Things Happy Couples Do

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Happy couples seem to have that special something, a glue that binds them together, a skip in their step and a strong beat in their hearts.

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Having a happy relationship is a tough skill and it’s one you can learn too. We bet that most happy relationships have the following things in common and they’re very simple things that you can apply to your relationships.

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Communication is so very important. After love, communication is the one thing that every relationship needs. Each person has to feel they can totally speak their truth without judgement or reprisal and that they are truly heard and listened to.

Communication can come in many forms, some healthy and some not so much. It’s also important to remember that shouting and throwing insults just doesn’t achieve anything in the long run. It just gets you stuck in a negative cycle.

Also, in a couples argument there’s never a winner. Even if you appear to have ‘won’, you haven’t really as you’ve just won at the expense of someone you love. It’s about making sure both parties are happy and content with the outcome or it is never truly solved.

Have Fun

Having fun is also important.

If you have a family, a home and a job, it’s a lot of balls to keep in the air. Make sure you still laugh at the little things and yourselves. Remember you work to live not live to work and that your family and relationship are the most important things.

Spend time together, socialize, do things you both love.

Also, try to think of your relationship as they sky, not the clouds. There will be periods of sun, rain, wind, clouds and even rainbows! But the sky knows they are just passing through and that new weather is on the way.

Nothing can be perfect all the time, sometimes we have to accept that relationships have ups and downs, particularly if they are long term.

Respect & Happiness

Happy couples tend to also meet in the middle and have respect for each other. Even in a couple you are two separate individuals, with separate needs, aspirations and dreams. Yes, you’ll have shared goals too, but remember to stay true to yourself at the core. How can your relationship be happy if you sacrifice all your desires to make the other person happy? Or if you’re totally co-dependent? Long term happiness in a couple can only be built on the back of self-happiness.

That old saying, how can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself is so true. There’s a reason why it’s a cliché – it’s because it’s right.

At the end of the day you still need love and without that none of the above will do the trick, but these tips do help keep you on a smooth path to love.

What are your relationship tips?

By Ellis James

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