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Albeit rare, glycerin, found in many health and beauty products, can actually have an adverse effect on skin. Because of this, many have sought out glycerin free lotion to alleviate their various dry skin woes. But what is the best glycerin free lotion? Read on to find out!

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Eucerin Original Healing Cream, Fragrance Free, 16 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Best Glycerin Free Lotion

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Glycerin Free Body Lotion – Eucerin Original Healing Cream

Eucerin Original Healing Cream - Fragrance Free, Rich Lotion for Extremely Dry Skin - 4 oz. Jar (Pack of 3)
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Lotion Highlights

  • Thick
  • Formulated For Dry Skin
  • Readily Available

About This Glycerin Free Lotion

Eucerin is a great pick for those with extremely dry skin but are still looking to avoid glycerin. The Original Healing Cream comes in a tub and has a thick creamy, petroleum-like consistency that is more than ready to take on dry and cracked skin.

What Buyers Say

Reviewers rave about this glycerin free lotion claiming that it does just as well as glycerin-containing lotions to absorb into their skin despite being so thick, leaving behind only silky smooth and satiny skin.

Glycerin Free Moisturizer For Face – First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream – Lightweight, Oil-Free Face Moisturizer – 1.7 oz.
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Lightweight
  • Free of Alcohols, Glycerin, Talc, Artificial Colorants and Fragrance

About This Glycerin Free Moisturizer

This lightweight and good-for-you moisturizer claims to make your skin feel immediately hydrated, soft and smooth, even after just one application. The Coconut Water Cream contains no glycerin, but instead, relies on the many benefits of coconut water to nourish and replenish the skin.

What Buyers Say

The reviews on this one are 50/50. Some people love it, claiming it does a great job to hydrate the skin, while others barely notice any difference.

Glycerin Free Gel – Innisfree Aloe Vitalizing Soothing Gel

innisfree Aloe Vitalizing Soothing Gel Hydrating Face & Body Moisturizer
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Gel Highlights

  • Can Be Used on Any Part of the Body
  • Formulated With Jeju Aloe Extract
  • Soothing
  • Contains Madecassoside

About This Glycerin Free Moisturizer

This healing gel from Innisfree is an amazing natural moisturizer formulated without glycerin and other irritating ingredients. It contains aloe vera from Jeju and madecassoside which is known for restoring the moisture barrier on the skin.

What Buyers Say

Despite the affordable price tag, buyers rant and rave about how well this soothing gel moisturizer performs. Reviewers state that they love slathering this gel on any part of their body as it soothes and hydrates, no matter your skin type.

Glycerin Free Hair Moisturizer – Alikay Naturals Shea Hair Yogurt

Alikay Naturals - Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer 8oz
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Hair Moisturizer Highlights

  • Ideal For Thick, Tightly-Coiled Hair Textures
  • Contains Botanical Ingredients
  • Softens and Moisturizes Dry Hair

About This Glycerin Free Hair Moisturizer

Moisturizing and flake-free, this hair yogurt by Alikay Naturals is great for those with dry hair or kinky coils. It is infused with shea butter, sweet almond oil, argan oil and more to nourish your tresses without the use of glycerin.

What Buyers Say

Buyers seem to agree that this glycerin-free hair moisturizer may not be for everyone.  Those with thicker hair, 4C hair or high porosity tresses will likely love this moisturizer, but it may be too heavy for those whose strands need lightweight moisture.

Natural Glycerin Free Moisturizer – Grapeseed Oil

Well's 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil 4oz / Promotes Hair Growth / Anti-Dandruff / Anti-Acne
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Oil Highlights

  • 100% Natural
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Packed With Essential Fatty Acids
  • Great For Use on Skin and Hair

About This Glycerin Free Moisturizer

Grapeseed oil is a natural moisturizer extracted from the seeds of grapes. It is great for low porosity hair and anyone in need of lightweight moisture for both skin and hair.

What Buyers Say

Those that have tried grapeseed oil love it’s ability to penetrate strands keeping them hydrated and healthy without being too heavy. It is also non-comedogenic so any contact with the skin is unlikely to cause breakouts or other issues.


What does glycerin do in lotion?

Glycerin works to trap moisture in the skin. It is a humectant which draws moisture from the air to the skin.

Why glycerin is bad for you? Is glycerin in skincare bad?

Despite its moisturizing benefits, some people may prefer a lotion without glycerin because glycerin can be mildly irritating or can cause an increase in fungal acne for some. If you think you may be reacting to glycerin in certain products, you may consider using a lotion without glycerin or a glycerine-free moisturizer to see if your skin improves.

Is glycerin a safe ingredient?

Glycerin and vegetable glycerin are generally considered safe ingredients.

Can glycerin hurt you?

While glycerin is recognized as being safe, over-consuming glycerin can cause headaches, vomiting and other undesirable side effects. However, when applied to the skin, some people experience minor irritation and/or acne, though it is typically rare.

Do all moisturizers contain glycerin?

No, not all moisturizers contain glycerin.

Why is glycerin bad for fungal acne?

Some studies show that glycerin can multiply fungal activity when applied on the skin of individuals with fungal acne. Having said that, there are also studies that prove glycerin to have little to no reaction to those with fungal acne. If you’ve got fungal acne, you may wish to speak to a dermatologist to assess your options.

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Glycerin Free Lotion For Fungal Acne and Other Skin Issues

To close, glycerin free lotion or moisturizers can be hard to find, but they are out there. We hope that this list serves to give you a few choices for your skin and hair that may help lessen irritation and breakouts for you.

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