Why Use a Foundation Brush? Do You Need One at All?

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There is a lot of confusion about the best way to apply foundation. Should you use your fingers? A sponge? A foundation brush? While there are certainly arguments for any of these methods, today, we’re going to take a look at why you should consider using a foundation brush when you’re applying foundation to your face. So, why use a foundation brush? Keep reading to find out!

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Why Use A Foundation Brush? Do You Need One At All?

Why Use a Brush for Foundation?

Why are you supposed to use a brush for foundation?  As we mentioned above, there are different techniques for applying foundation, including using a foundation brush, a sponge, or your fingers.  The benefits of using a foundation brush is that it can make it easier to achieve a full-coverage look.  With full-coverage, you can conceal blemishes and imperfections for a flawless finish.

Depending on the type of brush you use to apply your foundation, a foundation brush can also help you achieve an airbrushed finish as well (when you use circular motions with a fluffier brush).

Should I Use a Brush for Liquid Foundation?

Using a brush for powdered foundation makes sense to a lot of people, but many wonder, “why use a brush for liquid foundation?” Using a foundation brush for your liquid foundation is also important.

First, as mentioned above, a foundation brush can help you give you an airbrushed look with an absolutely flawless finish.  Those blemishes and imperfections that you’re trying to hide will be well concealed.

There is another reason you should consider using a foundation brush too, though, particularly if you have oily, combination or acne-prone skin.  When you apply foundation using your fingers, you’re introducing more oils and bacteria to your face.  The bacteria or oil will find their way to your pores and could clog them.  As you likely know, clogged pores can trigger breakouts.  Using a foundation brush (as long as it is clean), won’t add new oils or bacteria to your face.

Why Use a Stippling Brush for Foundation?

When you’re deciding what type of foundation brush to use, you may want to think about trying a stippling brush.  Stippling brushes have two layers of bristles, compared to the single layer on other types of foundation brushes.  The two-layer design helps prevent the brush from absorbing more of the foundation and helps to more thoroughly apply it to your skin and press it firming into your pores.  This can help ensure that you get that full-coverage look you’re after.

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Applying Foundation with a Foundation Brush

Using a foundation brush to apply your foundation offers a number of benefits.  It can help provide a full-coverage, flawless finish look.  If you have oily skin, you also won’t need to worry about introducing new oils to your face from your fingertips, which could cause future breakouts or clogged pores.  Do you think you’re going to switch to (or continue) using a foundation brush now that you’ve learned more about why it is a good idea?

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