Pregnancy Safe Makeup Brands for You and Your Baby’s Safety

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The miracle of giving birth is preceded by nine months of preparation. During this time, many expectant mothers-to-be avoid makeup, as there are harsh and harmful chemicals present in some of the cosmetics in the beauty industry out there. There are still many expectant mothers, though, who have no idea what bad stuff they could be putting on their faces and into their body and, in turn, their still-growing little one. Not to mention that since they are preparing for the arrival of their child, they can’t exactly be splurging on anything else.

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Are there makeup that are considered natural beauty products and safe for expecting women? Yes, there are a lot of pregnancy safe cosmetics to add to your beauty routine, but before we talk about some of the best pregnancy safe makeup, let’s tackle a few more things.

Shall we?

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What are These Harmful Chemicals We Speak Of?

Safe in Pregnancy Matte Eyeshadow by VSACHAR MD (Beach Babe)…

Azza, a content marketing executive and working mom, says,

A lot of beauty products contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for the body and can be harmful to the baby, Some ingredients such as Parabens, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Triclosan, Retinyl palmitate, and retinoic acid contain endocrine disrupters, that have been linked to birth defects.

Parabens are used to preserve makeup

They stop harmful bacteria from growing in your favorite products. Parabens have been utilized to do so for decades.

However, they are known to mess with your immune system. They can cause problems both for you and your developing baby.

Retinoids are another one to look out for

This compound is a form of vitamin A, which doesn’t sound bad, as it is a key building block in your baby’s growth cycle.

However, too much of a good thing can turn bad quickly. It can lead to liver issues and potential birth defects, so it isn’t safe for pregnant women to use.

Phthalates are used to help enhance the flexibility of plastic

Phthalates have been shown to negatively affect health and lead to problems such as asthma, issues with behavior, and many more.


Formaldehyde has been proven to increase the risk of cancer.

You can see why it wouldn’t be a great idea to use makeup containing this ingredient while pregnant.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid has been placed on the FDA list for ingredients that can cause issues when used by women that are pregnant.

When you check out the ingredients, look for lactic or glycolic acid instead. These are much safer for you and the little one.


Hydroquinone is used in makeup to help lighten skin. Some may think this is great since many women have dark spots which appear during pregnancy.

However, this can cause problems when used in large amounts. It soaks into the skin and finds its way into your bloodstream.

This, in turn, is making a trip to your baby, so you can see why it would be harmful.

What Should You Look For in Pregnancy Safe Drugstore Makeup?

The first step is to know what not to let touch your body.

The best option is to find packaging that says organic or all-natural. Though there is no control over these words, coupling them with phrases such as:

  1. Fragrance-free
  2. BPA-free
  3. No Phthalates
  4. Sans Parabens
  5. No DEA

can lead to safe makeup that you can freely use when you are pregnant. Generally, clean makeup brands are considered safe to use when pregnant.

If you are still a little skeptical, you can always read the reviews or check out some sites that allow you to check whether they are safe.

The trick is taking the time to read the ingredients and labels!

What Makeup Products are Safe During Pregnancy?

Let’s take a look at some pregnancy safe makeup.

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Pregnancy Safe Primer

There are many great brands that deliver a pregnancy-safe primer.

Bobbi Brown delivers several options, like the Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Mattifier, that work well and are free of harmful and toxic  chemicals.

Primer Plus Mattifier
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Clinique also comes to the aid of the pregnant women of the world with their Superprimer Face Primer.

CLINIQUE Superprimer Face Primer - Universal Face Primer 1.0 oz
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But the one that we highly recommended is the bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Primer.

bareMinerals Blemish Rescue Anti-redness Mattifying Primer
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This primer is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalates-free, which is perfect for a pregnant woman.

This primer also smooths and neutralizes redness, and this leads to a clearer complexion.

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Best Pregnancy Safe Foundation

You will definitely want to stay away from foundation that has retinoids and beta hydroxy.

Instead, look for options that offer all-natural, preservative-free choices.

There are many great options that offer exactly what you need, and some of them even fit anyone looking for foundation on a budget. No matter if you use liquid or powder foundation, there is something for everyone.

If you are a drugstore powder foundation gal, then check out Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. The natural oils your skin will produce will make this blend nicely as well.

KAT VON D Lock-It Powder Foundation - (135 Light)
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Also, for a good budget-friendly liquid foundation option, try out Covergirl Simply Ageless 3-in-1.

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation, Classic Ivory
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By the way, check out these tips for applying liquid foundation!

The one we recommend is the Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation.

Burt's Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup, Ivory- 1.0 Ounce
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Burt’s Bees knows how to keep your skin glowing and is always all-natural and organic.

It’s no big surprise that they have a great foundation perfect for pregnant women.

If you’re looking for a mineral foundation that’s safe to use during pregnancy, check out the bareMinerals powder foundation:

bareMinerals Original Foundation, Medium Beige, 0.28 Ounce
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It may be a powder but it has great coverage, especially if you’re dealing with uneven skin pigmentation. If you have acne prone skin, this is also a great choice. One of the best mineral foundations out there, pregnancy safe or otherwise!

