Confidence Boosting Beauty Tips For Women With Cancer

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Cancer and its treatment can make a difference to how you feel on the inside and the outside. Many sufferers comment that they don’t recognize the reflection looking back at them in the mirror. Hair, skin, complexion, nails, eyelash and eyebrow changes can all alter the person you see looking back at you. We’ve just got a few little tips to help you or your loved one feel and look a little better whilst you or they tackle other much bigger problems.

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Brow Game Strong

Brows can make a big difference to your face and its overall appearance. If your brows start to thin, something to consider to give yourself a lift is to fill them in with one of the many products on the marketing today.

Choosing a shade that’s just a tiny bit lighter than your natural brow color is an expert tip.

Also keep coverage really light; don’t be tempted to fill in your brows too excessively as it can look a bit severe and overdone.

Brush color on really lightly where your natural brows are.

If you do it gradually and finely, you can build up color easily or blend and reduce coverage where necessary.

No Lashes? No Problem

Another thing that is fairly strange to get used to is a lack of eyelashes.

A good eyeliner – pencil or gel – can make a bit difference and make up for the lack of contouring around the eye area.

Try just a little swipe on your upper eyelids to see if you like the look. The best and easiest colors are black, grey or brown – whichever you prefer for your coloring.

Brightening up your eyes also helps perk your appearance up a little. Small stokes of an illuminator wherever there’s a dark patch, followed by a bit of blending, makes a big difference.

Make Up Magic

With make up, you can either do as little or as much as you want.

A little color on the cheek helps with a healthy glow and a pale lip tint helps sore dry lips. If you feel your skin is a little parched and your complexion dull and uneven, a good color correcting CC cream or a tinted moisturizer could help. There are many on the market and lots that are without any harsh chemicals.

Chemotherapy can also cause red blotches, which a green color corrector can help – don’t be put off by the color.

Keep It Soft

Moisturizing the skin on your body is also a good idea, although it can seem like a bit of an effort at times.

Find something that rubs in easily and doesn’t take too much effort. Again, make sure it’s as natural as possible and hypoallergenic. Coconut oil is a good choice if you want to go back to basics, but equally there are many great body products out there.

Lastly, treat yourself to a great non-tinted lip balm that you can take everywhere with you. Go for something that’s ultra-softening and moisturizing.

We hope our tips help a little in how you look and feel and keep you being you.

By Ellis James

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