How to Get Spray Tan Off Hands – These Work!

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A spray tan can help give you that warm glow without laying out in the sun or under a tanning bed. Spray tans are quick, easy, and can really make you feel summer-ready (even if it’s still wintertime). However, you may be wondering how to get spray tan off hands. Sometimes a spray tan can make your hands look too dark and like they’re dirty or grungy. Other times, you may be ready to schedule your next appointment because the rest of your skin is looking faded again, but your hands (and sometimes feet) seem to have absorbed more of the color and still look too dark. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to remove spray tan from hands, you’re in the right place!

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How To Get Spray Tan Off Hands

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How Do You Get Fake Tan Off Your Hands?

You’re not alone in wondering how to lighten spray tan on hands. It is not uncommon for the hands or feet to look darker than the rest of your skin, which is certainly less than ideal. Continue reading, and we’ll answer questions like, “how do you remove spray tan from your hands with baking soda,” “how to get spray tan off hands quickly,” and more.

Exfoliate Your Hands

Exfoliation can be quite effective at removing spray tan from your hands and feet. When you exfoliate, you remove the top layer of dead skin, which will also take away some of the excess spray tan. If you want to exfoliate your skin to get rid of the spray tan, there are a few different options you can try. Whichever choice you decide on, however, you’ll want to take care to rub gently; you don’t want to hurt your skin.

  • Exfoliating mitts:  The Bronze Tan Exfoliating Mitt, and other exfoliating mitts, offer an easy way to exfoliate your skin. They can also be the answer to the question, “what removes fake tan?” Simply slip the mitt on one hand and use it to rub the other to help remove dead skin cells. Using this mitt on the rest of your body before your next spray tan session can also help ensure a more even application of the spray tan.
  • Sugar scrubs:  If you want to know how to get dark spray tan off your hands, try a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs, such as the Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub, can help rejuvenate the skin and remove dead skin cells. You can even make your own sugar scrub at home by mixing granulated sugar with coconut oil or water. If desired, add some essential oils to the mixture for a more fragrant and invigorating experience.
  • Oats and buttermilk:  Mixing a few tablespoons of oats with some buttermilk (approximately 1 to 2 ratio) can create an exfoliating massage treat for your skin. After mixing the two ingredients together, apply the mixture to each hand and use the other hand to gently rub it into your skin. Continue rubbing for two to three minutes, then rinse the oats and buttermilk away. Your skin should look a bit lighter.
  • Pumice Bar:  If you want to know “how do you get fake tan off hands and feet,” you can also use a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin. This Gilden Tree pumice stone features a rough side for scrubbing feet or hands to remove spray tan and a smoother side to help polish the skin after exfoliating it.
  • Washcloth:  A simple wet washcloth can also provide a more gentle exfoliation. It may be a good option to try if you just want to lighten the color a bit.
how to get fake tan off

Use a Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers are, well, magic. They can get just about anything off of nearly any surface. But did you know that you can also use a Magic Eraser to remove spray tan?

Well, you can. Just get the Magic Eraser damp and gently rub it over your hands to lighten or remove the fake tan.

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Try Baby Oil

When spray tan too dark on hands, you can also use baby oil.

To learn how to get spray tan off hands and feet with baby oil, simply apply the baby oil over your entire hands and let it sit in place for about 5 minutes. Then use a damp washcloth to rub over the baby oil and work it into your skin. You should notice your tan coming off with it.

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Mix Baby Oil and Baking Soda Together

Do you want to know how to get spray tan off hands with baking soda? You can use baking soda to make a paste with baby oil (or even water can work).

Add just enough liquid to the baby oil to make a thick paste, and then work the paste into your hands using your fingertips or a clean toothbrush. Once applied, let it sit before rinsing it off with warm water.

Make a Lemon Juice and Sugar Scrub

Learning how to get spray tan off hands with lemon can be quite effective. It is also very easy.

Just mix in some granulated sugar with the lemon juice to make a sugar scrub. Then, massage it onto your hands and let it sit for a few minutes.

how to get spray tan off hands and feet

Apply Nail Polish Remover Over Your Hands

The acetone in nail polish remover can also help you learn how to get orange spray tan off hands.

Use a cotton round to wipe the nail polish remover over the areas of your hands with too much spray tan.

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Scrub Your Hands with Heavy-Duty Soap

Do you want to know how to get excess spray tan off hands? Try using a heavy-duty soap, like a mechanic’s soap, to take it off. The Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Soap is formulated to give a skin a deep clean and can help get rid of unwanted spray tan. It even comes with a fingernail brush to help finish the job.

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Sit in a Steam Room

Sitting in a steam room can be very relaxing, but it can also help to get spray tan off of your hands and feet. When you sit in steam, it will cause you to sweat and make your skin softer. Immediately after sitting in the steam for 15 to 20 minutes, wipe your skin down using a damp washcloth.

Work in circular motions to get off the excess tan, then take a shower and make sure you are completely dry before getting another spray tan. As you can probably guess, this method will remove the tan from more than just your hands and feet, so you may not want to try it unless you’re looking to get rid of all of your spray tan.

Buy a Tan Remover Product

A final option to consider if you’re wondering, “how do you get fake tan off your hands overnight,” is to purchase a tan remover product.

Products such as the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser are specifically designed to lighten and remove spray tans quickly and easier. The Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser offers a moisturizing formula and doesn’t rely on excessive exfoliation to ensure that the skin stays smooth and hydrated. 

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How to Get Spray Tan Off Hands: Final Thoughts

If you’ve been asking, “how do I get spray tan off my hands and feet,” hopefully we’ve helped you find the answers you were looking for. As you can see from the methods shared above, there are several options that can help you learn how to get fake tan off. You no longer need to worry about your hands or feet looking too dark after getting a spray tan or be concerned that they’ll get even darker with your next spray tan appointment or application. 

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How to Get Spray Tan Off Hands – FAQs

Does Windex remove fake tan?

While you may be able to get spray tan off of your hands or feet using Windex, it isn’t a good idea to do so. Windex is designed for glass, not skin. Some of its ingredients are not safe to use on the skin and can remove the skin’s outer layer.

How do you get fake tan off your hands with lemon juice?

If you want to know how to get orange fake tan off your hands, you can use lemon juice to lighten the color. Lemon works as a natural bleach due to its citric acid. You can either mix lemon juice with a little warm water and scrub it on your hands, or you can make a lemon sugar scrub to fade the fake tan.

Can I wash my hands after a spray tan?

After getting a spray tan, you’ll want to try to keep your hands as dry as possible for at least 4 hours.

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