Best Essential Oil For Skin Elasticity: Tighten Loose Skin

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The oils on this list are plant extracts used in many different health applications. However, they are more known for their use in aromatherapy. These oils are also well known for the great effects they have on the improvement of the health of the skin.

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There are many different uses and benefits of using essential oils for skincare treatments and improvements. And then there is also the overwhelming evidence that these essential oils can help to tighten loose skin.

But first, let’s learn about essential oils.

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What Can Essential Oils Do for the Skin?

These essential oils will help to promote the regeneration of skin cells.

In turn, this will help improve the elasticity of the skin.

How are Essential Oils Different From Other Oils?

They are called essential oils because they contain the essence of the fragrance of the plant they are extracted from.

These oils will also quickly evaporate while the other oils are more oil-based and a fixed oil.

Are They Important to Skin Care Routines?

For the antioxidant properties to fight the free radicals as well as improve skin cell generation, they are quite essential in skin care products.

Whom Do Essential Oils Benefit the Most?

They are great to be used by many different skin types, and everybody will benefit from the use of essential oils for the skin.

How Do Essential Oils Help Elasticity?

By promoting collagen and elastin production in the skin as well as improving hydration and oxygen levels, they improve elasticity.

Now, let’s have a look at the options for best essential oils for skin tightening!

Top 5 Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Our pick: The Frankincense Essential Oil From Plant Therapy

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What is Frankincense oil?

There are many different benefits when you are using this frankincense oil, but we are more concerned with the cosmetic benefits.

The main feature of this oil is the reason it was chosen, and that is the healing of the skin.

Why is it Our Favorite?

This essential oil is a favorite because it helps to increase skin cell regeneration that helps to make the skin more elastic. It will also help to protect the skin at the same time it encourages the growth of new skin cells.

This is the essence of battling the looseness of the skin and tightening it for a much more youthful look and feel.

Frankincense oil has a very small molecular structure and is, therefore, able to deeply penetrate the skin. And it also keeps the skin oxygen level high to improve the elasticity of the kin.


  • This oil increases skin elasticity
  • It can be used with many different skin types
  • Speeds up skin cell regeneration
  • Will be able to heal blemishes on the skin


  • It is only child safe when used in a diffuser
  • May cause nausea with pregnant women

How Does This Oil Help Skin Elasticity?

This essential oil penetrates deeply into the skin and keeps the oxygen and moisture levels high enough to improve the elasticity of the skin.


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Why This Essential Oil?

The primary function of myrrh oil is to improve the growth of skin cells and improve the flexibility of the skin. It helps to hydrate the skin and, in the process, remove the dryness while improving the radiant glow to the skin.

It can be used for aromatherapy as well as massage therapy, and it can be used in oil blends as a topical treatment.

What are its Benefits?

This oil will also penetrate the skin and increase the oxygen level of the skin drastically and promote elasticity in the skin. It will also help to improve cell regeneration and therefore rejuvenate the skin to look smoother and more healthy.


  • The strong formula will last longer
  • It improves skin flexibility
  • Heals the skin from damage
  • It will also rejuvenate the skin


  • Must be diluted to use on skin
  • This oil must be used regularly for benefits

How Does Myrrh Oil Help Skin Elasticity?

By penetrating the skin, it will improve the skin elasticity by oxygenating the skin for much better flexibility in the skin.


Jasmine Essential Oil By NOW Foods

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Why This Oil?

It can be used for many different types of aromatherapy and skincare applications to improve overall skin health and feel.

What are its Benefits?

It will help to increase the blood circulation in the skin and, in turn, promote healthy skin cell regeneration.

And this will improve the elasticity of the skin and makes it look and feel much smoother with a beautiful glow.


  • It improves blood circulation in the skin
  • Decrease the appearance of scars
  • It pairs well with other oils
  • Will help to remove odors


  • This essential oil may cause an allergic reaction in some people
  • May cause nausea with some people

How Does This Jasmine Oil Help Skin Elasticity?

With an increased flow of the blood in the skin, it will help to hydrate the skin and therefore improve the elasticity.


Kate Blanc Cosmetics Vitamin E Oil

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Why This Essential Oil?

We chose this oil because of the antioxidant properties that fight the free radicals to improve the overall health of the skin and the rest of the body.

And then there is the fact that this essential oil will help to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

What are its Benefits?

This essential oil will improve overall skin health with scar tissue healing and anti-aging properties.


  • It is very thick and will last longer than other products
  • This oil improves hydration of the skin
  • Has an anti-aging effect on the skin
  • Help in the healing of skin scars


  • It must be diluted heavily to be used on the skin
  • May cause allergic reactions in some people

How Does Vitamin Oil Help Skin Elasticity?

By hydrating the skin, this essential oil will promote healthy skin cell growth and therefore improving the elasticity of the kin.


The Pomegranate Seed Oil By Leven Rose

Pomegranate Seed Oil by Leven Rose, 100% Pure Unrefined Cold Pressed Antioxidant Moisturizer for Hair Skin and Nails 1 oz
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Why This Oil?

This essential oil by Leven Rose is 100 percent pomegranate oil and contains nothing else and can be used with other oils.

It is great to be used with many different skin types, from oily skin to dry skin and all in-between.

What are its Benefits?

The improved production of elastin in the skin will tighten the skin and improve overall health when using this oil.


  • It brightens the skin
  • This oil will improve skin elasticity
  • Will fight against aging of the skin
  • It will also help to heal skin scars


  • This essential oil may cause some skin irritation
  • It may not be good for pregnant women

How Does Pomegranate Oil Help Skin Elasticity?

This essential oil will help to improve the production of collagen in the skin and which enhances the elasticity of the skin.


Speaking of essential oils, did you know the superhero of essential oils works against acne?

Best Essential Oil For Skin Elasticity: A recap

The overall health of the skin is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits from essential oils. There may be some adverse reactions that some people may have with essential oils, but these are usually seldom seen.

A lot of research is still going on regarding the benefits and the not-so-good things that come with essential oils. But the proof of the advantages is there to be seen by everyone.

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