How Long Do Perms Last?

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Did you just get your first perm?  Or, are you deciding whether a perm is right for you?  Either way, you may be wondering how long your new perm will last.  Having questions about perms is totally understandable; you want to ensure you know what to expect after getting your hair permed.  So, how long do perms last?  Let’s explore the answer to this question now!

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How Long Do Perms Last?

Generally speaking, perms will last for three to six months.  However, there are a number of factors that can impact the exact length of time your perm will stay.

First, having your hair permed by a professional in a salon will typically result in a longer-lasting perm than if you were to try a home perming kit.  Perms from most home perming kits will only last for about six weeks.

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Another factor that can impact how long your perm will last is the type of perm you get.  The most common perm types include spiral perms, straight perms, and digital perms.

Spiral perms leave your hair with tight corkscrew curls.  If you take care of your spiral perm by following the directions your stylist gave you, it may last up to six months.

Straight perms remove curls and waves from hair.  Like spiral perms, the chemical treatment used for a straight perm may also last for up to six months if the hair is properly taken care of.

A digital perm is designed to last longer than straight or spiral perms.  They can last for as long as one year.  But, be warned, a digital perm is also more likely to damage your hair or make it brittle since it uses a higher heat than other perm types.

The other huge factor that will impact how long your perm lasts is how well you care for it.

How Long Do Perms Last for Girls?

How long does a perm last for a girl?  Your hair type and how well you care for your perm will impact how long it will last.  For most girls, perms will last at least three months and up to six months if they are properly cared for.

How Long Do Perms Last Guys?

How long do perms last for guys?  Since guys typically have shorter hair than girls, their perms don’t always last as long.  Perms will last about three to four months for men before they will need to have their hair permed again.  If you are a guy with longer hair, then your perm may last up to six months.

How Long Does a Perm Last on Straight Hair?

If your hair is very straight, your perm should still last three to six months.  Since perms work to break the bonds in our hair, they are designed to work with all hair types, even hair that is very straight.

How to Keep Perm Longer

So, how do you maintain a perm?  Here are a few tips to help you care for permed hair:

  • Don’t wash your hair too frequently since it can remove natural oils that help maintain the curl from the perm.
  • Get your hair trimmed at least every three months since hair growth can mess with the curls.
  • Use a deep conditioner on your hair to make sure your hair is properly nourished.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase or wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf when you sleep to prevent your hair from getting tangled or frizzy.
  • Use a protein treatment to restore the protein your hair lost from getting permed.
  • Don’t use any harmful chemical treatments for your hair.
  • Choose a wide-toothed comb to use on your hair when it is wet.

Final Thoughts on Perms and Their Longevity

Have we answered your questions about how long a perm should last?  Remember that everyone’s hair is different, and how well you care for your perm will impact how long it will last.  Are you ready to transform your hair with a perm?  Go for it!  We’d love for you to share your new do with us.

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