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What Do Hollywood Stars Really Eat?

What Do Hollywood Stars Really Eat?
April 23, 2018 Ellis James
Since the dawn of celebrity, the media has been fixated on one question: how do the stars look the way they do? At the risk of launching into a rant about unrealistic ideals, the best answer to the question of ‘What Do Hollywood Stars Really Eat?’ is quite simply: food. Of course, to be healthy, you must have a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not all celery and skim milk.

To maintain a great physique and healthy mindset, it’s important to remember that we all need balance in our lives. Extreme workout regimes and yo-yo dieting are a thing of the past. Why put yourself through hell when you can enjoy your life while staying slim at the same time?

We’ve found the best diet plans as followed by some of our favorite stars. Say goodbye to your strict calorie-controlled diet and hello to a healthy and realistic way of eating.

Kim Kardashian West

Whether you’re fan or a critic of Kim K, you can’t deny that her enviable curves and glowing skin are a breath of fresh air in the industry of stick-thin celebrity.

Kim’s busy lifestyle means that she must consume plenty of healthful, balanced meals to keep her on the go. She enjoys high protein foods like Greek yogurt, nuts and eggs. Her meals focus on protein with low carbs. Think chicken salads, bunless burgers and plenty of fruit and veg.

However, Kim considers herself a big foodie, and will often treat herself to her favorite sweets or desserts. Although she avoids alcohol except on special occasions.

Balance is key when it comes to eating, and like Kim you should never feel bad for having the odd treat.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s gorgeous figure and natural beauty are the stuff of dreams, but reportedly the star’s eating habits are quite normal (as celebrities go).

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She eats a wide range of different foods to maintain her womanly shape, most recently favoring the ‘M-Plan’ diet. This consists of at least one mushroom-packed meal every day. Natural fiber and high water content of mushrooms makes them a great filling alternative to meat or carbs.

Try this delicious and healthy recipe for stuffed mushrooms and watch the pounds slip away!

Jennifer Hudson

Known for her stunning weight loss transformation as much as her musical abilities, Jennifer Hudson is one of the best celebrities for healthy eating inspiration. After losing 80 lbs, Jennifer now maintains her enviably trim figure by following the world-famous DASH diet.

The DASH diet has been lauded by nutritionists as one of the healthiest diet plans around, especially if your goal is healthy weight loss. It focuses on health above all else. With natural healthy foods and a balance of different food groups, this diet is a manageable routine that can be followed by anyone.

DASH diet plan includes lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat protein and a small amount of high quality lean protein and legumes. Great DASH plans meals include steak and salad, porridge with fruit, nuts and whole wheat pasta. Following the DASH diet, nothing is exclusively off limits, so you can enjoy the occasional cake or glass of wine, guilt free.

We believe that to live a truly happy, healthy life, your diet should be varied and balanced. Ditch the diet drinks and taste real food: your body will thank you for it.

What are your favorite healthy diets?

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