Conair Spinbrush Review: The Good and the Bad About The Infiniti Pro Conair Spin Air Brush

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You may love to get your hair done. You leave the salon feeling beautiful, confident, and looking your best. However, you may not love the price it costs to upkeep your style. Hair is a major part of their identity for some people, and they’ll do anything to care for it. Others lack the time and money to constantly go to the salon. Luckily, you can get salon-quality hair from the comfort of your own home. How? A hot air spin brush. Which one to be exact? The Infiniti Pro Conair Spin Air Brush. How do you know it’s one of the best? We present to you our Conair Spinbrush review! After we delve deep into the brush, let’s cover the basics of spin brushes as well, to cover all our bases.

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INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Hot Air Spin Brush, 2 Inch and 1 1/2 Inch, Black

Infiniti Pro Conair Spin Air Brush Review

The Infiniti Pro Spin Brush is a great budget option if you want a hair straightener and curler all-in-one. It makes your hair soft, luxurious, and like you just left the salon. You don’t have to take extra time to get ready. When your hair is mostly dry, just take the brush and either brush it straight for a classic sleek look, curl it for a night out of town, or develop a voluminous wave.

Curling and straightening your hair often takes time and pressure on the wrists because of the constant twisting. Luckily, the Infiniti Pro Conair Spin Brush does all the work for you! Your arms and hands won’t get tired of trying to hold them in positions to hold your curls. You can even use the hot air spin brush with one hand. The spin controls go in two directions, so you can’t tangle your hair when the spin mode is activated. Whenever you want to activate the spin mode or change directions, just release the button, or touch the button. Whichever way you style your hair, it will stay in place in between your washes!

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Hot Air Spin Brush, 2 Inch and 1 1/2 Inch, Black
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What We Love

  • Two heat options and a cool option
  • Two spin brush heads for small, tight curls or voluminous curls
  • Easy, touch and release switches
  • Brush spins in two directions for tangle-free use

What We Don’t Like as Much

  •  You can’t use it on fully wet hair

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How Do You Use the Infiniti Pro Conair Spin Air Brush?

The Infiniti Pro has two different rotating barrels based on your hair type. It has a smaller one (1 ½-inch) for shorter or fine, thin hair. The 2-inch barrel is designed for longer, thick, or curly hair. How you want to style your hair will change how you use the brush. First, you will choose the temperature you want between cool or hot.

If you want curls, take the tips of your hair and set it on the bristles. Activate the switch to rotate the brush. Your hair will get pulled in and rotated by the brush. You want to let this happen for a few seconds before you release it to the reverse rotation to ensure it holds. You can also take the brush and use it underneath for a more flared-out style. For hair straightening, set the brush at the base of your hair. For straighter hair, you’ll want to use the hottest heat setting (two heat options) over the cool setting. Brush it like you normally would but a little slower for best results.

Some people wash or wet their hair before they use a traditional curler or straightener. You might question if you can use the Infiniti Pro Conair on wet hair. Unfortunately, you can’t. Your hair must be at least 80% to 90% dry to use the hot air brush. This is to prevent severe damage to your hair.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Hot Air Spin Brush, 2 Inch and 1 1/2 Inch, Black
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What is a Hot Air Spin Brush?

Hot air spin brushes may be your solution if you’re using your hairdryer wrong.

A hot air spin brush works like a hairdryer with bonuses. For example, you can straighten your hair, curl it, or style it while it works to dry your hair. Most brushes have two settings: hot air and cool air. The air comes out from the bristles to dry and style hair simultaneously.

How Do You Use a Hot Air Spin Brush?

This will largely depend on how you want to style your hair.

However, generally, you take the brush and choose a heat setting. Then, you use it on your hair to dry and style, without making mistakes you can be making with a regular hairdryer. Some come with rotating brushes that take some practice to get used to. You may have the urge to brush your hair like you normally would. This can cause tangles or pulls. Instead, let the spin brush do the work for you. The barrel spins while you use it to dry, and you create a style whether that’s straightening it or curling it.

Other brushes don’t rotate but are round in shape. This allows you to dry and style at your own pace. They do require more work than a rotating brush but require less practice to get used to it. You brush your hair like you normally would (if you’re going for a straight hair look) while the hot or cool air comes out of the bristles.

You may wonder if you can curl your hair with a hot air brush. The answer is yes! You can straighten it, curl it in different styles, wave it, or use it like a regular brush. You control how you want your style to look. It should be noted it will take some practice to get the curls you want, especially with a rotating brush.

Conair Spinbrush Review: Final Verdict

Your hair deserves the best but you can’t always find the time or money to head to the salon. The last thing you want to do is use a cheap product that doesn’t work and causes damage. Most straighteners and curling wands only work when your hair is wet. Wet hair and extreme heat aren’t the best for your hair. Plus the extra time and energy it takes to style your hair don’t help.

Luckily, the Conair hot air spin brush works to style your hair even when your hair is dry. It takes a fraction of the time and less effort on your end too. Now you’ll know how to answer the question, “Which hot air brush is best?” when your friends and family ask what you use!

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We hope you found our Conair Spinbrush Review useful! Do you own a spin brush? What’s YOUR verdict?

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