What is a Tapered Face Brush Used For? – A Quick Brush Guide

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With so many different types of makeup brushes, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what each one is used for. Today, we’re going to take a look at tapered face brushes and answer all of these pressing questions! So, what is a tapered face brush used for? Read on to learn more about tapered face brushes and how to use them.

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What Is a Tapered Face Brush?

Of all the different types of makeup brushes, you may be able to guess what a tapered face brush is just by reading its name.  Tapered face brushes are brushes that are tapered.  This means that the end of the brush comes to a point.

Because of this design, there are a number of benefits associated with using tapered brushes when applying blush, eyeshadow, or other makeup products.  We’ll take a look at some of these benefits in the next section.

What Are the Benefits of a Tapered Brush?

Tapered brushes are ideal to use with powdered products.  Here are some of the benefits you’ll realize when you try a tapered brush for applying your makeup:

  • The tapered point makes tapered brushes ideal when precise makeup application is desired.
  • They can help with contouring and highlighting because of this precise application.
  • You can also use the softer edge of a tapered brush to blend out products.
  • Tapered brushes can also help you apply color to your cheeks for a truly radiant effect.

How to Use a Tapered Brush

How Do You Use a Tapered Blush Brush?

You’ve probably heard a lot of tips for applying blush over the years, but do you know how to use a tapered blush brush?  Well, learning how to use a tapered blush brush correctly can help you achieve the stunning, sculpted and contoured look that you’re after.  Here are some pointers when use a tapered blush brush to apply blush to your cheeks:

  • Place the tip of the brush in the color.  The blush will be concentrated on the tip of the brush.
  • Catch the cheekbone with the brush, and apply the color along the cheekbone.
  • You’ll notice that the color is denser and more vibrant than when applied with other brushes.  This is because of how concentrated the blush is in the tip of the brush.
  • You can also graduate the color up to your cheekbones as you apply it for an enhanced appearance.
  • Tapered blush brushes can be used with both cream and powdered bleach.

How Do You Use a Tapered Kabuki Brush?

A tapered kabuki brush can be used with both liquid and cream makeup products.  One of the best ways to use a tapered foundation brush is to blend in concealer around the contours of the face and the eyes.  The tapered head of the brush works well to help blend the liquid or cream products into your skin.

How Do You Use a Tapered Eyeshadow Brush?

What is a tapered blending brush for eyes?  Tapered eyeshadow brushes are just one of the many types of eyeshadow brushes you may see.  Tapered eyeshadow brushes are ideal for getting eyeshadow into the crease between the eyebrow and eye.  Their pointier design works much better for this task than a rounded brush.

The right type of tapered eyeshadow brush for you may vary based on your goals.  For example, larger brushes are best if you’re looking for more sweeping coverage.  Conversely, you can be much more precise with a smaller tapered eyeshadow brush.

How Do You Use Tapered Powder Brush?

A tapered powder brush is ideal for powdering any areas of your face that larger brushes don’t fit into.  For example, some of these areas can include the area under the eyes and around the nose and the chin.

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The Best Tapered Face Brush

Ready to give a tapered face brush a try?  Here are a few of our top picks that we think you’ll want to try:


What are angled brushes used for?

Angled makeup brushes are helpful when looking to add depth to your look.  The tapered designs of these brushes allow  you to apply denser color to your face because the blush, eyeshadow, or other powder is more concentrated in the tip of the brush.

What is a tapered blush brush?

A tapered blush brush is exactly what it sounds like:  a makeup brush with a tapered, or pointy, end.  The benefit of this design is that it can help create a very sculpted look on the cheeks.  Because the blush is collected on the tip of the brush, when you apply it to your cheeks it provides a denser color.  You can even graduate the color up to your cheekbones for a very contoured look.

Tapered Face Brushes: Closing Thoughts

Learning about the different types of makeup brushes and how to use them is important.  Tapered face brushes are one type of brush that you’ll want to add to your makeup arsenal.  They can be quite effective when applying blush, foundation, setting powder, and more.  You’ll be impressed with the sculpted and contoured look you can achieve when you use a tapered brush.  Do you think you’re ready to add a tapered brush to your makeup bag?  What are you excited to try with it?

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