How to Use Serum on Face – Using Serum Properly For Skincare

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When it comes to skincare, there are a ton of products available and all have differing, and very important, purposes. In this post, we will delve into serum and how to use serum on face, so you can slather your way to healthy and more youthful looking skin.

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How to Use Serum on Face

The concept of a face serum may seem confusing, especially if you aren’t sure what a face serum is or what its purpose is. But once you get the hang of using a face serum, you’ll likely wonder how you ever went without having one in your skincare routine.

The following are the steps for fitting a serum into your daily skincare routine for ultimate radiance and nipping those trouble zones:

  1. Start with a clean face
  2. Apply your toner as you normally would
  3. Grab your serum
  4. Squirt two pumps, or a pea-sized amount, into your palms
  5. Rub your palms together to activate
  6. Gently pat the serum into your skin
  7. Wait until the serum has fully absorbed
  8. Apply moisturizer
  9. Continue on with your skin and makeup routine as usual
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About Face Serums

What Is Face Serum?

A face serum can be defined as a highly concentrated liquid that is packed with potent nourishing ingredients that help target specific skin concerns.

Serums come in different forms and work to treat different skin ailments. Examples of serum types include Vitamin C serums, eye serums, collagen boosting serums, serums for acne, redness, blemishes and so much more.

Remember that, despite the liquid consistency, serums do not function as moisturizers, and as such, you only need a small amount to get the job done.

A serum should absorb into the skin fully within as little as a few minutes leaving behind no sticky or tacky residue.

Does Face Serum Work?

Face serums work great, provided you know what they are used for and use them according to the package directions.

First and foremost, you’ll want to know what your serum claims to do before you purchase it in order to assess whether or not the serum will work for you.

Also, you’ll want to give your serum ample amount of time to work. Serums don’t work overnight, although you may see a change in your skin in as little as a few weeks.

Bear in mind, too, that a face serum’s performance may be hindered by the order in which you apply the serum. Always apply your serum on a freshly washed face and  never apply it after a moisturizer. Doing so may prevent your serum from fully sinking in, and thus, inhibit its ability to renew and restore your skin.

What Does Serum Do to Your Face?

Contrary to popular belief, the primary goal of a face serum is not to moisturize the skin, but rather, to target specific skin concerns. Whether that be blemishes, redness, acne or wrinkles, there is likely a serum out there to take care of your various needs.

Serums are designed to sink deeply into your pores to deliver your skin a blast of nutrients and vitamins to restore your natural radiant and healthy glow.

But be careful. Some ingredients in serums can be highly irritating if applied in excess or at inappropriate times of the day.

To avoid irritation, always follow the package directions and do your research before purchasing a face serum for the first time.

Can We Apply Serum Directly on Face?

Yes, serums are meant to be applied directly to the face.

But as we’ve mentioned, you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the order in which you apply your serum in relation to your other skincare products.

Because serums are packed with ingredients that are meant to benefit the skin, the last thing you’ll want is a layer of moisture hindering that process.

So, whatever you do, make sure you aren’t applying your serum after your moisturizer, as this will make it virtually impossible for your serum to sink into your skin.

Can We Use Face Serum Daily?

Is serum used everyday?

Using a serum daily is generally okay. Just make sure you read the package label and follow the instructions very carefully. In many cases, serums can be applied up to two to three times a day, but again, this will depend on the type of serum you are using.

Remember, over-applying serums can irritate your skin because the ingredients within are so potent.

Also, bear in mind that using too many serums on your face is also a problem. Though layering serums is usually okay, there comes a point when your skin can no longer absorb additional nutrients.

Thus, we recommend alternating serums daily if you plan to use more than one, rather than using them all in one day, for maximum benefits.

When Should We Apply Face Serum?

Can I use day serum at night?

You sure can, however, we urge you not to do it the other way around.

In other words, do not try to use a night serum during the day.

The reason?

Many night serums are labeled as such because the ingredients within them may not interact well with the sun. This may cause your skin irritation or even compromise how well that ingredient is able to work.

Another con of using a night serum during the day is its ability to cause your makeup to slide.  Many night serums are formulated so that they’re a little heavier, meaning they might not interact well with foundations and other makeup products.

To skip the headache, we recommend using all serums exactly as prescribed.

Do You Wash off Serums?

You don’t need to wash off serums after applying them. In fact, doing so may render your serum useless, as the serum needs time to absorb into the skin and sit there to deliver the goods to your skin all day.

Of course, at the end of your day, or in the morning, we would recommend washing your face as usual. But you do not need to wash or rinse the skin immediately after applying a face serum.

How Do I Choose a Face Serum?

Choosing a face serum will largely depend on your skin type and it’s needs. Use the following as guidelines to help you select the best serum for you:

  • Dry Skin – If you’ve got dry skin, you may want to reach for a serum that contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid. This hydrating serum by Vichy does well to moisturize skin and is also useful for those with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Acne-Prone or Oily Skin – Acne sufferers and those with oily should probably skip unnecessary hydration, especially if planning to moisturize afterwards. Instead, look for serums with added tea tree, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Glam Up’s Calming Booster serum is a great pick for oily and acne prone skin.
  • Dark Blemishes – Vitamin C serums work well to banish blemishes. Check out TruSkin Vitamin C serum for a soothing and skin brightening boost.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles – If you’re sick of fine lines and wrinkles and looking for solutions that will help, you may want to pick up Eva Naturals Collagen Peptide Complex Serum for a plumping and youthful boost.
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What comes first serum or moisturizer?

Always, always, always use your serum before any kind of moisturizer.
As previously stated, you should be using your serum immediately after you cleanse and tone, but never after a moisturizer. Doing so will inhibit your serum’s ability to sink deeply into your pores. This will have a negative effect on the impact of your serum’s ability to nourish your skin.

What should I apply after face serum?

Always apply a moisturizer after you’ve applied your face serum.
Although serums are liquid in consistency and some may be thick, their sole purpose is not to hydrate the skin. Thus, a moisturizer will still be needed to give your skin the moisture it needs throughout the day.
If you do find your serum to be moisturizing, it may be okay to skip your moisturizer afterwards, especially if you are going to be wearing makeup. But only do this if it works for you. Otherwise, moisturizing afterwards is a must.

How long should you wait before applying moisturizer after serum?

Always wait at least 5 minutes before applying your moisturizer. For some serums, it may take even longer before the serum seeps in. However, if you continue to see a sticky or tacky residue left behind from your serum, then it may not be doing its job properly and you may need to think about switching up your routine.

How to Use Serum on Face: Simple, Quick and Easy

All in all, applying a serum to the face is generally a quick and easy process. You just need to know the purpose of a serum and the order in which to use it.

As always, do your research before deciding a certain serum is best for you. If you are experiencing serious skin issues, consult with a dermatologist. They can better guide you to the best serums and other skincare products to remedy your skin.

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