Is Wish Makeup Safe?

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There are a lot of online sites where you can purchase cosmetics. One of those is Wish. The Wish app is a shopping app that lets you find cheap goods online. Most of these items ship from China or the US and deliver faster than other online stores. However, is Wish makeup safe to purchase?

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Are Wish makeup products safe?

There are a lot of mixed emotions, however, when it comes to this app, as many of the products are reported to be knockoffs. If that concerns you, but you still need makeup on a budget, you should check your local drugstore.

There are some authentic products, but you do have to be very careful. There are many questions, and we thought we would take a look and see if Wish makeup is safe.

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Are Wish Makeup and Cosmetics Safe?

There are mixed reviews when it comes to whether makeup purchased on Wish is actually safe.

For those that have had bad experiences, the answer is clear, however.

The chief problem is that much of the makeup available now on Wish is manufactured by unknown brands in China. Now, although there are quite a few mainstream cosmetics that are made in China, the ones on Wish tend to be off-brands or even counterfeit. This means that those companies are not held to the same standards as legitimate businesses.

And by not being held up to the same standards, they tend to cut corners. This leads to sub-par ingredients being used.

Many of these products could also be contaminated. There have been reports of some counterfeit products even having human waste found in them.

You may also receive a product that is very different than the ones described in the product description.

These products may also contain ingredients that have been prohibited by consumer groups. This could all lead to infections and poor quality products.

Another issue is that many of the products on Wish does not have sell date. This means that you may end up with expired makeup, which could also lead to skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Staying with the tried and true options for makeup may be the smartest choice when it comes to products that will be placed on your face. Check out post for more ingredients you should avoid in makeup.

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Is There Anything Good About Wish?

The only thing that even remotely qualifies as an advantage is the price, though we all know that you get what you pay for.

This site offers makeup for as low as a dollar. When you are working on a tight budget, it is easy to see why this seems so tempting.

Save your hard-earned money, though, because as we all know, quality is far better than quantity. In fact, when dealing with something as delicate as your skin, you definitely want to be prepared to invest a little more money. This will ensure that your skin stays healthy and clear.

Steering clear of this app’s makeup will lead to you building a makeup collection that is of much higher quality, with superior ingredients. By taking a little time and investing a little money, you will be guaranteed to have the ability to sport a full, well-applied look.

Besides, there are many options for legit makeup out there that are affordable, such as drugstore makeup brands.

Should I Buy Makeup From Wish?

Though you may be working on a tight budget and the low prices may seem very tempting, in the long run, it simply is not worth the hassle because the cons outweigh the pros.

These products are all sold by different vendors, and they all ship from a different place and from different time zones, often in separate packages. They mostly ship from China, which means you wait a long time for very little reward.

Apart from the health issues of the products, many of these companies are used to finance criminal activity. Now, before you imagine an elaborate criminal network, let us remind you: counterfeit products are illegal. Purchasing fake products is, obviously, illegal too. Hence the criminal activity.

It is easy to spot these fake products — they tend to differ from the originals by just a little bit. Another dead giveaway is the consistency and texture. They will also often have very little fragrance, perhaps even smell too chemical.

Some tips

If you want to try the app or site anyway, steer clear of fake and unsafe makeup. There are some ways you can do this.

  1. The first is to buy only from reputable merchants. You can, in fact, find these merchants on the company’s website.
  2. If you do purchase them, make sure to inspect the packaging for a batch number. This should be printed on the bottom of the box.
  3. Look at the lids and applicator brushes. You should be able to tell if the products are not legit if the sizes differ from the original.
  4. Take the time to check the packaging further. Make sure to check the fonts and the brand names. There are often little flaws in the brand name and the font. They also tend to be of varying sizes. You may also be able to detect a difference in the coloring of the brand’s typical palette.

So…. Should You Buy Makeup From Wish?

In a nutshell … no. Instead, stick with brands and products that you can find at a reputable online store or in your local drugstores. There may very well be some legitimate cosmetics on the app, but the majority is simply not.

Buying makeup on Wish is sort of like playing Russian roulette with your face. The internet is a world where you can never be quite sure what you are getting. That is why understanding how to differentiate real from fake is so important. With the rapid and rampant spread of fake makeup online, even in the most reputable places, you have to be careful.

Take the time to research and examine every aspect of the product you are buying. Overall, we feel you should never buy anything from Wish.

Hopefully, we have given you enough reasons to think about it. Unfortunately, there is not much to say that is good about the products from this site. In fact, there is nothing to say other than that the prices seem to be very low.

Be warned and make sure that you steer clear of Wish and any counterfeit makeup in general.

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What are your thoughts on Wish makeup? Ever tried it? What was your experience?

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  1. While I have used Wish for random odds and ends here and there, I have never considered their makeup. It just doesn’t feel like something I would want to chance – especially as someone with sensitive skin. It feels like a bit of a lottery and, knowing my luck, I’d tank it! lol

  2. You’re welcome, Rach! Low prices are always appealing, but we really should consider what we put on our skin first before clicking the buy button!

  3. Thanks so much, Sarah! Low prices are indeed very tempting, but there are just some things you shouldn’t compromise on!

  4. Interesting post. I guess sometimes people are tempted by the low prices but it is always advisable to purchase from reputable brands, it’s not worth damaging your skin / health over!

    xo Sarah Oomph London

  5. Trusted sites is key for online shopping, for sure! You’re most welcome!

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