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Double eyelid tape is designed to help enhance the appearance of the eyes. This special type of tape can make the eyes look bigger and change a monolid (an eyelid shape without a crease) into a double eyelid (an eyelid shape with a crease). Double eyelid tape can also be used to improve the appearance of hooded, sagging, or drooping eyelids, If you’re looking to transform your eyelid shape, keep reading to learn about our picks for the best double eyelid tape and some pointers for using it on your eyelids.

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400Pcs Natural Invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape Stickers Medical-use Fiber Eyelid Lift Strip, Instant Eye Lift Without Surgery, Perfect for Uneven Mono-Eyelids, Slim

Best Double Eyelid Tape

Below are our favorite double eyelid tapes.  Using one of these can help you achieve the eyelid shape you’re after!

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Editor’s Pick – D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

D.U.P 120 Piece Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Eye Makeup, 1.1 Ounce
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Double Eyelid Tape Highlights

  • Package includes 120 self-adhesive strips
  • Double-sided eyelid tape
  • Made with medical-use adhesive tape
  • Delivers strong, water resistant, and sweat-resistant hold
  • Easy to apply
  • Kit includes applicator fork

What is the best double eyelid tape?  We like the Wonder Eyelid Tape from D-Up.  This eyelid tape is designed to be easy to apply to allow individuals to customize their look and achieve the eyelid crease they desire.  This is a double-sided tape, making it a good option for those looking for a deeper crease, those with thicker eyelids, and those who want to keep the eyelid tape more hidden.  Each self-adhesive strip is made using medical-use adhesive.  The strips are designed to stay on all day and are water- and sweat-resistant.

Why This Double Eyelid Tape is Our Top Pick

The D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape is a popular option among many beauty experts.  We like that this is a double-sided tape, so it can help create a deeper crease for a more dramatic look. We also like that the tape is resistant against both water and sweat to deliver all-day wear.

Summary of Reviews

Many users are so thrilled that they found this eyelid tape.  Individuals have shared how they have been able to correct uneven eyelids, improve the appearance of their hooded eyelids, and transform a monolid eyelid to a double eyelid.  A lot of customers also shared that they were impressed with how long this eyelid tape remained on their eyes.  Unfortunately, some users were not as impressed with the performance of this eyelid tape.  Some of their complaints centered around the tape being difficult to apply and remove or that the tape did not make a noticeable difference.

ZM Beauty Natural Single Sided Eyelid Tape

400Pcs Natural Invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape Stickers Medical-use Fiber Eyelid Lift Strip, Instant Eye Lift Without Surgery, Perfect for Uneven Mono-Eyelids, Slim
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Double Eyelid Tape Highlights

  • Package includes 200 self-adhesive strips (100 slim and 100 wide)
  • Single-sided eyelid tape
  • Made With medical-use adhesive fiber
  • Waterproof
  • Last for all-day wear
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Kit includes applicator fork

If you’re looking for single-sided eyelid tape, this eyelid tape set from ZM Beauty is one of our top recommendations.  The kit includes 100 slim self-adhesive strips, 100 wide self-adhesive strips, and an applicator fork.  Each adhesive strip is made using a medical-use adhesive fiber that is hypoallergenic to reduce irritation to the eyes.  These strips are designed to be quick and easy to apply and can help transform the appearance of monolids, uneven eyelids, and droopy eyelids.

Summary of Reviews

A large number of individuals are excited about the results they’ve enjoyed with this eyelid tape.  They have shared that applying the eyelid taps gives an instant eye lift to improve the look of their entire face.  Many users also shared that this eyelid tape goes on easily and is hardly noticeable.  Some users found that these single-sided strips weren’t as effective for them as other double-sided eyelid tapes they had tried.  Others found that the tape was too noticeable on their eyelid.

Scala Pro Double Eyelid Kit

Scala Pro 572pcs 0.5mm Makeup Eyelid Double Sided Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow Sticker Double Eyelid Tape Tool(with Fork rods, Scissors)
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Double Eyelid Tape Highlights

  • Package includes 572 self-adhesive strips
  • Double-sided eyelid tape
  • Made from polymeric fiber
  • Resist moisture
  • Kit also includes a pair of scissors and an applicator tool

Another great double-sided eyelid tape to try is the Scala Pro Double Eyelid Kit. This kit is a great deal since it comes with 572 self-adhesive eyelid strips, a pair of scissors, and a prong applicator.  Applying the eyelid tape is easy, and you won’t need any tools that aren’t included in the kit.  This eyelid tape is made using a polymeric fiber. This material resists moisture to ensure the strips stay on your eyes all day long, regardless of whether your face gets wet or sweaty.  Users have shared how effective these eyelid strips have been for improving hooded eyelids, uneven eyelids, and monolids.

