Why is My Hair Breaking – Tips for Preventing Hair Damage

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Have you been noticing more and more broken hairs on your head? Are you wondering, “why is my hair breaking?” Seeing broken hairs on your clothes, furniture, and other surfaces in your home can be troubling, and you’re likely looking for the best solution for how to stop hair from breaking off. We’ll explain some of the most common causes for hair breakage and some tips for how to stop breaking hair in the next few sections, so keep reading!

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Why Is My Hair Breaking

Why is my hair breaking so bad?

Before you can learn how to stop your hair from breaking, it is important to identify the reason why hair breaks off.  Keep in mind that our hair’s structure includes three main sections:  the central medulla, the keratin- and protein-rich cortex surrounding the medulla, and the protective cuticle layer surrounding the cortex.

Some of the causes for hair breakage include:

  • Inadequate diet and water consumption: When you don’t drink enough water or eat healthy foods, it can make your hair dry and brittle.  Aim to drink approximately half of your body weight in water every day and eat a nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Heated styling tools:  Heated styling tools, especially when they are too hot, can damage hair and cause breakage.  Limit the amount you use heated tools and always use a heat protectant spray.
  • Not enough moisture:  Dry hair is much more brittle than moisturized hair.  Shampooing your hair too frequently can cause your hair to get too dry.  Another way to moisturize your hair is to use a leave-in conditioner.
  • Chemical hair treatments:  Bleach, relaxers, and other chemical hair treatments can also damage hair and cause it to break, especially when they aren’t done correctly.  To protect your hair, limit these treatments and have them done by a professional.
  • Towel drying:  Using a heavy bath towel can also really damage your hair.  These towels are very heavy, which can place too much tension on the hair and cause it to break.  Opt for microfiber hair towels that are much lighter and more gentle.
  • Poor brushing technique:  Being too rough when you brush your hair is never good.  When you hear ripping sounds as you brush through tangles, it means you are breaking the hairs.  Rather, gently brush from the bottom of your hair using a wide-tooth comb or boar bristle brush.
  • Cotton pillowcases: Hair can also break if you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.  The hairs can get caught up on the pillowcase and may break off.  Choose to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce breakage.
  • Clips and elastic hair ties:  Tight hairstyles with clips or elastic bands can also damage hair and place too much tension on the hair.  Low ponytails and braids will place less tension on your hair.
  • Chlorine and UV rays:  Summer introduces new challenges as both UV rays and chlorine can damage your hair.  Try wearing a hat and limiting how much you put your hair underwater at the pool. You can also use a hair sunscreen.
  • Wrong hair care products:  Choosing the right hair care products is essential.  Products that are cheap are often watered down or formulated with silicone, sulfates, alcohol, or other ingredients that can dry out your hair.

My Hair Is Breaking Off, What Do I Do?

Searching for “how to stop my hair from breaking?”  Some tips for how to keep hair from breaking off include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Staying well-hydrated
  • Avoiding the use of heated styling tools
  • Using heat protectant sprays when you need to use heated tools
  • Using a microfiber hair towel
  • Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase
  • Avoiding chemical hair treatments or only having them done by a professional
  • Leaving your hair down or only pulling it into a loose ponytail or braids
  • Wearing a hat to protect your hair from the sun
  • Choosing quality hair care products

How to Prevent Your Hair from Breaking

What can I do to stop my hair from breaking?  Following the tips shared above can help you answer the question, “how can I stop my hair from breaking”.

How do I keep my hair from breaking off?  Taking measures to make your hair stronger, such as coconut oil or essential oil massages and onion juice, can also help protect it against future damage and provide you with a solution for how to stop your hair from breaking off.

When you’re looking for how to stop your hair from breaking off, remember that hair is very easy to damage, so you should always choose gentle tools and be careful styling it.

How Do You Fix Broken Hair?

Now that you know some of the main hair breaking off causes, let’s discuss what to do when your hair is breaking to fix it.  While you obviously can’t reattach broken hairs, you can learn how to stop hair from breaking to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.  Does hair breakage grow back?  Yes, you can take steps to help your hairs grow back and prevent future breakage.

The answer to, “how can I stop my hair from breaking off,” may be different for each person.  You’ll first need to identify which of the causes above is the reason for your hair breaking.  Then, you can address that cause.  For example, if your hair is breaking due to using too much heat, your solution will be different from another person who is dealing with broken hair due to not getting their hair cut frequently enough.

However, there are some general hair breakage tips that can help everyone, regardless of the reason behind their hair breaking.  One thing you can do is work to strengthen your hair. Ways to strengthen your hair include massaging your scalp, eating more protein, taking vitamins, and using a microfiber or bamboo towel to dry your hair.

Eating superfoods can also help increase hair growth and make your hair stronger.  Some superfoods to try include spinach, eggs, sweet potato, avocado, pumpkin, and shellfish.

What Is the Best Product to Stop Hair Breakage?

What can I use to stop my hair from breaking?  If you’re looking for how to stop your hair from breaking and falling out, try one of these products:

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Why does my hair break so easily?

Looking at a picture of the hair, it may not be easy to tell what causes hair to break off.  The truth is there are a number of answers to the question “why does hair break?”  If you’ve been asking “why does my hair keep breaking off”, it could be due to the use of heated styling tools, over brushing, not getting frequent enough hair cuts, or using hair ties and clips.  Towel drying your hair and sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, rather than a silk or satin pillowcase, can also be possible answers to the “why does my hair break” question.

Is it normal for hair to break?

Why is my hair breaking off and is it normal?  Yes, some hair breakage is normal.  However, excessive breakage that is prompting you to be concerned and ask, “why does hair break off” is not normal.  If you are noticing an increased number of broken hairs, it likely indicates a problem that needs to be addressed.

How do you know if your hair is growing or breaking?

Seeing shorter hairs along your hairline can make you wonder if you’re dealing with broken hairs or just new baby hairs growing in.  If it looks like the hairs have split ends and a drier texture, then they are likely the result of breakage, not new growth.  Split ends on these shorter hairs will also indicate that they are the result of breakage.

Final Thoughts on How to Prevent Hair Breakage

If you were troubled with questions such as “what causes your hair to break off, “why does my hair keep breaking,” and “how do i stop my hair from breaking off,” we hope our post has helped you identify the possible causes for your hair breakage as well as solutions to help prevent future breakage.  Learning how to keep hair from breaking can help ensure your hair looks its best and stays healthy!

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