Can You Change Your Hair Type?

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Are you bored or frustrated with your hair? Do you long for a new hair type? If you’ve been asking, “can you change your hair type,” you’re in the right place. We think all hair types are beautiful, but we realize you may be looking for something different. So, today, we’re going to take a look at the different types of hair and discuss whether it is possible to change your hair type. Keep reading! This is going to be interesting!

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can you change your hair type

What Are the Different Types of Hair?

Before we get into answering the question, “can you change your natural hair type,” let’s review what the different types of hair are.  The most commonly used hair typing system was developed by Andre Walker, who used to be Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist.

According to Walker’s system, there are four categories, or types of hair.  These are numbered from 1 to 4.  Within each of these main categories, there are sub categories labeled a, b, and c.

Let’s take a look at the properties of each hair type.

Type 1 Hair

The type 1 hair category refers to straight hair.  Within this main classification, there are three other subcategories:

  • Type 1a hair: This hair type is fine and lacks body.
  • Type 1b hair: Type 1b hair is still pretty fine, but a bit thicker and with more body than type 1a hair.
  • Type 1c hair: While type 1c hair is mostly straight, it may have a few bends or small waves.

Type 2 Hair

Individuals with type 2 hair have wavy hair.  The three subcategories of type 2 hair include:

  • Type 2a hair: Type 2a hair has a clear wave to it, but it is also very fine.
  • Type 2b hair: Compared to type 2a hair, 2b hair is a bit thicker and has more waves.
  • Type 2c hair: This type of hair is much wavier than the other type 2 hairs.  It is also frizzier and coarser.

Type 3 Hair

The curly hair types really begin with type 3.  The three subcategories include:

  • Type 3a hair: Hair with looser curls.
  • Type 3b hair: Slightly tighter curls than type 3a.
  • Type 3c hair: Much tighter, corkscrew curls.

Type 4 Hair

If you’ve been told you have “kinky” hair, it probably means that you fall under the type 4 hair category.  The three type 4 subcategories are:

  • Type 4a hair: Type 4a hair is coily with well-defined curls.
  • Type 4b hair: A few curls with tightly coiled hair.
  • Type 4c hair: Very tightly coiled hair with Z-shaped strands, rather than curls.

Is It Possible to Change the Type of Hair?

So, can you change your hair type?  How to change your hair type from 4c to 3c or 2a to 3a?  What about how to change your hair type from 4c to 4a?  Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to make a permanent change to your hair type.

Each hair type has its own characteristics that just can’t be copied by the other types.  For example, an individual with type 3 hair has thicker strands than a person with type 4 hair.  Naturally, the curls in each hair type will look different because of these different thicknesses.  So, even if that person with type 3 hair tried to change the curl pattern to more closely resemble that of a type 4 hair, it wouldn’t yield the desired results.

How Can You Change Your Hair Type?

While there are some ways to temporarily change your hair type, ultimately you won’t be able to make any truly permanent changes to your hair.  Even longer-term solutions such as relaxers and perms will eventually wear off, and may even cause some damage to your hair in the process.

Your hair is a part of who you are, and just as you should love yourself, you should also learn how to love your hair.  Finding the best styling products that work with your hair type, choosing the best haircuts, and deciding on which hairstyles work best for you can help you achieve your hair goals without actually changing your hair type.

Can You Permanently Change Your Hair Type?

If you’re looking for how to change your hair type permanently, we don’t have good news for you.  As we mentioned above, you cannot permanently change your hair type.  Your hair type is controlled by your DNA.  So, while you can make temporary changes to your hair, ultimately the structure of each strand and new strands that grow in will remain the same.

Can I permanently change my hair texture?  Again, there isn’t anything you can really do to permanently change the texture of your hair.  That said, you may notice that it changes some on its own.  Aging can lead to some changes in the texture of your hair.

Additionally, when your hair is longer, the texture may appear different.  For individuals with curly hair, the curls will often look looser when the hair is longer.  This is because there is more weight to the hair and gravity is pulling it down more, stretching out the curls.

There are some solutions for how to change hair texture using chemical treatments, such as perms and relaxers.  However, these aren’t great for your hair or scalp and still won’t deliver permanent results.

Another option to consider is to use hair care products that will offer a temporary change to the texture and appearance of your hair.

If you want to make your hair straighter, some products to consider include:

Those looking for curlier hair may be interested in some of these products:

How To Change Your Hair Texture Naturally

There are no natural ways to change the texture of your hair.

As we mentioned above, the texture may change some on its own when your hair gets longer, or even as you age, but these are things you can control.  You also can’t really predict exactly how your hair’s texture will change, so even growing it longer may not have the intended effect.

If you’re looking for how to change hair texture without chemicals, you may want to consider trying some different hairstyles that feel more comfortable with your hair type.  For those looking for how to change your hair texture from straight to curly, you can try curlers.  This can help you get curly hair for the day, but don’t expect the change to be permanent.

However, there are some things you can do to keep your hair healthy, which may impact its overall texture or frizziness.  Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet and consider following the LOC method.  The LOC method involves applying hair products to your hair in the order stated by the acronym, or liquids, then oils, then creams.


Can you change your hair type with surgery?

Whether you’re searching for how to change your hair type male or female, surgery isn’t an option.  Because your DNA controls your hair type, there is no way to alter it using surgery.  You can, however, find topical hair care products to help you alter the way your hair looks for feels for a temporary change.  You can also consider changing your hairstyle to help achieve the results you’re looking for.

Can your hair type change as you get older?

Yes, as you age, your hair type, texture, or color may change.  In addition to external factors, such as stress or the use of heated styling tools, your genetics can also cause your hair to change.
As you already know, many individuals get gray hair as they get older.  The texture of gray hair is different from that of your other hairs.  Gray hairs are typically less shiny and thinner in diameter.
Additionally, pregnancy and some medical conditions, such as thyroid disease or iron deficiency anemia, can cause changes to hair.

Closing Words

While you can’t permanently alter your hair type, there are many hair care products and treatments that can help to temporarily change the texture or appearance of your hair. We know this may not be what you were hoping to hear when you found this post, but our hair type is determined by our DNA. Finding the right hairstyles and products to work into your routine can have a big impact on how your hair looks and feels, though! 

Don’t give up hope!

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