An Honest Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review

An Honest Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review
June 1, 2020 Ellis James

Is Julep nail polish good?

If you have weak nails, you must be looking at them with sighs and little sobs for a few months now. After all, with the pandemic affecting everyone, we’re not sure when we can get our next nail salon appointment. How can we work on strengthening our nails, then, when we’re all locked indoors?

Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment line is a known set of products that help with nail strength. But does it really live up to its reputation?

Today we’ll be doing an honest Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment review to see if they really deliver on their promise to strengthen your nails. Is it worth your money?

Julep Be Strong Oxygen Nail Strengthening Therapy and Base Coat, 0.27 ounces

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What is Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment?

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment is a perfecting tint and revolutionary treatment line for thin, weak nails.

If your nails are prone to breakage, splitting, yellowing, and discoloration, then this is the nail care line for you.

Now, you’ve heard of nail hardeners or strengtheners, but did you know that often times these products actually end up making your nails more brittle? The chemicals in the products can make your nails so hard that they lose elasticity, and they end up with higher chances of breaking.

Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment has a patented Hexanal formulation with advanced oxygen technology. All that good stuff allow your nails to breathe during the strengthening and conditioning process. This formulation is unique to Julep’s nail treatment line.

Bonus! The Oxygen Nail line is completely 5-free, devoid of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor.

What comes in the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment set?

The Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Kit comes in three nail products:

Read on to see which of these three fits your nail needs best.

Julep Essential Nail and Cuticle Oil With Roller Ball Applicator

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Line Reviews

Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy

Julep Be Strong Oxygen Nail Strengthening Therapy and Base Coat, 0.27 ounces

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This product is the bestseller and most loved amongst the three, so let’s start with this.

The Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy claims that it can strengthen your nails with its five botanical oils (including sunflower, pomegranate, and lemon). As a conditioning treatment, it can turn your once dry nails into strong, healthy, beautiful nails.

The reviews on Be Strong are exceptional. The ladies love it! One user said that after just a month of using “Be Strong,” her nails have become stronger. Another said that it’s the best nail therapy for splitting weak nails. It’s recommended to use this to recover from acrylic or gel nails, both of which do a number on your nails.

Now, when you think of nail strengtheners, you’d think either it’s an oil or base coat. But actually, the Be Strong Nail Therapy is a clear nail polish! You can apply this as is, or with your favorite nail polish trend for the season on top.

One thing you have to remember though when using this product is its thickness. You have to let it dry for a good 30 minutes before applying another coat or another nail polish color. The product has also been known to get thick in the bottle pretty quickly. Considering that it lacks the usual harmful ingredients that make other nail polish products preserved for a long time, this is to be expected.

But if your nails need saving, you can think of this as an excellent choice and investment.


Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy

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Brighter is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment

Next up is the Super-Size Brighter is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment for nails prone to yellowing and discoloration.

With its lemon extract and citric acid formula, this product claims to physically brighten your nails over time. Add to that the lemon peel oil and your nails will achieve that natural, beautiful shine.

Is it effective, though? You bet it is!

Many users raved that their nails brightened a couple of days after using this nail polish.

Now, this is worthy of notice. Why? If you love painting your nails, you know how unsightly discolored nails can look.

What we usually do to prevent this from happening is to take a break from nail polish for a week or two. This helps your nails to breathe from all those chemicals. But this also leaves them bare for quite some time. And that’s okay if you don’t mind exposing yellowed nails as they go back to normal, but you will miss out on making your nails pretty.

The amazing thing is if use the Super-Size Brighter is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment, you wouldn’t have to wait for your nails to recover. You can still enjoy using your favorite nail polish with this Julep oxygen nail treatment! Use it as a base coat and wear your favorite polish over it, while your nails heal underneath.

Now, the downside of this product just like the first one is the thickness of the consistency . If you’re too generous in applying it, it may result in bubbly nail polish. So, keep it thin and wait for it to dry before applying the second coat.

This is certainly not your ordinary nail polish base coat; this is a nail treatment to save your poor, weak nails.

