How to Get Tan Fast in a Tanning Bed – Quick Tanning Bed Tips

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Ever wonder, “Why am I not getting darker in the tanning bed?” If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Many who visit the tanning bed for the first time leave scratching their head and asking more than a few questions. But don’t worry. We’ve got answers on how to get tan fast in a tanning bed so you can look your bronzed-best in no time flat.

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How Can I Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed?

How can I speed up my tanning bed tan?

Tanning fast in a tanning bed isn’t as hard as you think, though it may require some patience.

As you may already know, the approach for getting a deep and even tan isn’t one size fits all. In fact, For many, tanning sessions will take some time before producing noticeable results, especially if your skin type has difficulty tanning.

If, however, you’ve been tanning in a tanning bed for a while and still have yet to see results, you may want to try the following:

  • Exfoliate Beforehand
  • Use a Moisturizing Tanning Lotion
  • Nix the Sunscreen
  • Slowly and Safely Elongate Your Tanning Sessions
  • Be Patient

If you’re still struggling to get a tan after trying the above tips, you may wish to talk to a tanning specialist for more pointers.

Whatever you do, be sure not to overexpose yourself to tanning beds as doing so may put your health at risk.

How Many Times in a Tanning Bed Does It Take To Get Tan?

How long does it take for a tan to show up from a tanning bed?

The amount of time that it will take for you to tan in a tanning bed will depend on your skin type and how fast you tan.

For starters, 5-7 minutes 3-4 times a week may be the safest and most effective amount of time in the beginning. If you burn easily, this may even be the maximum amount of time you’ll stay in a tanning bed in later weeks.

For those with more melanin in their skin or who aren’t as prone to burning, starting with 5-7 minutes the first two sessions and slowly increasing the length of the session by one minute after each visit is a great rule of thumb.

Bear in mind that you may not reach your tan goals until several weeks after following this routine. Once you’ve achieved your base tan you can maintain your tan by going to the tanning booth twice a week.

How Do You Get the Darkest Tan in a Tanning Bed?

To achieve the darkest tan safely, you may wish to try tanning lotions in tandem with the previously described tanning methods to reach your tan goals.

You may also wish to do your research about the type of tanning bed you are using, as some beds contain more bulbs which can lead to a darker tan, faster.

Talk with your local tanning specialist for more details.

Why Am I Not Getting Tan in the Tanning Bed?

There could be several factors at play for why you aren’t getting tan in a tanning bed.

The first is that you may need to adjust your expectations.

Remember, many people won’t get a noticeable tan after the very first, second or even third session, although some will. This all depends on your skin type and how quickly you are able to tan.

Another reason you may not be getting tan is that you aren’t exfoliating or have a film of dirt or other particles on your skin.

It is very difficult for UV rays to penetrate through flaky dead skin cells or through a layer of dirt. Thus, exfoliation and a good shower are musts before hopping in the tanning bed if you want the deepest tan possible.

Along with clean and freshly scrubbed skin, you’ll also want to apply a light moisturizer when you exit the shower followed by a tanning oil just before you step in the tanning bed.

Whatever you do though, do not apply sunscreen before entering a tanning bed as doing so will block your ability to achieve a dark tan and will likely require you to take on more tanning sessions.

Does Tanning Lotion Make You Tan Faster?

Most  agree that a good tanning lotion  or oil can be your best friend for a beautiful bronze glow. This is because it works to protect your skin while also adding the moisture your skin needs to maintain your color. Try Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X or Sun Bum Browning Lotion for healthy, supple and tan skin in no time.

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No matter which tanning lotion you choose, just be sure not to use regular lotion immediately before stepping into the tanning bed. Not only will it not be as effective, but it may also ruin the tanning bed.

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How Do You Tan in a Tanning Bed Without Getting Burnt?

If you find that you are burning after your tanning bed sessions then it could be that your sessions are too long.

If your skin becomes pink, red or tender to the touch, wait until your skin is no longer painful, itchy or blotchy before delving back into your tanning routine.

Once your burn has cleared, consider scaling back the length of your previous tanning session by a minute or two in order to prevent a burn from happening again.

You may also want to apply sunscreen to areas you don’t want to tan or that burn easily before entering a tanning bed if this is a major problem for you.

How to Get Tan Fast in a Tanning Bed Is No Longer a Secret

We hope you’ve found the tips provided helpful in terms of how to get a quick and deep tan in a tanning bed. Remember that no matter how badly you want that tan, it is important to follow tanning safety protocols in order to keep your skin healthy and safe

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