Pregnancy Safe Concealer

Once again, blemishes happen, and they happen a lot when pregnant. Also, many get dark circles from lack of sleep that may occur due to everyday life, or may be related to pregnancy changes.

That is where a good concealer comes in. But you’re going to want to find one that’s safe for pregnant women

There are great options from Rhianna’s makeup line. One of the best being the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick.

If you want something with a creamier base, then you can always look at the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Vanilla, 0.22 Ounce
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These are both made with none of the harmful and toxic chemicals that you need to stay away from.

Another one we recommend is the Clarins Instant Concealer.

Clarins Instant Concealer, No. 01 Yellowy Beige, 0.5 Ounce
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This concealer is a tinted formula that offers instantaneous eye concealment to get rid of those lines and dark circles.

It uses safer ingredients to lighten the skin and strays away from hydroquinone.

Pregnancy Safe Eye Shadow

Being able to rock a nice smoky eye, even when you can’t see your toes, can be a huge confidence builder.

That means you will need a killer eye shadow.

Natural Flush Glow- All Over Color

One of the best options to use during pregnancy is crafted with all organic ingredients AMARETA line of eyeshadows.

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Another great option comes from a more clinical source. The V.Sachar MD Matte Eye Shadow comes backed by a diploma and high-grade organic ingredients.

Safe in Pregnancy Matte Eyeshadow by VSACHAR MD (Beach Babe)…
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The one we recommend is the Burt’s Bees Eye Shadow Palette.

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Origin Eye Shadow Palette Trio Countryside Lavender - 0.12 Ounce
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We can’t help that this company knows how to make organic ingredients work well together.

This eye shadow has a little shimmer and comes in a trio pallet, which is nice, too.

Pregnancy Safe Bronzer

Wanting a nice sun-kissed glow without having to expose you and your unborn bundle of joy to the harsh rays of the sun can be done with a bit of bronzer.

There are many great bronzers that are crafted with all-natural ingredients, and some are cruelty-free.

One example is the W3LL People Bio Baked Bronzer Powder.

W3LL PEOPLE - Natural Bio Bronzer Powder (Natural Tan)
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A great bronzer that is crafted along the same lines and that is only available online is the KIKO Milano New Green Me Bronzer.

But the one we recommend is the Cover FX Bronzer.

Cover FX Custom Bronzer Drops Sunkissed, 1 fl. oz.
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Gluten- and paraben-free, this bronzer is perfect for pregnancy. This fantastic bronzer uses all organic products, starting with a base of micronized green tea leaves. It also will help you fight off free radicals.

Pregnancy Safe Highlighter

If you want to add a little glow to make you look like you are radiating, then a highlighter is a must-have for you. There are some top-notch highlighters that are pregnancy-safe, including bareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter.

bareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter, Fair to Light, 0.24 Ounce
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Another great option is dermatologist-tested and approved, and that is the Stila Cosmetics Heavens Hue Highlighter.

stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter, Opulence, 0.35 oz
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But the one we recommend is the BECCA Shimmering Pressed Highlighter.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter - Champagne Pop By Becca for Women - 0.28 Oz Highlighter, 0.28 Oz
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BECCA uses a formula that is perfect for pregnant women. It still offers radiance and pigment adjustments, like many of its competitors. It glides on easily, and is an easy addition to your makeup kit.

Pregnancy Safe Mascara

A nice, simple look has to have a good mascara.

These mascaras use natural ingredients and synthetic alternatives to some of those harmful ingredients we talked about.

The Milk Makeup Mascara is a great pregnancy safe makeup option if you’re looking to put some oomph in your lashes.

MILK MAKEUP Ubame Mascara
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The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is another great option for pregnancy safe makeup.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 0.27 Ounce Full Size
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But the one we recommend is the Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara.

This dermatologist-tested mascara comes with a vegan and cruelty-free badge. Not to mention it is also shipped in recycled packaging.

Not only can you be eco-friendly, but you can look good doing it.

Pregnancy Safe Eyeliner

Along with a good mascara, one of the very basic things that every woman needs is a good eyeliner. There are tons of brands and options, but one of the best pregnancy safe makeup picks comes from Thrive Causemetics — the Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner.

Thrive Causemetics - Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner Shade: Lauren (black matte)
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Both it and the Mommy Makeup Stay Put Gel Eyeliner are paraben-free and perfect for moms-to-be.

Mommy Makeup Waterproof Stay Put Gel Eyeliner with Semi-Permanent Micropigments - smudge-proof, long wearing, paraben-free Chocolate Kiss (Deep Brown/Black)
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But the one we recommend is the Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer.

