Get Glamorous Party Makeup This Christmas

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There’s no better time to get glamorous with your makeup look than the Christmas season.

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Think sparkle and bold colors, blast of berry and added dashes of bling! There’re so many ideas and options open to you.

If you’re thinking of trying a new look, it might be wise to have a practice run first. If you’ve bought new products you plan on using or are going to be pushed for time before you go out to your event, this would be especially recommended.

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First, the Outfit

It probably sounds a bit obvious, but decide on your outfit first and then plan your makeup. Are there any features or colors in your outfit you can carry through into your makeup look? A subtle shimmer of silver thread in your blouse could be carried through into a sweep of shimmering cool highlighter or perhaps a feline flick with metallic eyeliner. If your outfit has any colors like pink, berry or coral in it, to keep it harmonious, consider pulling these colors through into your lipstick, blush or nails.

Tutorial Ideas

A great way to get new hints and tips for festive glam is to watch a few YouTube tutorials. Pick someone who knows how to create beautiful looks for your age range and skin tone. Although really there are no rules; if you love the look there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just go for it!

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Darker Shades

Berry lip and nail tones are always beautiful at Christmas time and you can find shades to suit everyone. There’re some beautiful hues out there with long lasting intense color pay offs – think plum, burgundy, cherry, wine or blood red – stunning!

If you’re letting your lips do the talking, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your beauty-look simple – think flawless luminous skin and lightly defined brows. As you’re hopefully raising a glass to celebrate, a long-stay lipstick might be worth the investment so you’re not having to continually reapply and you’re keeping your lipstick exactly where you want it. There’s many price points out there, from designer to high street, and many different finishes (satin, gloss, matte, velvet) and applications (wand, stick, pen, liquid).

All About The Base

Whatever look you’re going for, remember a good base really counts. The combo of a primer, great coverage foundation, concealer and finishing powder gives you the perfect canvas to work with and helps your makeup stay in place for as long as you need it to. Remember to keep your favorite mattifying powder with you for touch-ups later.

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, another option is to book a mini-makeover at a beauty counter or a beauty salon. There’re also plenty of makeup artists out there. Spaces will go quick, so plan ahead if you fancy giving this a try.

Whatever your choice, the festive season is a great time to try new looks, go bolder and inject a bit of glamour and sparkle.

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