Is Vaseline Good for Your Lips?

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Is Vaseline good for your lips? If you’re dealing with dry or chapped lips right now, you’re probably looking for the best solution to get your lips smooth and supple again. If you’re like most people, you probably have a tub of Vaseline in your medicine cabinet. Should you reach for that tub now to help your lips? Let’s take a look at whether Vaseline is good for the lips or not in the next few sections.

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Is It Ok to Use Vaseline on Lips?

You can do a lot of things with Vaseline, but is it good for your lips?  The answer to this isn’t a straightforward yes or no.  Using Vaseline on your lips is considered safe, and it can help smooth lips stay smooth and prevent them from drying out or cracking.

However, Vaseline alone won’t be a miracle solution to heal chapped or dry lips.  This is because Vaseline is an occlusive, not a moisturizer.  It works to create a barrier over the skin or lips, it does not deliver moisture by itself.  You could use Vaseline to create a seal over a lip moisturizer.  The Vaseline could help seal in the moisturizer to help it do its job more effectively and prevent it from rubbing off of your lips.

Is Vaseline Good for Your Lips?

Is Vaseline bad for your lips?  Vaseline isn’t typically the top choice for treating dry or cracked lips.  So, why is Vaseline bad for your lips?

It isn’t so much that Vaseline is bad for your lips, it is that it isn’t going to help heal cracked or chapped lips.  As we shared above, Vaseline isn’t a moisturizer, it is an occlusive.  It won’t hydrate lips, it will simply seal them.  This means that if they are already chapped and dry, using Vaseline isn’t going to offer any hydration.

Is Vaseline really bad for lips?  There are a few other reasons why some individuals don’t recommend using Vaseline on your lips.  These Vaseline petroleum jelly for lips side effects include:

  • Vaseline is not eco-friendly since it is a by-product of petroleum.
  • Vaseline can make your lips feel too slippery and greasy.
  • Sleeping in Vaseline can result in a stained pillowcase from the oil.
  • If your lips are already chapped and bleeding, you could introduce new bacteria when you apply Vaseline using your fingers.  This could result in an allergic reaction.
  • In some cases, Vaseline may clog the pores around your mouth.

Does Vaseline Heal Chapped Lips?

No, as we shared earlier, the original Vaseline will not heal chapped lips.  Petroleum jelly is an occlusive, not a moisturizer, so using Vaseline alone will not help hydrate the lips and heal cracks.

However, Vaseline does offer a few products specifically designed for healing chapped lips.  Their Lip Therapy Line includes lip balms and sticks formulated with other ingredients beyond just the petroleum jelly.  The Lip Therapy products from Vaseline can be much more effective at healing chapped lips than just the original Vaseline.

If you’re wondering which Vaseline is best for lips, we’d recommend giving one of the Lip Therapy products a try over the original Vaseline.

Some of the products in Vaseline’s Lip Therapy line include:

How to Use Vaseline Lip Therapy

How do you apply Vaseline to your lips?  Should I put Vaseline on my lips every night?

You can apply the Vaseline Lip Therapy products to your lips in the morning, after eating, and again before going to bed.  If possible, try to use a Q-tip to apply the ointment, as you can introduce bacteria into your lips if there are any cracks.  This could potentially lead to more irritation or an allergic reaction.


Why is Vaseline good for your lips?

Vaseline can be effective to protect lips that aren’t already dry to cracked.  It can also help seal in the hydration offered by a lip moisturizer.  However, Vaseline does not act as a moisturizer by itself.  So, if your lips are already cracked or bleeding, it won’t do much to help them heal.

Does Vaseline make your lips dark?

No, using Vaseline should not make your lips dark.  Your lips do not tan.  However, applying Vaseline to the skin above your lip could make it get a little darker (when exposed to the sun).

Does Vaseline make your lips pink?

Yes, Vaseline can help make your lips pink.  It can work to remove pigments that have build up on your lips, revealing smooth and naturally pink lips.
You can also use Vaseline, beetroot juice, and a few other ingredients to make a natural homemade pink lip balm.

Is Vaseline lip balm?

The original Vaseline is not lip balm.  However, Vaseline does offer special lip balms called Vaseline Lip Therapy.  These balms are similar to the original Vaseline, but they include a few added ingredients designed to moisturize and relieve cracked and dry lips.

Can I leave Vaseline on my lips overnight?

Yes, using Vaseline on lips overnight is fine.  Adding this step to your nighttime routine after applying a lip moisturizer can help lock the hydration in overnight to keep your lips nice and smooth or help them heal if they are cracked.

Is it bad to eat Vaseline?

Accidentally ingesting small amounts of Vaseline shouldn’t cause any major concerns.  However, you should not purposefully eat Vaseline.  It will act as a laxative and may lead to loose stools or diarrhea.

Is Vaseline or Chapstick better?

When comparing original Vaseline and Chapstick for lips, Chapstick is probably the better choice.  Original Vaseline isn’t a moisturizer, so it won’t help heal chapped lips, while Chapstick is formulated with moisturizing ingredients.  However, Vaseline’s Lip Therapy line may also be a good choice to consider, since they also contain additional ingredients rather than just petroleum jelly.

Heal Those Cracked Smackers!

Using Vaseline on your lips will be the most effective if they are not already dry and cracked.  Because Vaseline is an occlusive, it will only retain the moisture that is already present, it won’t rehydrate dry lips.  If you want to use Vaseline on dry or chapped lips, apply it over a lip moisturizer to help seal in the hydration.

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