What is an Arm Party & How to Create One!

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First of all, “what on earth is an arm party,” we hear you ask!

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Well, it’s all about bracelets and layering. Layering is key, as well as different textures, different shapes and mixing and matching. Anyone can layer bracelets; it’s not restricted to age groups, your preferred style of bracelet or whether you like silver or gold shades.

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Where do I start?

A good but not essential starting point is a watch. Most people have a watch, some have two and some people have a whole collection! If your watch features gold or silver metal, you could choose to work with that and continue laying bracelets made from similar warm or cool toned metals? Or then again, you could follow the new trend for mixed metals and shake it up a little.

If you don’t have a watch, an alternate starting point is something like a leather wrap; some feature semi-precious stones, metal or crystal beads, or shaped metal hardware; some fasten with a delicate buckle, some tie at the wrist and others have a stud clasp. If you do have a watch and love the leather wrap look – which can add an edgy hint to your outfit – pop one on the opposite wrist to your watch arm.

What’s Next?

Next, you need to choose some bracelets to layer with your watch. A few different types layered together tend to work best. An elasticated or slimmer fitting bracelet, like a cuff open at the front or back, or a beaded bracelet, works well at the start of the wrist.

Then perhaps move onto something a little looser, like a solid metal bangle, a loose bracelet that fastens with a clasp, or a coil bracelet that is a more grown-up and beautiful version of a slinky toy many of us had as children!

There is no right or wrong, as long as your bracelets complement each other and fit nicely on your wrist, you can keep going. As a general rule, including your watch, four should roughly be your maximum.

You can even get adventurous if you like, as some necklaces can be versatile and used to wrap around and layer on your wrist also. Make sure your necklace isn’t too delicate or it may get caught and broken, but chokers can often be wound round your wrist, as well as beads and thick chains. Try it and see if the look works for you.

How to Create an Arm Party - Ellis James Designs Blog

Bling It Up

For special events, make sure you add some bling. There are many gorgeous pieces of fashion jewelry out there that look like they would have cost significantly more. Semi-precious stones also add an expensive touch and a pop of color.

Just remember, it generally works best with the largest piece the furthest up your arm and the smallest most delicate at your wrist. Simple! Just give it a go and see what added interest you can give to your outfits.

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