Summary of Reviews

User reviews for this eyelid tape are mostly positive.  Many shared that it took them a little time to learn the right technique to apply the tape, but after some practice they were able to get the strips on correctly and were floored by the difference in their eyelids.  A lot of users expressed frustration with the instructions included with the tape and how long it took them to figure out how to properly apply the strips to their eyelids.  Others didn’t like how noticeable they felt the tape was after it was applied.

Dedila Pro Breathable Eyelid Tape

Dedila Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow Sticker Double Eyelid Tape Tool(with Fork rods) (Wide)
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Double Eyelid Tape Highlights

  • Package include 600 self-adhesive strips
  • Single-sided eyelid tape
  • Available in slim and wide sizes
  • Designed to be easy to apply
  • Kit also includes a fork applicator tool

This single-sided eyelid tape from Dedila Pro is designed to be breathable and comfortable.  With the single-sided design, this tape is a good choice for individuals with thinner eyelids and those looking to apply eye makeup over the tape.  This pack includes 600 eyelid strips, which should last a long time.  The strips are stored in a cute heart-shaped dispenser that both keeps them clean and makes it easy to grab a new strip when you need it.  Choose from slim or wide strips based on the size, shape, and needs of your eyelid.

Summary of Reviews

Customers who have tried this eyelid tape have shared that it has helped open up their eye and enhance its look.  They like that the strips are pretty easy to use after just a bit of practice.  Most users are pleased with the professional-looking results they were able to achieve for their hooded eyes, monolid eyes, and uneven eyes using these inexpensive strips.  However, some users were disappointed that their eyeshadow didn’t really stay on over the strips, which created an uneven look.  Other users found that the adhesive on this eyelid tape is not as strong as some other brands they have tried, and the tape did not stay on their eyelids as long.  Some users found that the slight yellow tint on these strips made them too visible on their skin.

Beauty Logic Fiber Lace Eyelid Lifting Kit

Beauty Logic USA Ultra Invisible Blends Into Skin Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift Kit 120pcs - No Glare | Non Surgical | Instant Eyelid Lifting for Hooded Droopy Uneven Mono-Eyelids Latex Free Adhesive Xlarge
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Double Eyelid Tape Highlights

  • Package includes 120 eyelid strips
  • Easy to apply
  • Clear, near-invisible tape
  • Kit also includes tweezers, crease tool, and latex-free adhesive

These eyelid strips are applied using the latex-free adhesive included with the Beauty Logic eyelid tape kit.  Each of the 120 strips in this set are clear and designed to blend in with your eyes to stay unnoticeable.  Since these are single-sided strips, you can also easily apply makeup over them for even better concealment.  Once applied, these eyelid strips will last 12 to 18  hours to a full day’s wear.  There are four different sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large) to accommodate different eye sizes.  Use these strips to improve the appearance of monolids, droopy eyelids, and hooded eyelids.  They can even enhance the size and appearance of an individual’s eyes who already has double eyelids.

Summary of Reviews

Overall, most individuals who have tried these eyelid strips are happy with their performance.  Users have shared that they like how wide the strips are compared to other eyelid tapes they’ve tried.  Many users also shared that these strips look practically invisible on their face.  Finally, a lot of customers said that they found these strips very easy to apply.  While there are many individuals who are very happy with their decision to try these eyelid strips, others are not as pleased.  Some individuals shared that they had trouble applying the strips and getting them to stay in the right place.  Others shared that they didn’t notice much of a difference in their eyelid shape or crease after applying the strips.

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Does Eyelid Tape Really Work?

Yes, eyelid tape can actually be quite effective at changing the shape of an eyelid and adding a crease to create a double eyelid.  Application of double eyelid tape is quite easy, only takes a few minutes, and requires minimal tools.

Can Eyelid Tape Help Droopy Eyelids?

Eyelid tape can help individuals with droopy eyelids improve the appearance of their eye area.  The tape can help pull the eyelid up and keep it from dropping down so low.  This can do more than just make the eyes more attractive; it can also relieve the pressure the drooping eyelid is causing an individual.

Does Eyelid Tape Work for Monolids?

Yes, eyelid tape can convert a monolid eye shape into a double eyelid shape with a crease.  Double eyelid tape is very popular is Asian countries for exactly this reason.

How Do I Choose My Eyelid Tape?