Brighter Is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment

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Take a Breather Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment

Last on our list is the Super-Size Take a Breather Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment. This product claims to give your nails a flawless look in one coat while creating a breathable, water and UV-resistant barrier to protect your nails.

Does it live up to its claims?

Many users claimed that it reduces peeling after 1 day and that weak, thin nails show signs of recovery within a week. Majority agrees that it conditions, strengthens and hardens natural nails after 14 days.

Unfortunately, compared to the other two products and despite glowing reviews, this one seems to underperform.

Its effect on nails when it comes to strengthening is not as evident as Be Strong. Many users were disappointed that this nail polish was easily peeled off the day after the application. Worse, that peeling affected their already weak nails.

But if you have healthy nails and you’re the type of gal who goes for pale or nude nail colors, you will enjoy this nail polish in its Sheer Pink shade.

On the downside, its singular color may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This product’s main goal is to strengthen your nails, so while its focus is on formulation, it lacks color in variation. It may not have many colors that it can match with.

Super-Size Take A Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment – Sheer Pink

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Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review: Do We Recommend It?

Nail health is an important aspect of one’s overall wellbeing. Because of the rave reviews and the general performance for this line, we definitely recommend the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment kit!

If we were to pick a personal favorite, we’d choose the Brighter Is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment. It basically embodies the entire product line as it treats weak nails that are prone to breakage, splitting, yellowing, and discoloration. What more can you ask for?

Brighter Is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment

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And if you’re planning to go trendy with the nail polish looks for this Spring 2020, match this product up with metallic colors, garden party shades, or pastel ones. You can choose from Julep’s great nail polish colors in Paisley, Lenora, Growth, or Rosemary.

Just pick whatever suits your mood. *wink*

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review: A Recap

Painting our nails makes us feel good and happy.

But caring for our nails is a necessity. Especially if we have weak nails, we have to take extra care of them.

There are various nail treatments that you can do for yourself at home, and Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment line is a great set of products to care for your nails.

Interested to try for yourself? We suggest the Brighter Is Better Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment, which gives you the best value. Check out Julep’s line of nail polishes too, to pamper yourself during these times!

Stay safe!

Ever tried these products? What’s your Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment review?

Comments (16)

  1. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom 2 years ago

    I’ve heard good things about Julep polish, but I’ve never used it before myself. My nails can always use help with strengthening.


    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Definitely a good line to check out!

  2. Sophie Wentworth 2 years ago

    The formulas sound great. I’ve heard about alternative brands making nails more brittle so it’s nice that this one is different. My natural nails are pretty strong and healthy so I don’t particularly need anything like this but I’d happily suggest them to others x


    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      My nails are on the stronger side, too, but sometimes they can look unsightly and be brittle after I use a lot of polish for weeks or months straight. It’s good to know there are products like these to help with it! Cheers, Sophie!

  3. Natalia 2 years ago

    It sounds really interesting!
    My nails are getting weaker this quarantine and I could use some help.


    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Definitely good to check these out to give your nails a lil TLC!

  4. Amy Aed 2 years ago

    This looks interesting, I would definitely give it a go.

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Cheers, Amy!

  5. Heather Noire 2 years ago

    This is a really excellent review. I found it very helpful with a lot of great information. People sometimes never think to take care off there nails but it is just as important as finding a new beauty treatment for your skin ext. 🙂

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Thanks so much Heather! And we agree, nails are really important!

  6. Deborah Kos 2 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to try an Oxygen Nail Treatment. I love your notes about each product very helpful.

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Deb, and we’re glad this post was helpful!

  7. Omaye 2 years ago

    I’m too obsessed with acrylics to paint my natural nails, but due to quarantine, I have no choice. I’m going to check them out as I’ve never heard of this brand.
    Wishing you the best and great recommendation!

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      Quarantine has indeed inspired us to be more creative with our usual comforts! We’re happy to introduce this brand to you. Hope you’re having a great week!

  8. Charity 2 years ago

    Oh wow! This sounds like such an awesome product! My nails are very thin and prone to breaking and yellowing too so I need to try this product. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ellis James Designs 2 years ago

      You’re welcome Charity, hopefully this treatment works for you!

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