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Body odor is a natural phenomenon that plays a vital, and in some perspectives, very interesting role in the biological makeup of all animals. In modern-day human society though, a pungent and overwhelming body odor is considered an embarrassment.

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In animals, it plays an important part in their survival, as in the behavior of opossums. When threatened, opossums will mimic a state and a smell of death to make predators think twice about eating them.

The study of body odor by dermatologists and biologists has conclusively determined that there are multiple causes of it in humans.

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They have even identified plausible differences in the odors produced by women and men. The greatest known factors that produce body odor are identified with the secretion of sweat and the active behavior of bacterial growths that naturally live on human skin.

Thus, by scientific study, the best-known cure for body odor is to reduce perspiration and to eliminate bacteria.

However scientifically-proven though, body odor is still socially unacceptable in many cultures.

To aid you in the quest for social acceptance, we have created a list of candidates for best antibacterial soap for body odor.

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What Are The Best Antibacterial Soaps? Chase the Stink Away with These Body Washes

There are also extra tips to get rid of body odor here. For your convenience, we have compiled a selection of trusted products, which have been tested and approved for the elimination of bad body odor. Feel free to try out any of these products.

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Best Overall Antibacterial Soap

Cuticura Antibacterial Dry-Skin Formulation

Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face and Body Soap, Original Scent 5.25 oz (Pack of 3)
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As our top choice, we have included Cuticura Antibacterial Dry-Skin Formulation soap bar. It is good for eliminating odor-causing bacteria by using the active ingredient, triclocarban. It combines this with deep cleansing agents and moisturizers.

The moisturizers, which include both aloe and glycerin, are good for rehydrating dry skin. This makes it especially useful for recovering from sun damage or to replenish the health of your skin. The deep cleansing agents are good for eczema and curing stubborn acne.

This makes it a good choice as a beauty soap, and it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. It does not contain parabens or fragrances, further adding to its friendly formulation.

However, the bar dissolves quicker than most and may require quicker restocking.


  • Effectively eliminates bacteria that cause bad odor
  • Friendly on all skin types and effectively prevents and combats acne
  • Moisturizes the skin by using two popular ingredients


  • Dissolves quicker than other normal soap bars

Best Beauty Antibacterial Soap

Dial Manuka Honey Beauty Moisturizer and Antibacterial Soap

Dial Body Wash Manuka Honey 16 Ounce Enriching (473ml)
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While Dial has plenty of options available, we have specifically chosen the Manuka Honey Body Soap for its dual purpose formulation. With ingredients that both kill bacteria and moisturize the skin, it will be a favorite to have among your beauty products.

The active ingredient in this soap is benzalkonium chloride at a concentration of 0.115%. It is promoted for having all-day odor elimination qualities and will be effective at providing a solution to unwanted smells.

With added skin-beneficial ingredients, including coconut acid and glycerin, it will be gentle on your skin while providing a soft lather that thoroughly cleanses the body. As a body wash, it is ideal for use on the whole body and can be added to your collection of beauty products.

It also has three fragrances to choose from that will please a greater diversity of customers.


  • Odor-eliminating formula with bacteria-killing ingredient
  • Safe and gentle on skin with added moisturizing agents
  • Three fragrances to choose from


  • A flowery smell might not be everyone’s cup of tea

Best Antibacterial Soap for the Family

Dettol Hand and Body Soap

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Hand and Body Bar Soap, Original, 110 Gr / 3.88 Oz (Pack of 12)
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Dettol is a formulation that has been widely trusted by global supporters for many years. With a superior formula and a new cool menthol ingredient, it will not only eliminate bacteria but promises to revitalize your energy.

Ideal for being used for showers and bathing after the gym, we included this choice for all-round family protection, and it is good for men and women. The active ingredient in all Dettol soaps is chloroxylenol, an incredibly potent antibacterial ingredient that is trusted in hospitals and many other health care institutes.