Aveda Eye Liner, Cacao
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This eyeliner is ophthalmologist- as well as dermatologist-tested, and is crafted with a formula that allows for safe application for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Safe Lipstick

A nice lip color is a good way to add a little color to your look, and there are many well-made lipsticks that can be used while pregnant. From one of the biggest names in cosmetics come a lushly colored option that’s considered pregnancy safe makeup – the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick.

Another great option that adds a lot of pigments and is safe to use is the RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick.

RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick Firestarter
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The one we highly recommend that’s a pregnancy safe makeup choice is the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick.

100% PURE Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick (Fruit Pigmented), Pink Canyon, Full Coverage, Long Lasting, Matte Lip, Moisturizing Cocoa Butter, Natural Makeup (Dusty Pink) - 0.15 oz
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This lipstick uses the natural pigment of nature’s gifts, like pomegranates and cherries mixed with cocoa butter. These give an all-natural option for the pregnant ladies of the world.

Pregnancy Safe Blush

Rosy cheeks can add a lot of color back into your skin. By having a good blush that doesn’t have harmful ingredients, you’re bound to look apple-cheeked in no time.

Some of the best blushes are the Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded

Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded Blush, Rose Kiss, Blush Makeup Palette for All Skin Types, Face Blush Palette for Glam Makeup Look, Flawless Revolution Makeup for Skin Blush
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and the Burt’s Bees Natural Blush w/ Vitamin E.

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Origin Blush with Vitamin E, Shy Pink - 0.19 Ounce
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The one we like the best is the bareMinerals Loose Powder Blush.

This blush is both cruelty and paraben-free. It gives you a great color choice to add some great flush to the cheeks of any mom-to-be!

Pregnancy Safe Makeup Setter

This is not a necessity, but it is a great addition if you want your look to last longer.

You can try one of many great options.

Some of the best on the market that are paraben-free and absent of other harmful ingredients are the Lancome Fix it Forget Setting Spray

and the MORPHE Continuous Setting Mist.

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The one we recommend is Flower Beauty Seal the Deal Hydrating Setting Spray.

Flower Beauty Seal The Deal Long-Lasting Setting Spray
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Drew Barrymore is a huge advocate for this organic product. Organic is what you get with this setting spray.

This spray is the finishing touch on your face that is now completely done with all pregnancy safe drugstore makeup.

Recommendations from Real Women

Tal Mandelbaum, a social psychologist who helps pregnant women, recommends W3ll People and Dr. Hauschka, which are marketed as organic and safe.

I use W3ll People’s mascara and concealer (love those). And from Dr. Haushcka I get face cream, eyeliner, and mascara as well. I would recommend these to other pregnant women.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

For how she came upon choosing these natural beauty products, she shares, “I basically googled ‘safe or healthy makeup’ and from reading online reviews, decided to use these. I also use these because they were available, reasonably priced and I enjoy them.”

As a tip on selecting natural beauty products, Tal adds:

If they are made with natural and generally safe ingredients, that’s what I would use during pregnancy as well.

Mia took the opportunity to clean up her makeup during both her pregnancies. “I generally opted for make-up (and really all skin products) with minimal ingredients. For pregnancy, and also for any mothers who are breastfeeding, taking stock of your makeup inventory and using only safe, clean products is vital. Pregnancy is tough, and I definitely missed using my retinol, but that sweet, squishy baby at the end is worth it all!”

As for makeup she herself used, she says:

With my most recent pregnancy, I used Beauty Pie nearly exclusively. I’ve also used W3ll people (their powders are amazing!) and Stowaway Cosmetics (hello, perfect lipsticks!).

W3LL PEOPLE - Natural Bio Base Baked Foundation | Clean, Non-Toxic Makeup (Fair Golden)
Buy on Amazon

Azza shares, “I am a working woman so make up is a must for me. During my pregnancy, I decided to shift to safe makeup products brands as I had to apply makeup every day and I didn’t want it to harm my unborn child.”

For brands she recommends that you can consider adding to your makeup bag, she mentions Beauty Counter, Ilia, RMS Beauty, Mineral Fusion, First Aid Beauty. “These brands are considered pregnancy-safe because people working behind these products have made sure to not use non toxins ingredients in them. They are overall hypoallergenic, paraben-Free, and non-comedogenic.”

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Her favorites in particular are Ilia and Mineral Fusion.

I have used Ilia’s lipstick and loved the texture. I started using Mineral Fusion’s blush on and mascara during my pregnancy and still using them.

About how she came upon these brands, she credits her co-worker. “One of my colleagues introduced me to these products. She was pregnant too at that time and was using these products. I did my own little research on them then and was super impressed and decided to use them.”

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Best Pregnancy Safe Makeup: A Summary for Mom to Be

It is important to do everything you can to safeguard your child in the womb until they come into the world.

One of the ways is to use the right makeup products that are safe for you and your little one. You can do so by saying goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to healthier ingredients. So make sure to only pick pregnancy safe makeup products to add in your big makeup bag organizer!

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What are some of your favorite pregnancy-safe drugstore makeup or cosmetics?

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