How To Smell Amazing Every Day

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Apparently there’s a strategy to smelling great and it’s all about layering and making sure you choose the right notes as all smells aren’t created equally!

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Layering Scents

Layering is about using fragranced shower gels, body lotions and oils, perfume, hair oil and hand cream – anything that you add to your face, hair or body in the morning when you get ready to leave the house.

Using layers of fragrances that blend together and come from different sources helps a gorgeous aroma stick around you all day long and it’s less likely to wear off.

Some scents also stay for longer than others. Spicy and woody notes, such as the sandalwood family, have much more longevity, whereas fruit citrusy scents dissipate quicker.

The Right Application

It’s all in the application too. Spray or dab your perfume in your hottest areas! By this we mean your chest, stomach and the back of your ears.

Heat helps scent to develop and for the full range of a scent to come through.

And whatever you do don’t rub it; just let your scent air dry naturally before you get dressed. According to the experts, scents are made up of top, middle and bottom notes. Rubbing makes your scent come off quicker, but it also stops the top notes from fully coming through.

Other tips to help your perfume last longer are applying it to damp or freshly moisturized skin.

In terms of layering, give some thought to if all your body, face and hair products ‘match’. They don’t need to be from the same brand or same fragrance family, but just make sure that if you got a whiff of some of them together that they totally wouldn’t clash and send noses running for cover!

To a certain degree people tend to do this naturally as their personal preference tends to dictate this, but if you get a spare moment line up your daily beauty products and give them a quick sniff!

Just The Right Amount

Fragrance is another one of those things that is just so personal.

We’ve all sat next to someone who never fails to squirt perfume on themselves mid-afternoon each day and leave you struggling for breath for the next half hour!

Or that uncle that gives you a hug and you’re left whiffing of his aftershave for the remainder of the night. Sometimes less is more; you want to smell subtle and beautiful, not overwhelming and pungent.

Layering is often done best with lighter scents, or perhaps a series of lighter scents followed by one stronger noticeable one. And if you top up throughout the day, make sure you do that lightly too as not all of the potions and lotions you applied first thing will have totally worn off.

Scent is an amazing thing so it’s worth giving some attention to your signature scent and your layered scent every so often.

Did you know scent can affect your mood, your well being, ease headaches and even attract a potential partner? Pretty powerful stuff when you think about it.

Don’t forget that proper hygiene helps a lot in having a good smell!

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 Do you love scents?

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