It is one of the world’s best-trusted products and is widely available. However, the formulations do not contain any added moisturizers or beneficial ingredients.


  • Trusted formulation that will eliminate all known bacteria for potent odor control
  • Good to use by the whole family


  • Does not contain any other beneficial ingredients

Best Antibacterial Soap for Athletes

Defense Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Antibacterial Soap

Defense Soap, Peppermint, 4 Ounce Bar (Pack of 2) - 100% Natural and Herbal Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil
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A formulation trusted by many athletes, this Defense soap will effectively eliminate any bacteria that causes bad odor. Also, it is effective against viruses and fungi growths. This makes the Defense formulation ideal for people who regularly use public showers at the gym.

It will help you keep fungi growths, like athlete’s foot at bay, and will kill all other forms of bacteria. With a light natural fragrance and a proven hypoallergenic formula, this soap is ideal to be used on sensitive skin.

The active ingredient are the natural antibacterial and virus-fighting extracts found in tea tree leaves. It might be a bit too expensive for some, but it is well worth the price.


  • Antibacterial and antifungal ingredients provided by natural extracts
  • Good to use by active athletes and gym-goers who use public showers
  • All-natural formula is proven to be hypoallergenic

Best Hypoallergenic Antibacterial Soap

Noble Formula All Natural Zinc Soap Bar

Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Argan Oil Bar Soap, 3.25 oz
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The Noble Formula Zinc Soap Bar is handmade with all-natural ingredients, which is an effective agent against bacteria and fungi. It is formulated using the active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, and contains plenty of other premium ingredients that will also regulate and improve skin health.

Some of these benefits include acne control by both deep cleansing the skin and reducing oil content. It will also combat itchiness, redness, and flaking. It is one of the more expensive products available, but with so many benefits, it is worth the price. This formula can be used on sensitive skin and can even be used to treat various forms of dermatitis.


  • Effective and friendly formulation that will eliminate bacteria
  • Good to use on damaged skin that is suffering from many dermatitis conditions
  • Can also effectively treat acne and contains relaxing ingredients for revitalizing the body


  • May be higher up the price range

What Does Antibacterial Body Wash Do?

You may be wondering what the benefits of antibacterial body soap are.

The identified mechanisms behind body odor include several factors. In general, factors that are not related to diseases that cause bad odors are gender, diet, and hygiene. Of these, hygiene is the main factor.

Due to the chemical breakdown of sweat by bacterial growths present on the skin, smaller odor carrying molecules form and are exhumed by the body. Antibacterial soaps and body washes contain chemicals that both eliminate and prevent the growth of these natural bacteria.

Although antibacterial cleansing agents are not effective against viruses, it will reduce the presence of bacteria. The identified bacteria that live on human skin are variant in males and females, which causes a distinctive change in the odors produced by the different sexes.

The greatest benefit of using antibacterial soaps is their ability to effectively control the growth of bacteria. Sweat, in its natural occurrence, does not possess any scent. Odor-causing compounds form during the process of bacteria metabolization.

By eliminating the bacteria, the potency of body odor can be effectively treated. Does antibacterial soap help for body odor? Indeed, it does. The simplified explanation is because of fewer bacteria breaking down the fatty acids that are present in sweat. This reduces the production of odor-causing chemicals.

You may then be wondering, what does antibacterial body wash do? Basically, it prohibits the growth of bacteria and reduces the colonies formed on the skin during everyday activities.

The highest growth areas include the armpits, navel, genitalia, and breasts in women since these areas are super breeding grounds and come into regular contact with fabrics. Unlike ordinary soaps that act only to loosen bacteria and dirt, antibacterial soaps actually kill bacteria through chemical breakdown.

Does Antibacterial Soap Help Body Odor?

Antibacterial soaps are an effective means to help control body odor because they kill and prevent bacterial growth. They will get rid of body odor, but only through continued use and improved hygienic habits. These soaps will not eliminate the factors completely but will definitely help.