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for the best double eyelid tape.  Since all double eyelid tapes are not the same, use these factors to help you select the eyelid tape that will best suit your needs.


Eyelid tapes fall into two main categories:  single-sided eyelid tape and double-sided eyelid tape.  As you may guess based on the names, single-sided tape only has adhesive on one side, while double-sided tape has adhesive on both sides.

Double-sided tapes will stick to the folds on your eyelid for a less noticeable look.  Double-sided eyelid tapes can also be a better choice for individuals with thicker eyelids or those looking for a deeper fold.  However, double-sided eyelid tapes may result in a noticeable tugging feel when closing your eyes and may cause your eyes to become too dry..  They also aren’t ideal when you want to apply eye makeup

Single-sided eyelids, on the other hand, are more comfortable to wear since they don’t pull on your eyelids or make blinking more of a challenge.  Since the side facing out isn’t sticky, you can also apply eye makeup more easily.  Single-sided eyelid tape is also better for those with hooded eyelids or thinner eyelids.  However, single-sided eyelid tape can be more noticeable if it isn’t covered up with makeup.  It also isn’t able to help you achieve a deeper crease, as with double-sided eyelid tape.


Next, you will also want to pay attention to the color of each eyelid tape.  When possible, choose an eyelid tape that will blend in with your skin.


Shape is another important consideration when choosing eyelid tape.  The reason you are looking for eyelid tape can help you determine which type is best for you.  For example, if you have droopy eyes, choose an eyelid tape that is shaped to lift up the eyes’ outer corners.  For hooded eyes or monolid eyes, crescent-shaped eyelid tape is often best.


Some eyelid tapes are available in different sizes.  If you find that your eyes are not a ‘standard’ size, looking for an eyelid tape with a customizable size may help you get a better fit and a better finished look.

Ease of Application

Finally, consider how easy it will be to apply each eyelid tape.  Choosing a package that comes with an eyelid fork can help you identify the most natural position for a crease on your eyelid.  The fork can also help with properly applying the eyelid tape.

Is It Safe to Wear Eyelid Tape?

When it comes to wearing eyelid tape, occasional use is probably better than regular, long-term use.  According to some ophthalmologists, wearing eyelid tape every day, or on a very regular basis, could result in the eyelid stretching.  Some individuals may also be allergic to the adhesive on the tape, and could develop a reaction.

How long can you keep eyelid tapes on?

How long does double eyelid tape last?  Most double eyelid tapes should last all day.  However, if you’re wondering, “can I sleep with eyelid tape,” you probably shouldn’t.  Wearing eyelid tape for too long at a time could potentially irritate the skin or cause it to sag.  It is better to take your eyelid tape off in the evening and reapply it the next day (or even give your eyelids a break between uses).

Eyelid Tape FAQs

Can you get permanent double eyelids from tape?

In most cases, using eyelid tape will not result in permanent double eyelids.  Tape is designed to provide a temporary crease and double eyelid that disappears when the tape is removed.  Some users of double eyelid tape have shared that they have seen permanent results after consistently using the tape, but this is quite rare.

Is double sided eyelid tape better?

Double-sided eyelid tape is better for individuals who have thicker eyelids, want a deeper crease, or want to make sure that the eyelid tape is less noticeable.  Single-sided tape can be a better option for individuals looking to wear eyeshadow or those with thinner eyelids.

How do you hide double eyelid tape?

Double-sided eyelid tape is easier to hide since it holds your eyelid up and keeps it in place.  Single-sided eyelid tape can be concealed by applying eyeshadow over the tape.

Do you put eyelid tape before or after makeup?

Eye makeup should be applied after putting on eyelid tape.  It can be used to help hide the tape after it is on your eyes.  Applying eye makeup before putting on eyelid tape could prevent the tape from sticking properly, smudge your makeup, or lead to other problems.

Is eyelid glue or tape better?

The answer to this question really comes down to personal preference.  Some users find that glue is easier to apply and peels off more easily when you’re ready to remove it.  They have also shared that tape is less likely to stretch eyelids that glue.  Other users prefer eyelid glue and find that it is less noticeable on their eyelids.  Many individuals who prefer eyelid glue also say that it is easier to apply eye makeup with glue than it is with tape.

Eyetalk Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker
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Double Eyelid Tape: Which Tape is Right for You?

Now that you’ve read through our reviews and recommendations about using double eyelid tape, it is time for you to decide which tape is right for you.  Based on your specific preferences, do you feel that a double-sided or single-sided eyelid tape is right for you?  Which tape are you adding to your cart today?  We’d love to hear about your selections and the results you see!

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