some eyebrow concealer to touch up the area beneath the brows can also help clean up the overall look.

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Is it normal for eyebrows to grow downward?

If your eyebrows grow downward, relax.  There isn’t something wrong with you (or your brows).

As we shared above, hair can grow in all directions, and some people just have eyebrow hair that grows downwards.

Should eyebrows grow upward or downward?

There really isn’t a set direction that eyebrows ‘should’ grow. Beauty standards may make non-downward growing brows more desirable, but really it is our hairs that decide how they want to grow.

That being said, if your eyebrow hairs are growing downward and you want them to look like they grow upwards, consider trying some of the steps above to transform the way they look.

What causes eyebrows to grow upwards?

Again, there isn’t necessarily a set cause for eyebrows that grow upwards.  Hair often does its own thing and grows in the direction it prefers.

If you have just a few eyebrow hairs that are sticking up and bothering you, considering using a bit of brow cream to maintain your desired brow shape.

You can also consider trimming hairs that are sticking up too much.  However, take care not to pluck these hairs as it could leave a bare spot in the middle of your eyebrows.

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Can you change the direction your eyebrow hair grows?

While you can’t necessarily change the direction that your eyebrow hair grows, it doesn’t mean that all is lost and you’ll never be happy with the way your eyebrows look.  There are a few different ways you can work with your eyebrows to get them to look how you want.

How do you get your eyebrows to grow in the right direction?

Eyebrow hair, as well as the other hairs on your body, have their own unique pattern of growth.  Changing this growth pattern, such as the direction the hairs grow, isn’t really a viable option.

However, you can still use different tools and techniques to achieve the overall brow shape you want.

Start by brushing your eyebrow hairs in the direction they grow, they use tweezers and scissors to carefully trim and tweeze your brows to achieve the shape you want.  If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, consider finding an experienced eyebrow professional who will be able to help you shape your brows and share some pointers to help you take care of them in the future.

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Can I train my eyebrow hair?

In most cases, you can’t really train your eyebrow hairs.  However, some individuals have had success training their brows to grow in a more desirable direction.

To try this, you need to brush your eyebrow hairs in the natural direction that they grow.  Then, use a small amount of brow fix or gel to style them in the direction you would like them to grow.  Keep in mind that this technique does not always work, but worst case, you’ll still be styling your brows to achieve your desired look.

Do you brush eyebrows up or down?

Brush your eyebrows in whichever direction they grow.  So, if your eyebrows grow downward, before trimming or tweezing, be sure to brush them down.  If your eyebrows grow upward, use a brush to brush them up before you style or trim them.

Tips to Help Your Eyebrows Grow in the Right Direction

Use these tips to help you take care of your brows, help them grow in the right direction, and achieve the better brows you’ve been looking for.

  • Always brush your eyebrows in the direction the hair grows
  • Use a brow pencil to fill in bare spots in the eyebrows
  • When filling in bare spots in your brows, work against the direction of the hair growth
  • Wait at least six weeks before tweezing your brows to allow them to grow out enough and find their natural shape
  • Try brow gel to help hold your desired brow shape
  • When needed, add volume to your brows with a brow mousse
  • Don’t try to wax your eyebrows yourself
  • Use eyebrow concealer to help shape your brows from underneath
  • Consider trying castor oil to regrow eyebrow hairs if yours are looking a bit sparse
  • Try to work with your eyebrow’s natural shape, rather than trying to recreate the wheel

Eyebrows Growing Downward Aren’t the End of the World

While you may not love your downward growing eyebrows, they certainly aren’t the end of the world.  Try some of the suggestions and tricks we shared to help achieve your desired eyebrow shape and overall look.  Which idea are you most excited to try?

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