Now, how do you permanently get rid of body odor? There are two major methods that will drastically get rid of body odors. The first would be to switch to an antibacterial wash and soap. The second would be to use stronger antiperspirant products, like body deodorants of industrial strength.

Another additional practice would be to regularly change clothes and undergarments after strenuous activities and to keep clothes clean through regular washing. Since fabrics are good breeding grounds for bacteria, this will effectively help eliminate odors. It will also reduce the presence of odors that rub onto fabrics.

What are the best antibacterial soaps, though? Usually, the most common active ingredient is triclosan. However, this has been proven to be among the least efficient compounds. If you do use triclosan, it is better to combine it with plain soap, since one kills and the other effectively washes off bacteria.
Some of the better bacteria-killing ingredients are alcohol and chloride. The question remains, though, which is better for killing germs, plain soap or antibacterial soap? Ironically, either one is as good as the other, if both are used correctly.

However, antibacterial soaps are better at eliminating bacteria, which includes good bacteria. Soap, on the other hand, will not kill good bacteria and is as effective as antibacterial soap at killing germs.

However, to eliminate body odor, antibacterial soaps will be more effective but are no better than ordinary soap at preventing diseases.

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Is it OK to Wash Your Body with Antibacterial Soap?

While it is acceptable to use antibacterial soap, there have been plenty of arguments, especially by the FDA, that antibacterial soaps hold no benefits. However, it has been proven that bacteria-killing ingredients effectively eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria.

The only associated precaution is in the event that it kills good bacteria, which is essential for a healthy digestive system. Regardless, it should still be safe to use antibacterial soap, since the majority of good bacteria that we ingest are sourced from vital food supplements.

Milk, yogurt, and other dairy products are a good source of these digestive-aiding bacteria. Thus, if bad body odor is a serious concern, wash with antibacterial products. Buying products with better-proven ingredients than triclosan would be even better.

For a list of these products, feel free to consult our selection above. These products have been tested and are far more efficient than products containing only Triclosan as its active bacteria-killing agent.

Those that have sensitivity to some of these ingredients should pay careful attention to what they buy. Some ingredients are known to cause mild dermatitis, and it is better to avoid these. One such ingredient to look out for is alcohol-containing products.

How to Cure Body Odor Permanently

To effectively eliminate body odor, you would have to improve your hygiene standards. This means you will have to use the right kind of antibacterial soap, add antiperspirants to your routine, and practice better techniques in the shower. As an added beneficial improvement, you can think about shaving.

Armpit hair, which most ladies already take care of, is one factor that increases the presence of bad odors. Long hairs in the greater affected areas, including the naval, armpits, and genitals, slows down the rate at which sweat evaporates from the skin. By providing bacteria with more sweat to metabolize, you unknowingly worsen the situation.

However, you don’t like such, wash with antibacterial soap, leaving it on long enough to do its work thoroughly. The estimated time it takes active ingredients in soaps to work effectively is approximately thirty seconds. Only after enough time has elapsed should you rinse off the lather of foam.

You should also consider using antiperspirant deodorant. Maxim Extra Strong Antiperspirant Roll-On would be a good choice for the ladies. Gents could consider the Aramis 24hr Deodorant Stick.

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Best Antibacterial Soap for Body Odor: Final Thoughts

Bad body odor is a common problem, but with the correct soap and hygiene practices, it can be effectively eliminated. Remember, the greatest causes are bacteria and sweat working together.

Diet plays a factor, but only to a small extent and usually only on deciding the exact scent of the body odor.

If you can effectively eliminate the two major causes, you will put a damper on the smells that you present to the world. This advice goes for all, from young to old and across both sexes. The best means of controlling these major factors is to kill bacteria and to use antiperspirant roll-ons that will help reduce the amount of sweat produced by your body.

You now also know the benefits of antibacterial body soap to counteract body odor.

What are your recommended products you’d call the best antibacterial soap for body odor?

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