How To Use A Makeup Organizer

How To Use A Makeup Organizer
March 8, 2020 Ellis James

How to organize makeup

Having lots of makeup products to choose from is one of the most underrated joys in life. However, keeping them all neat and tidy can be very tricky sometimes.

Having all your makeup products jammed onto a shelf or in a bag isn’t very hygienic or efficient. You should always have your makeup organized and packed neatly.

Investing in a good makeup organizer is a really good idea. We’ll discuss here how to organize makeup so you’ll be set for life.

Why Are Makeup Organizers Important?

Makeup organizers are super useful so you can keep your makeup stored away in a proper way.

If you use a good product, you will never have to worry about messy makeup again.

And you won’t have to search for that lip gloss that you knew you put away the other day.

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What Purpose Do Makeup Organizers Serve?

Makeup organizers make it easier for you to have your brushes, palettes, foundations, eyeliner and everything else at your fingertips.

You won’t have to dig around to find what you’re looking for.

When you know where you’ve stored your makeup, you can quickly find the product you need.


Should You Own A Makeup Organizer?

The simple answer is yes, of course.

These organizers make your life easier and will shorten the time you spend doing your makeup because everything is at hand.

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How To Use Cosmetic Bottle Makeup Organizers

How do you store makeup bottles?

You can easily store your foundation, setting spray and other bottled makeup in a neat bag or box.

However, if you want it to last longer, it is recommended that you store it in your refrigerator.

What you need to know about storing makeup bottles

Heat is not good for makeup, especially the bottled stuff.

Prolonged exposure to heat will destabilize and ruin your makeup.

Storing your bottles in a bag such as the Tall Cosmetic Bag is a good idea.

You can store it upright and carry them around with you.

Why should you handle makeup bottles with care?

You probably paid a pretty penny for your bottled makeup products, so you will want it to last as long as possible.

To ensure this, always store them in a cool and dry place. And keep them sealed.

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How To Use Lip Products Organizers

How do you store lip products together?

You can store your lip products in the same compartment in a makeup organizer to make sure you have everything you need close.

Just be sure to never store your lip products upside down, especially liquid lipsticks.

Regular lipstick will slip out of its casing if you store it upside down.

What are some tips and ideas for a lip product organization?

You can place your lip products in glass jars or organizers with little boxed compartments.

What’s important to note about storing lip products?

Keep your lip products out of the sun. Sun will affect them chemically and they won’t be the same after prolonged exposure.

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How To Use Eye Makeup Organizers

How should you store your palettes in a makeup organizer?

Many of us worry about how to organize eyeshadow palettes, but it’s pretty straightforward. You can keep your palettes close to hand in a makeup organizer and even sort them by shade theme.

You could also stack them on a wired box. If you’re wondering how to organize makeup in a bathroom, well, it’s the same as in your bedroom. As long as you use a good organizer, you’re all set.

How do you store your single pans in makeup organizers?

This kind of storage is simple yet effective for keeping things neat. If you pack them in a tray or organizer, you will always know where to find the right palette. You can use a Large Cosmetic Organizer like the one available from Ellis James Designs (in 3 neat colors) to store your single pans effectively.

What’s important to note about eye makeup when organizing?

Be sure to keep your products out of the sun. This can’t be stressed enough. You will avoid damage and loss by keeping things stored in a cool and dry place.


How To Use Face Makeup Organizers

How should you store blushes/highlighters/face powders into organizers?

You should try and place every kind of product in its own little nook to keep things neat and organized. That’s, after all, the point of an organizer. An effective makeup organization in a small space is much easier with a good bag.

Why should you be careful with them?

You should be careful with your makeup because you don’t want to drop anything and break it accidentally. Storing your makeup safely will prevent this.

An organizer with multi-sized brush or tool slots, a large main compartment and a removable zip pouch is a great idea for a makeup bag. Check out this gorgeous Makeup Train Case for an all-purpose bag that really works.

How to store brushes in makeup organizers

You need to store your brushes the correct way. Hygiene should be your top priority when it comes to your brushes. These makeup tools make direct contact with your skin and can carry bacteria and germs, so you should clean them often to prevent acne breakouts, infections, and even pink eye.

For the best storage of brushes, consider using the Black Makeup Brush Bag from Ellis James Designs. It’s not only attractive but practical too.

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How to use makeup organizers: a wrap up!

If you store your makeup neatly and hygienically, you will have more of a fun time applying your makeup. You will also help your makeup last longer if it’s stored nicely.

Makeup storage shouldn’t be difficult. All you have to do is find a good bag, and you will have won half the battle.

Simply stick to a straightforward organizing plan, and you can’t go wrong. You can arrange your makeup in a way that suits you and your routine.

Just remember to keep your makeup out of the sun and heat. Hot weather negatively affects make and can ruin the efficiency of your products.

Check out more makeup organizing tips on our blog:


What are your tips for organizing makeup?

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  1. Lovely 2 years ago

    Both organisers are so handy and perfect!


    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Where would we be without organizers, right??

  2. Fatima Torres 2 years ago

    These makeup organizers do come in handy. I just purchased a bunch of brushes and I’m not sure how to organize them. I might look into the Makeup Brush Bag. I had something similar when I was a young adult.

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Hey Fatima! Our Makeup Brush Bag does serve the exact purpose you’re looking for, and it’s good for both travel or regular storage. We have a 50% off promo going on right now so when you’re ready, you should take advantage of it!

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    What a great organizer! I love how it has spaces for brushes right in the lid. A place for everything!

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    I love make up organisers ! They are so practical for travelling!
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    Love seeing all of this makeup organization! I have a lazy-susan tower but need something for my brushes and lipsticks!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Lazy susan towers are useful! But sometimes, especially when you need to be mobile, makeup organizers are the ticket.

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