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RMS Beauty does not have your average business startup story, and neither does their background and history. The brand was founded in 2008 after the owner Rosie-Marie Swift made a startling discovery.

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Swift began to suffer from both physical and mental health issues. She learned that during her years spent working in the makeup industry, she had been exposing her body to countless toxic substances and chemicals. These chemicals had found their way into her bloodstream, and her blood toxin levels skyrocketed.

This shocking discovery inspired her to develop a healthy, chemical-free alternative to makeup that still delivered high-quality results. The resulting product was makeup that is totally natural and created using only organic ingredients.

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The makeup that Rosie-Marie developed was truly healthy for your skin and did not force you to compromise on quality. And so, RMS Beauty was born in 2008 and has been excelling in the market of natural makeup ever since.

Each of the ingredients that go into RMS Beauty’s products is hand selected for their organic and natural quality, and are essentially edible in their most natural state. Each product in the brand’s collection is specially made to be as effective as they can be and work to nourish and hydrate your skin simultaneously.

Un Cover-Up All Natural Concealer and Foundation – RMS Beauty Foundation and Concealer – Organic Ingredients – Easy Application (11.5)

What Is RMS Uncover Up?

RMS Beauty developed their Uncover Up concealer, which also doubles as a light coverage foundation, as a means to find the perfect balance between makeup that is effective while still leaving your skin uncontaminated. In essence, it conceals blemishes and evens the tone of your skin without appearing cakey.

The product works well to hit the sweet spot between having enough coverage to hide blemishes while not looking like clown makeup. It melts into your skin once you have applied it, which allows for more a smooth application and blending.

Additionally, it is light enough in coverage that your skin can breathe and not trap bacteria and oil on your skin’s pores and surface.

Un Cover-Up All Natural Concealer and Foundation – RMS Beauty Foundation and Concealer – Organic Ingredients – Easy Application (00)

RMS “Un Cover-Up” in 00

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Uncover Up works particularly well to maximize your skin’s natural radiance while not making your face appear too shiny. It also reduces the appearance of pores, which has become a highly sought-after feature in makeup.

This unique concealer-foundation hybrid is made with a formula that is based on many of the principles that most of RMS Beauty’s other products are made with, such as their best-selling Living Luminizer.

RMS Beauty Luminizer Highlighter, Living, 0.17 Ounce

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer Highlighter

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It is also made from the same ingredients, although the pigments are different to facilitate a different range of shades.

This means that Uncover Up works wonderfully with pretty much all of the brand’s other products, as each product works to enhance your skin’s natural luster and radiance.

Why Use RMS Un Cover-Up?

The formula of RMS Beauty Uncover Up is one that cannot be found in any other makeup product. This immediately sets it apart from other brands.

It is incredibly creamy and smooth while still being easy to use. While the shade range is rather small (with only eight shades in total), they can be used on practically any skin tone.

The product provides a sheer-to-medium coverage. This makes it perfect for everyday use. You can also layer it to build up coverage when you need more.

The brand also provides full ingredient disclosure, meaning that they are not keeping any secrets from you. This is a level of transparency that is difficult to find in many makeup brands these days.

If you accidentally fall asleep with this product still on your face, do not fret. The ingredients are so pure they will likely not have any negative effects on your skin, unless your skin is hyper-sensitive.

Just be sure to check your makeup every now and then. The product has a tendency to settle into the fine lines of the face.

This is truly an excellent product for those who are into ‘clean beauty’ and who want to reduce their carbon footprint, as the packaging is entirely recyclable.

The only real drawback to this product is that it doesn’t have a full enough coverage to cover severe scarring or redness. Rather reach for a full coverage foundation if that is an issue for you.

Un Cover-Up All Natural Concealer and Foundation – RMS Beauty Foundation and Concealer – Organic Ingredients – Easy Application (99)

RMS “Un Cover-Up” in 99

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RMS Uncover Up Reviews

Before you make your decision, let’s check out some RMS Uncover Up Reviews.

What do women and makeup lovers everywhere have to say about RMS Uncover Up?

Overall Opinion: Does RMS Uncover Up Work?

The vast majority of folks who tried the Uncover Up said that its best feature was the fact that it can be used as both a foundation and a concealer.

Makeup fanatics and everyday makeup users alike found that this product provided just enough coverage to conceal what they did not want to see on their face, without looking dry and cakey.

Customers were also fond of the shade range. While it is rather small in comparison to more large-scale makeup brands, it has the perfect range of light, medium, and dark shades that it can be used on just about any skin tone.

The brand has also suggested that they will be releasing more shades in the future!

Un Cover-Up All Natural Concealer and Foundation – RMS Beauty Foundation and Concealer – Organic Ingredients – Easy Application (66)

RMS “Un Cover-up” in 66

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Why Do People Like RMS Uncover Up?

Based on general RMS Uncover Up reviews, the most favored aspect of the Uncover Up is its coverage. It is light enough that it gives you that ‘your skin but better’ look, while still providing enough coverage to conceal any unwanted blemishes and imperfections.

The formula was also highly favored amongst consumers with dry to combination skin types, as it provides a nice hydrating finish without leaving the face looking too shiny.

The only downside to this is that it will likely slip off your face if your skin is more oily, or if you live in a warmer climate.

If you do have oily skin, or live in a warm area, make sure to use enough powder to lock the product in. Be sure to check your makeup throughout the day, and powder when necessary!

Products that Complement Uncover Up

While you could, in theory, use any combination of products alongside RMS Uncover Up, you will likely not receive the best results than if you used the rest of the brand’s skin cosmetics.

We recommend pairing this product with their Lip2Cheek blush line, as well as their range of bronzers and cream highlighters, to receive the most radiant and natural finish possible.

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More About RMS Beauty

Rosie-Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty, is a professional makeup artist who is prominent in the world of makeup. She works with some of the most famous actors, models, magazines, and photographers in the world of beauty and fashion today.

Her work has been featured in the American, Italian, French, Chinese, and Japanese editions of Vogue, as well as a host of other editorials, as well as in advertisements for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and several more.

She also created a website with the goal of eliminating the myths surrounding beauty, and to expose the potential dangers in self-care products, as well as to educate people about them. She is regularly interviewed for publications on health and beauty and is steadily becoming a popular guest on television programs as she educates the masses about these issues.

RMS Uncover Up Reviews: Final Thoughts

RMS Beauty is a brand that promises clean beauty and healthy-looking skin when using their products. Uncover Up more than delivers.

If you are looking for that ‘your skin but better’ look and feel, and want to avoid putting any potentially harmful chemicals on your face, this product is for you!

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Do you have any RMS Uncover Up reviews to share? Let us know!

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  1. Agreed, it’s truly awesome that they’re being transparent in terms of ingredients list. Their current shade range has a formula flexible enough to accommodate a variety of skin tones, but you’re right that they could work on expanding the shades available!

  2. I’ve not heard of this brand before, but they do sound great! I love that they provide a full ingredient disclosure too, as like you said, not all brands do that. Maybe they could do with expanding on the range of shades but other than that, sounds like a great product and brand.

    Chloe xx

  3. We’re happy to be your first intro to this brand! You’re very welcome, Julie!

  4. This is very interesting. I have never heard of this brand. I may just have to try it as I’m always looking for cleaner products. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh completely agree, they need to work on expanding their shade range!

  6. I’ve heard so many great things about RMS products but I’m yet to try anything. This product sounds great but only 8 shades is totally unacceptable in my opinion x


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