How to Disinfect Eyeshadow Palette

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Have you ever thought about cleaning your eyeshadow palette? If not, it may be time you do so. Whether you’ve been traveling, sick or sharing your eyeshadow with friends, learning how to properly clean your eyeshadow palette will keep you from spreading potentially deadly germs. So, without further ado, let’s dive into exactly how to disinfect eyeshadow palette.

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How to Disinfect Eyeshadow Palette

In order to properly disinfect an eyeshadow palette, you’ll first want to grab the following supplies:

After you’ve gathered all your tools and ingredients, go ahead and whip out your dirty eyeshadow palette and get to work!

Here’s how:

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is remove excess eyeshadow from around each shadow color. You’ll want to do this carefully as you don’t want to ruin your eye shadow in the process. That’s where the cotton swabs and micellar water (or makeup remover) comes in. Dip your cotton swab in a little bit of the micellar water and carefully maneuver the swab around each of your eyeshadow pans to remove excess fallout and get it looking crisp and clean. Just be careful not to get your cotton swab too wet. Soaking your shadows can certainly ruin them.
  2. Second, fill up your “fingertip” or mini spray bottle with 70% alcohol. Be careful not to splash or spill this alcohol on your palette. Lightly mist your eyeshadow palette with the alcohol and wait for it to dry before using. Note: Bear in mind that using a higher percentage of alcohol (i.e. 91% isopropyl alcohol) will not result in better disinfection. Actually, the alcohol will end up evaporating way too quickly to get your palette effectively clean. Also, be careful not to soak your palette. This may end up destroying your shadows.
  3. Finally, once your eye shadows have dried, feel free to give the outside of your palette a good wipe. You can use a cloth dipped in a blend of vinegar and water for this step, or you can simply spritz a bit of your leftover alcohol on the outside of the palette before giving it a good wipe. Either way, your palette is sure to be sparkling clean and ready to use once you’re done following the above steps.

How to Clean Eyeshadow

Is There a Way to Sanitize Eyeshadow?

You can sanitize eyeshadow by using 70% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Be sure to mist lightly and give the palette ample time to dry before using.

To be safe, be sure to limit sharing eyeshadows or any other type of makeup with friends and family as doing so makes you more susceptible to germs and viruses.

You may also wish to disinfect your eyeshadow palette after traveling or becoming ill.

Can You Sanitize Old Eyeshadow?

You can sanitize old eyeshadow, but there does come a point when an eyeshadow palette needs to be thrown away.

As a rule of thumb, all eyeshadow palettes should be thrown away after two years of use. This eliminates the chances of bacterial growth that can infect your eyes.

And if you are into buying “clean” beauty products with natural ingredients, you’ll want to make sure you check with the manufacturer as these products tend to have much shorter shelf lives.

Can You Sanitize Eyeshadow With Alcohol?

Does rubbing alcohol ruin eyeshadow?

Rubbing alcohol can ruin eyeshadow if you use too much. But it can also help rebind powders and restore certain types of makeup.

For the purpose of this article, we simply recommend using a fine mist sprayer to gently mist your eyeshadows whenever they need disinfecting. Never drench your shadows or pour rubbing alcohol directly on to them.

How to Disinfect Eyeshadow After Pink Eye

If you’re wondering how to clean makeup palette after getting pink eye, look no further.

Cleaning makeup with isopropyl alcohol is a great way to get rid of germs, even from pink eye.

Follow the methods described above to get your palette clean and free of bacteria. In some cases, you can even grab a bottle of makeup disinfectant spray made specifically for powder formulas like eyeshadow, but sometimes, the price point, when compared to rubbing alcohol, may be a little steep.

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Can you clean eyeshadow palette?

How to disinfect makeup palettes should be on everyone’s list of things to achieve this year, especially after the outbreak of certain viruses and illnesses in recent times.
To answer the initial question, yes, you can absolutely disinfect and clean an eyeshadow palette, but you need to be careful when doing so.
You must avoid damaging the product, and there are certainly certain types of cleaners that might do this faster than others.
No matter what, never use a household cleaner such as bleach or Lysol on your eyeshadow palette, as you do not want these products to end up in your eyes or on your skin.
Instead, use the method detailed above for a safe and effective way to disinfect your eyeshadow palette.

How do you disinfect an eyeshadow palette?

Use the method above to disinfect an eyeshadow palette. This is a great and effective way to kill germs provided that you use a fine mist of 70% alcohol and do not soak your eyeshadow palette.

How to sanitize makeup palettes between clients

If you are a cosmetologist, or simply love to play in makeup with your friends, it may be helpful to know how to sanitize makeup on the in-between to keep everyone safe.
To do this, you’ll follow the steps detailed above in between each client, or friend, that uses the makeup.
Be sure to do your research about how each type of makeup should be disinfected so that you are cleansing each properly.

How to Disinfect Eyeshadow Palettes Might Be Easier Than You Think

To recap, disinfecting your eyeshadow palette and other forms of makeup is actually more important than you may imagine, but is really a matter of a few quick wipes and a few gentle sprays. Remember not to over-drench your palette in alcohol and be careful not to use household cleaners or other harmful chemicals when attempting to disinfect your eyeshadow palettes.

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